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RE: Parrot Bluegrass - Drones for Smart Agriculture

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After seeing the glimpse at first I thought the product you described was Drone in general, and I almost missed the interesting information. Apparently, Drone "Parrot Bluegrass" is the latest innovation in the use of drones for everyday life, precisely focusing on "Farming".

With its "Full HD Camera" feature, farmers can easily view and analyze the whole state of the garden quickly. Indeed if the garden we have narrow, then there is no problem in monitoring. But different cases if tens of hectares we have to monitor manually. At least, with Parrot Bluegrass monitoring work will be helpful.

Remarkably, the Spectrum Sensor has been implemented for rapid plant identification, so pests can be identified early.

Still in the early stages, and need other functions that are more useful. Fortunately, the company already has a foresight to make Drone more useful in many agricultural activities.