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The only problem I had with them and that's why I'm not active there is exchanging those earned tokens. There is only daybit or something like that, we can use to exchange and even that take 5$ fee to withdraw any amount. Also the team theselves, noone from them wanted to buy from me the tokens, so I found a steemian who exchaged that with me with steem and even his it was hard to find. I think they need to have an option to exchange that into steem and not to make everythibg wotk with ethereum while steem is what lifted them.


Those are usually used for BTC network fees. You pay them on pretty much every exchange when withdrawing, and at current BTC price it’s rather low compared to many other exchanges.

I, honestly, think it’s a crap reason to not use a platform and earn a token. Besides, Steemhunt always said they would switch to SMTs whenever that releases. You can keep them until then. :)

Hey @Clixmoney, I understand your concern. These folks are going to use SMTs when they come. But for now they chose to be an ERC 20 Token. So we can easily exchange it with ETH or BTC. Let's hope SMT comes sooner than anticipated :') Then this problem will be resolved. Till then, keep stacking xD

You ate right. Only dybit. In my country dosent work.

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