kawamboo - Coffee Press made in Bamboo. 100% Eco-Friendly

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Coffee Press made in Bamboo. 100% Eco-Friendly



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Hunter's comment

In my case I love coffee and I love the beautiful design of kawamboo.

Since it is made of bamboo, a material that abounds in our planet making it ecological and unique since each one has unique patterns, making coffee preparation easy and interesting since you can take it anywhere you want to have coffee.

  • Easy washing.
  • It's light to load.




Hunter: @crazydani


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I like this product very much because besides having a very nice design it makes use of an ecological material that possesses non-polluting properties. However I am a little concerned about the possible combination of bamboo and water at high temperatures because that would undoubtedly degrade the bamboo more quickly and nobody wants to buy a gadget with expiration date or limitations on use.

Hi @giovaabbatichio
I understand your concern about the deterioration of bamboo, but actually the design of kawambooo.
The water in high temperature is poured into the glass container making it easier to wash and prevent contact with the bamboo thus lengthening its useful life :)

Ups! Sorry, you are absolutely right I do not know why I forgot the glass container that serves as a protective layer of bamboo, in that case, I like this gadget even more. Excellent find.

Do not worry, we are human beings, things always escape us from view :)
And thanks

I would love to have one of these ....
I love coffee, and with that color and size it would look great on my desk ...


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This Bamboo Coffee French Press looks awesome. I use the french press at home and coffee always tastes great. The design of the bamboo gives your coffee pot a more natural look but at the same time it looks like a art design.
Great Hunt thanks for sharing!

Another cool hunt today. Kawamboo is a coffee press and made by bamboo. as usually this type of product made by plastic and price is high. But for the use of natural bamboo, I think the price will reduce. On the other hand, our natural resource will engage industrial product. Hope bamboo will provide a quality money for the bamboo farmer.
really nice hunt. I like it. @crazydani thanks for your excellent hunt. Keep it up.

Very nice design for this coffee press. And as bamboo is a very resistant material and much less polluting than plastic, it's a really interesting choice.

You can have 20% off with pre-Launching promotion, just to sign up to get it.

Thanks for sharing @crazydani

I'm a real sucker for bamboo products. They look cool, and are made of a fast-growing, natural material - which is eco-friendly. And I love coffee! So, it's a double-win for me!

The actual product itself doesn't appear to offer anything new in terms of how the coffee is brewed, but there's no need to re-invent something which doesn't need it - so that's not meant as a criticism.

It's the very nicely designed bamboo casing which really sells this, and sets it apart from other (similar-ish) products.

Very nice hunting & a very nice product.

I really do hope that the bamboos are sustainably harvested. Otherwise, their wanton harvest would create another environmental problem for humanity

Amazing! I love coffee too, and I love this design. I am sure bamboo is un abundance so this would (should) be cost effective.

Great hunt!

it's eco friendly and light wighted having the beautiful design as well people like me would love to take it to the beach with lots of coffe in it in the early morning just think visually how cool it would feel 😍😋

Since it is made of bamboo, a material that abounds in our planet making it ecological and unique since each one has unique patterns

agreed everything is unique in its beauty .

Great product! I'm a huge coffee lover, I would like to have this one in my home :) I especially love the design and the color of the coffee maker! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

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