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Shazam for Plants



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Ever been out in the nature and wondered about what specific plant it is you are astonished by?


Let me introduce you to PlantNet then:

Actually this app is quite simple. Just download the free to use app and point your camera on the plant and the recognition software will tell you what plant it is Basically works like Shazam only with plants.


Currently the database holds more than 4000 different wild plants and is growing day by day. Another good thing about this app it was created by a collaboration between some major herbariums and botanic research facilities to make it as accurate as possible.


I tried it on some common wild plants here in Vienna and it worked really good. And with research facilities being behind the app you won't get blasted with ads like many free apps do these days.


Image Scours



Hunter: @elleok

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Respect your decision!

Was so exited since I just found about this app a week ago. ;)

I love PlantNet - it doesn't identify every unknown plant but it's successfull enough to be easier to use than all the guide books at home :)


Exactly! It is just easy to use for the occasional plant specification.

Thanks for the comment!

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Good Hunt @elleok

Pros / Cons


  • The best part of this app is: anyone can share and contribute the name and details of a plant you are observing.
  • Because this is like a community, you can certainly find a variety of details of the plant.
  • Its use is very easy. You just scanning, and the app will tell you the details (as long as the plant is already registered).


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • This app is perfect for those who love about plant observation.
  • The best of these applications is: anyone can contribute.


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