Far Cry 5 : Lost on Mars - Kill dem all !!!!

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Far Cry 5 : Lost on Mars

Kill dem all !!!!


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Hunter's comment

Lost on Mars is an interesting adventure and very different from the main adventure of Far Cry 5 . It is a science fiction story in which we play Nick Rye, an ally of the game's main campaign, who is abducted by an extraterrestrial force. There he discovers that he is not alone, since Hurk has preceded him in this of the abductions, to the point that he has ended up turned into a flying head.

Another thing we would discover is that a threat looms over the earth: space spiders, and that only we can avoid disaster ... By helping an AI solve the ballot. Along the way we will pick up the parts of Turk's body, which will accompany us and help us, we will activate beacons in a new and wide scenario, we will unlock a lot of futuristic weapons and equipment and, if all this were not enough, we will find some small script turn

In short, that this DLC aims to offer something more than the previous one , which focused solely on getting us to the point of extraction on a map set in Vietnam. Now we can move more freely on this planet completely desert mars, but full of antennas that we have to climb. In addition there are a handful of new weapons (which are not too imaginative), mechanics and enemies that almost completely change the face of Far Cry 5.

There is also a system for collecting money and unlocking weapons and equipment (grenades, traps, health, etc), so that throughout the 5 hours that the DLC has lasted there is a constant sense of progression so that the formula of game do not age too fast. In this way, our walks on Mars with low gravity and a propeller belt are much more entertaining ….




Hunter: @g-mor


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Congratulations on your approval @g-mor, this is yet another great hunt that you made for today. I really love to express my opinion in terms of games because games is one of my favorite category.


  • There are atleast five powerful weapons that you can use to kill the monsters in the game
  • Lots of maps that you can play and try in the game
  • The game is very entertaining and fun to play


  • None so far for this hunt


  • i love this game
  • i played the far cry 3 before
  • it is a exciting game that worth playing


  • none for this hunt

Game products should be encouraged well in Steemhunt and be appreciated for hunters' consistency. Keep on sharing games like this @g-mor!

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It was a great post to read your post. So I think everyone in your post should vote.


  • the best game with challenges

  • good vision and mission

  • there is a money-gathering system and unlocks weapons and equipment (grenades, traps, health, etc.).


  • no hunting for this

Nice Hunt @g-mor

Pros / Cons


  • One word for Far Cry 5 game, "COOL". For his latest series, Far Cry presents a fantastic story, with a challenging survival action.
  • Stunning graphics.
  • The game is addictive. The longer you play, the more you want to finish it. But do not think this is easy to solve.
  • Various characters, monsters, and new weapons are added.


  • Nothing. but you need a high enough device.

My Opinion:

  • I've been following the Far Cry sequel from scratch, but I have not tried this version yet. But I am sure this is able to give you your own satisfaction.

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