Medicalog for Families - Medical records handy

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Medicalog for Families

Medical records handy

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Hunter's comment

Why I like this app?
This app is very beneficial for you and your family .You can keep records of health status of every family member .

You can keep record of time to time status of disease symptoms and show it to your doctor so that you doctor can have detailed vision into your disease .

You can share your medical details with your family memebera or doctors .



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Very convenient and useful. However, one would be sharing sensitive information that could be very damaging if it were to fall into the wrong hands.


No , with whom you have to share??


  • Record all the clinical activity of one or several people at a time
  • Has notifications included
  • It is really easy to use and take control of diseases within the application
  • It helps the health of people.


  • nothing against him

Would I use it?
Yes, a very useful application that assists us in our daily health.

Health is very important. We can keep our own health records. They can find our problems easier with doctors. I need to download this application immediately.

Hello hunter! Your hunt is interesting. I have full upvote your post to support your work. Here is my pros and cons comment for you:


  • Monitoring our health conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Protect our life
  • Very useful
  • Helping doctors


  • None for your hunt

This product may record the status of each family member's disease symptoms. Your doctor can show you, so your doctor can have a detailed view of your illness. It is very useful for you and your family.


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