Parrot Bluegrass - Drones for Smart Agriculture

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Parrot Bluegrass

Drones for Smart Agriculture


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Hunter's comment

Where do you think the drones are used? Military? Personal leisure? The drones of DJI and regular drones are mostly for personal leisure.

Drones can also be used for farming. Parrot's Bluegrass is a multipurpose drones that focus on agricultural applications.

Located in front of the Bluegrass, the Full HD camera delivers real-time information about the farmland to remote users.

The built-in spectrum sensor helps you quickly identify any kind of crop. You can check the status of crops right from the top! Surprise!!

In the future, people will not farm directly. The drones will replace much of the farming. Bluegrass will be the beginning!!



Hunter: @sunsu

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Interesting tool for agricultural purpose.

  • you can watch over all areas of fields clearly from one place.
  • multi spectral camera sensor able to capture four spectral in visible light and in non visible infrared light and get a closer look to health of the crops and plants, keep an eye on your herds.
  • this machine Parrot equipped with a sunshine sensor which records the current sun lighting conditions, the GPS location and inertial data and these data can further used in different softwares which gives you the details about the health status of crops and mapping of areas etc.
  • operating this device is easy and playful. Autopilot mod comes in handy.
  • with the Pix4Dcapture app you can preset the automatic flights over your fields.


  • very expensive for many farmers.


  • A multipurpose drone that focus on agricultural applications.
  • It has HD camera that delivers real time information about the farmland
  • It is equipped with advance technology sensor that records the weather condition like sun lighting conditions
  • It has also multi spectral camera sensor that able to capture closer look to the crops to check the status of the crops
  • Easy to operate


  • It is really expensive for farmers.


  • It is easy to get started with this drone
  • Can detect the status of your fields and/or detect animals that live there before getting shredded by machines


  • 5000 per drone; but in comparison to a harvester machine it's nothing


  • Another awesome and multi-purpose drone which really offers a very useful benefits to the farmers
  • It has a full HD cameras that delivers real time data or information
  • It has a built-in spectrum that helps you indentify your crops upon viewing the fields
  • Tracking of the crops will really be easier and better


  • I can’t think of any since this is another interesting device for the farmers!!

Another great drone!
As per my personal review below :

Pros :

  • A good solution for those who are in agriculture for it has a multipurpose function
  • It has 2 embedded cameras, video camera ang multispectral sensor which can really help farmers to have their return of investment and earn more profit in it
  • It does analyze quickly on the crop's health by the use of its user friendly processing software
  • It can be easily be transported since it has its removable propellers and what's best is that it is easy to setup, fly and even repair if damage
  • It does provide automatic crop mapping which define areas you want them to fly over and at what altitude where you can easily monitor the status of its flight
  • You can even set flight planning through the use of mobile app

Cons :

  • With the price of $5,000.00. I think it is really worth it because you can surely get more of its value on the long run. A better profit gateway for most farmers.

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wow, that's an incredible spin off device for parrot i had not thought about, marrying two worlds - software and hardware to keep an eye on crops!

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뭐라는 지는 모르지만
대충 사진 보니 어림짐작이 가네요 ㅎㅎ

This would be a great help to a lot of farmers.


  • It has an innovative camera that lets farmers and users see the fields.

  • It is beginner friendly and anyone without technological background can use it

  • The spectrum that lets farmers identify the crops they have


  • It is expensive for small farmers but I see on the website that it has installment plans so it's a good option.
  • I hope this will not happen but if it replaced farmers, some farmers who are employed like farmers in third world countries could be out of jobs

I do drones professionally so i guess i should put in a word or two....


  • Built in Parrot sensors for all-in-one solution to farmers.
  • Easy plug-and-play for farmers without steep learning curve.
  • Small form factor enterprise drone that will redefine what it means to be an "industrial drone".


  • Not the right drone build for it's application. Period. Quadcopters arent meant to fly the distance the Bluegrass has to fly for its job. In fact parrot already has a great fixed wing drone product. why go make a quadcopter?
  • In line with above, the coverage per flight.. claims to cover 30 hectares per flight, that is MINISULE for a commercial scale farm. Good luck to the drone pilot flying that drone.
  • Insane price point for a drone. I understand it's meant for enterprise businesses but still, what a way to milk Farming companies with cash to spare.


