Home Stove - Electricity generating biomass stove

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Home Stove

Electricity generating biomass stove



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We live in a world where a lot of people still cook with fire-woods. Home stove by Biolite is a product meant to ease some of the inconveniences usually associated with the usage of fire-woods as well as generate electricity simultaneously. The stove accelerates cooking, reduces smoke emission and wood consumption significantly and generates electricity from the flame produced during wood burning.

The HomeStove co-generates electricity from the flame via BioLite's patented Direct Conduction Thermoelectric System, enabling users to charge mobile phones and LED lights via a USB port. Bundled with mobile adapters and BioLite’s FlexLight, the HomeStove’s selling proposition is complete, clean home energy for low-income, off-grid households. source




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This is one of the coolest things that I have purchased last year for camping. It's very small and lightweight so it is easy to take backpacking. As a little fire source, it is cute and fun to use. I was able to charge my Kindle Fire just by sitting around sticking twigs in to the fire. This stove is amazing!

Great Hunt


wwow...the real experience. This may be the beginning of Reviewhunt, Nice to hear from a real user about this product. thank you.

Back to basic I would say :) Heating on wood is a great deal and it is used a lot. Taking a new turn in this technology is more than welcomed. A chimney would come nice :)

I have approved it :)

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Though the product is more handy for people who do camping most (Because, only then you will need to generate electricity to recharge your devices), I really liked to buy one, as the taste of food used in traditional cooking using wood is awesome and a lot different than food cooked on gas (we still do that when we go to our native place) . And this product looks like handy, so that I can keep at my apartment and still use.

Unfortunately, I don't see it selling online. Looks like they are a Kenya based company and the product is being distributed only in Kenya .


I think people in rural areas without electricity and other source of fuel aside from firewood will benefit greatly from this too. There should be an avenue to order online somehow, perhaps contact them via mail or phone

The best product to carry with picknick for cooking is light weight in weight.

Nice hunt

Very useful for rural and lack of electricity connection.

Simply super

Whosoever that wishes to help those living in rural areas in the third world countries should just get them this product. Unbelievable that biomass burning can generate electricity. That took some innovation and it's a fantastic one.

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Seeing this, nobody can believe that this stove can work so well! In my eyes, it is very wonderful and very wonderful. I liked it at first sight.

excellent hunt, a very practical way to have energy, it will undoubtedly be very helpful for low income people who do not have electricity in their homes, besides that the stove can accelerate the cooking, and significantly reduce the emission of smoke and consumption of wood and also generate electricity from the flame produced during the burning of way, I find it super cool.

I want to use it for camping right away!


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