Useful Child Discipline Guide - For Effective Parenting Guide

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Useful Child Discipline Guide

For Effective Parenting Guide



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Are you a young parents looking for tested and effective techniques to discipline your child especially in bad behaviors in such a way that the child will realize his mistakes, appreciate your efforts, correct himself and will never repeat or be involved in the bad behavior for which he was disciplined in the first place?

Then this app is the first place to start and explore the experts' certified effective strategies to helping you bring your child up in the way that you will be proud of, and the society would see and praise you for job well done. Disciplining a child is a delicate aspect of parenting in which many parents fall short of expectations with high risk of the child eventually growing into a hardened criminal.

The app is a rich library of various techniques that would enable parents to handle their child the best possible way under different circumstances. It consists in strategies that will help your child develop self control over his life as he ages into adulthood.

App features

Being a Good Disciplinarian
Be Respectful Of Your Child
Be Empathetic
Communicate Your Expectations
Be Authoritative, Not Authoritarian
Age And Temperament Of Your Child
Teach Your Child Natural Consequences
Teach Your Child Logical Consequences
Teach Your Child Positive Discipline Methods
Have A Reward System In Place For Your Child
Avoid Lectures Or Threats
Give Yourself A Break
This app works offline
You can share this app to your friends

Other information

Version: 1.0
Released on: August 13, 2017
Updated: August 13, 2017
Size: 3.8mb
Required Android: 4.0 and up

The app can be downloaded free from Google playstore.



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Very good hunting @ eurogee-utopia, the truth that is very useful for those first-time parents or young people. Then I will leave my personal opinion about this game.


  • It is lightweight and has a very good graphic interface. It is also totally free.
  • You will have advice on all aspects of raising your child, social, educational, sports, motivational, not being authoritarian and develop their own ideas.
  • It also has a long kit of options for children who have problems, helping you to correct them using various techniques recommended by experts.


  • The application is only available for Android, it would be great if it was available on iOS.

Very good friend hunting, thanks for bringing tools to help raise our little ones. Keep it up!

This is just my personal opinion

This so good, it will really help parents a lot.

@eurogee-utopia, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

quite interesting, I am very well interested in this

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