Parrot currently makes the best full spectrum sensors and they've been doing in for a pretty long time. My biggest beef is that they choose a quadcopter build. I seriously don't understand why they come up with that when merely putting in an extra $500 will get you the Parrot Disco AG, which is way more suited for the job. Well i guess its because customers wants it and Parrot is merely responding to the market. Which is pretty silly on farmer's part.

this is an example of a quality comment that deserves an upvote by @steemhunt. it's thoughtful and adds value by bringing new considerations to the product. it is composed of original points. personally idk the diff between a quadcopter and a fixed wing drone but at least now i know there is a diff.

순위권 가즈아~

Agri-tech is a huge business. This is really an area we are seeing a huge amount of automation.

드론으로 농사를 할 수 있다는 것은 알았지만 앱이 농업에 알맞게 구성된 좋은 아이템이네요.
순위권 갔으면 좋겠네요.

Really cool
Reduces time

Expensive and increasing unemployment

드론은 활용방안이 정말 무궁무진해질 것 같아요


  • Full HD camera delivers real-time information about farm land
  • bulit-in sensors helps to identify any kinds of crops
  • very useful for farmers


  • none for this hunt

I wish you No.1 hunter today.

Congrats on your current place! 1등 먹자!

순수님 화이팅!!

1등으로 가시길~ 멋진 제품이네요!!

My review on this hunt is :


-a multipurpose quadcopter designed for agriculture
-helps farmers improve their ROI using its 2 embedded cameras; video camera and Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor
-with its Full HD front camera, this solution includes visual monitoring of land, herd and infrastructure
-provides a quick and easy analysis on the health of your crops
-easy to transport due to its removable propellers and it is easy to: set up, fly, process data and repair

Cons :

Very useful. No cons on this one.


  • This is very beneficial for farmers who have a huge land or area to manage. This will definitely help save time and manpower while constantly monitoring the crops
  • It is very easy to transport and easy to set up. One wouldnt need a super-techy hand to navigate this one. Truly the future of farming
  • Using its sensors, you will now be able to assess the health of your crops. So instead of manually checking them day by day, you will have an ample time in creating methods on how to keep them healthy


  • It is quite expensive for $5,000. It may take a while before reaping an ROI from this one

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🕵️ Another Incredible Hunt @sunsu 🕵️

After seeing the glimpse at first I thought the product you described was Drone in general, and I almost missed the interesting information. Apparently, Drone "Parrot Bluegrass" is the latest innovation in the use of drones for everyday life, precisely focusing on "Farming".

With its "Full HD Camera" feature, farmers can easily view and analyze the whole state of the garden quickly. Indeed if the garden we have narrow, then there is no problem in monitoring. But different cases if tens of hectares we have to monitor manually. At least, with Parrot Bluegrass monitoring work will be helpful.

Remarkably, the Spectrum Sensor has been implemented for rapid plant identification, so pests can be identified early.

Still in the early stages, and need other functions that are more useful. Fortunately, the company already has a foresight to make Drone more useful in many agricultural activities.

드론처럼 날자~

순수학생 화이팅 ㅎㅎㅎ 한성과고 포스팅도 잘봤어요!

Pros :

  • more efficient than sending a person around on foot.
  • views are better than from on the ground

Cons :

  • there is a human element of walking the fields and talking to the plants; truly finding out what the plants need.

This is such a great innovation for drones and the agriculture industry. Here are my thoughts for this great product of engineering.

  • The design for the Parrot Bluegrass is good, and I'm very sure this is built with high quality standard-approved materials.
  • Easy to use by farmers thanks to the application known as Pix4Dcapture which let's the farmer have his own defined schedules for his drone to monitor and get real-time updates for his livestock, ranch or properties.
  • The functionality of this drone is too great to be ignored by farmers, this drone can 30 hectares of farmland at an altitude of 70 meters, that saves alot of time instead of assigning people to monitor the situation of the farmlands.
  • For the price? Nah, the price is very considerable, more time and money being saved, meaning more profit for the farmers at the same time, if the drones gets destroyed or damaged, spare parts are readily available which is good.

None for this product of innovation.


  • This innovation strikes me fancy
  • A wow-factor, because this drone is very helpful specifically on agricultural wauys
  • Ability to monitor the status of crops
  • Advanced and Intelligent innovations
  • Price is just right if you want to do it with leisure but with benefits involved!


  • None, just pure awesomeness of this hunt! :)


  • The product will help people of different groups
  • The product is totally awesome
  • Many people looking forward for something like this


  • Nothing to add here

beautiful please vote

The device improves agricultural productivity conveniently
• It can deliver real-time information from the farmland to remote users
• Has a spectrum sensor that identify different types of crops
• Easy to operate
• It has an autopilot feature
• Expensive for some farmers

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