Voyager Kettle - Enjoy quality, homemade coffee on the go

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Voyager Kettle

Enjoy quality, homemade coffee on the go



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Hunter's comment

Good day hunters, today on my hunt post I will be sharing a product with the community and this product is going to be of great help to every one ..this is an house hold tool it is called Voyager Kettle

This portable electric kettle conveniently makes coffee or tea and then collapses down for travel or compact storage

We all know how difficult is it to get to take our kettles to making our coffee or tea while on journeys but with this collapsible kettle we can easily take our kettles same way we take our clothes and otherr device while traveling .. With the technology it is easier to store ans it will Al's save lesser space too ..

Kindly check this product out as well.


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Greetings @falopey,

What a marvelous invention..

Do you know if it comes in different colours?

It is really too cool!

Thank you for the introduction!


Another great product that would sell in New Zealand. Or for that matter any country that drinks tea.


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This is a really cool design and I think very effectively for the traveller.
@falopey How much does it cost?
anyways excellent hunt and keep up your good job.

Oh Whoa!!!! I am not a fan of tea and coffee at all. Even I feel bad while having coffee and tea. I only try one time both in my life. This gadget is so cool for coffee lovers. They need to grab at least one for everyday use.

Nice Hunting!


  • Not quite cool enough for me to add to my camping equipment.

Loved it. I would like to try it out. It seems will gives a wonderful experience while making coffee with it.

A coffee machine is better makes a delicious coffee in just minutes. I like it that make our time of coffee much easier and we can enjoy perfectly.

Great Hunt! Best and useful for travelers to get homemade and best quality coffee on their journey to save some money instead of buying from the shop. This will also be helpful for their health because some tea shops are mixing artificial ingredients, so they can affect our health nice hunt

An ordinary electric kettle with a twist!During traveling, one of the problems is carrying sizable items. I believe this electric kettle is designed to keep this problem in view. Nice thinking! Cool hunt @falopey.

Wow! What a great coffee make you have searched. I have searched many types of coffee makers like this but the features that are use in it are so amazing that impressed me. This will helps us to make a very good quality homemade coffee and it seems that it is made in a coffee shop. I ill definitely use this.
This is definitely a great innovative product. @falopey

This is pretty cool. I see that someone else mentioned camping and that it probably wouldn't work out for them. I actually don't drink coffee at all, but I know a lot of people that do and I think they would really like to have something like this . The main reason I was drawn to it was because of the design. It reminds me of the container from the old fruit drink Burple. It was the knock-off Tang stuff. Thanks for sharing! Nice hunt!

This is absolutely help for those who are addicted to coffee (or dedicated to coffee :p). I am looking forward to know more about Voyager Kettle in the product detail page. thanx

I think it's a cool and pretty useful for people who travel a lot. It's small in size and it's the best part of it. Since coffee is self made so quality is not the issue as we know what we used to make. Quite useful finding.

Cool hunt. Perfect kettle if you are really tight for storage space. The collapsibility really makes it a unique product for making tea or coffee on the go. Great find @falopey. Happy hunting!

Most of people fond of coffee, and Voyager Kettle is gift for them while in travelling. They can enjoy the same taste of coffee even outside the home , like beach, park, etc

Wow ,this are very useful and important for lead to our comfortable life.hope this kettle is well modified with more facilities, people choice this easily .I also like this personally cause I loves coffee. Thanks for share .

This product looks cool, neat, and slim. I think its something coffee or tea lovers would love.

I believe the people who would benefit from it the most are the people on the go.

I also like the product video. Although 2 minutes for it is quite long. I somehow got bored after the 1 minute mark. Videos should capture the watchers attention long enough for him/her to buy. I didn't get that excitement from the video.

Towards the end of the video, I saw that it's available in 110V and 220V. Something to consider depending on where you'll be using it for.

Not one of the best electric kettles I've come across but for travel ventures, it seems good. Price remains one critical factor.

You have shared a great kettle among us and its design is very beautiful. Most people love to coffee and it is a very good kettle for them. Because it is small it is possible to carry it anywhere and for this it will need a lot travel time

I like coffee and I find this quite useful for me. Coffee is something we would like to have when we are feeling lazy or need some break. Best about it is that Its portable. Great hunt friend @falopey

Every hotel and airbnb has a kettle, and home made coffee is rubbish. Also tea and coffee is $1, even cheaper in India and the likes. This is a great hunt, wow, i can't close my eyes because all i want to do it look at this hunt.

Nice but hope it's not just for coffee ...can it get a 100+ degrees

The product voyager kattle seems to be very much technologically maintained and also it can be said that it will definitely reduce the man power and will consume less time to complete its work,in today's world the role of technology is in a peak position,the product by @falopey would surely capture the market.
Just keep on hunting like this.


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