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Blind-Assisting Navigation Belts



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Feel Space naviBelt

An intelligent belt that uses vibration to guide the direction of people with visual impairments. Technology innovation to help people who have physical limitations. Equipped with 16 actuators that produce specific vibrations according to the information displayed by the GPS. Connecting by Bluetooth for iPhone. Comfortable, lightweight and 8 hours for battery life time.

How it works

It's simple, users just input the destination on the Feel Space app on smartphone and the belt will automatically navigate.

The Feel Space naviBelt provides tactile solutions for people with visual impairments to be independent move.



Hunter: @dwiitavita

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Wow i find this gadget awesome and cool 😎, i like to see gadgets that helps the less privileged. I hope this is actually affordable for those that will be needing it.

We are living our normal life and we can see all things. But blind people they can't see all things. Where we wanna go we can go. They can't go to everywhere easy like to us. This Navibelt is wonderful product for them. Thanks for it.

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It's surely a step forward to make blind peoples life easy and the coolest thing which i like about this product is that it's simple and easy to use and empowers blinds to move on their own. Great Hunt

A very useful innovation. Blind people suffer a lot and this belt helps them with everyday life. They can be indepented once more. More innovations like this i say! Great hunt @dwiitavita !

What a great hunt, an assistant to guide people with visual difficulties, and thus make it more independent every day, to guide it through the belt and the application.

congratulations,for this great hunt @dwiitavita

Navibelt is a very good product for blind people. Blind people sometimes lose their homes and their destination. This navigation will help them and find their way more easily. Very nice sharing.

I have some blind friends and I observe that they always find difficult to walk both indoor and outdoor, I think this product surely help them to move safely and make them more independent, I will buy this product for them, Thanks for telling us about such innovations.

The naviBelt show the blind people to way with vibration. They need one iphone for the contact with the belt. After contact they will go where they want. The navibelt battery life is 8 hours. Cool hunt for blind people.

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This seems nice, but how can a blind man input the destination on the app?

The app using by voice input

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Great product for people with visual disabilities. Awesome find @dwiitavita

yes. nice and confident giving gadget. they can move independently with this belt. they can get familiar with the vibrations signals with some practice. then they are on the way. happy days. good hunt.


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