Lumo Play - Make your projector, digital sign, or kiosk interactive!

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Lumo Play

Make your projector, digital sign, or kiosk interactive!



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Introducing, "Lumo Play" - a software that allows you to change "Any Display" to more interactive.

This software can be applied to the projector, and can be on any surface.

As in the video above, this software can be used as a more enjoyable playground. In addition to learning, it can also be used for decoration, then for various other things such as advertising, etc.



Hunter: @calprut

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Wow..this is amazing I just love it..your hunt so good.. its willl help lot.Sir its so usefull also.I will search again about this.Thanks for sharing...about this. Amazing hunt
Thanks for sharing.


thank you so much my lovely @afrinsultana
@sabari18, come here!


hahaha... @sabari @calprut dak rahii hay tuma..


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Ten out of ten @calprut for this amazing, entertaining and cool hunt and salute to the makers/developers for this out of the box idea.


WOW papamobi @mobi72, thanks for your support :) hope this product can entertain your grandchilds


Sure buddy, anytime.
Wish you Good Luck for your latest hunt.


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interested hunting

It is very good for you to have a nice hunting hunting project. This projector can help you understand how wonderful it is for aunty kids to present you through this software.

Most especially in computer learning center that contain more crowd, this product is required in such place for best and enjoyable lecture.

Good hunt


i think it will fit to all ages @peakreal

Great Hunt friend! Useful product to change any display and can also help you to enjoy your videos on the large virtual screen. good luck for your great hunt


you are right @moeenali
thanks for dropping by

It can be used as a very useful product especially in pre-school education classes. Children can spend their game time better. Permanent learning can be done with visual interaction. A beautiful and successful product.


it's really suit to children, but i am sure all age can use it to have fun too @caracash


  • Allows movement, gesture or tactile interaction.
  • Works with widely available hardware.
  • Global network of resellers for installation.
  • Interactive screens


  • Any

nice review pros and cons @junior182

Wow, Lumo Play is great way to change displays to more interactive, and it is great to apply it to the projector. Awesome hunt.


yes, we can make any surface become smart @estebann
thanks again for dropping by

This is a good innovative software that will really help shops and relax centers to give a lovely view.
With the help of Lumo Play, kids will enjoy the good atmosphere for computer learning.

keep hunting.


you are really right @funkylove
hope you enjoy this product

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Wonderful


  • It makes teaching kids very easy and learning for kids enjoyable.

  • It is very attractive.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.


XD, your gif image doesn't show @adahmiracle
thanks for dropping by and leave your comment

very cool ice car,
this car resembles a teng
so it is very easy and good to use during the winter


wkwkwkwk, keliru kopi paste komennya bang @moersal
kwkwkwkw harus ngopi dulu nih

Certainly I would like to study with such a projector. Everything provides a visual and live education. Everything in this projector is there to learn in a fun way. A great product.


you can do that with this product @monavento
thanks for dropping by :)

It's a good use of interactive surfaces. I like how this seems to be much easier to integrate since it doesn't require expensive hardware, like other surface technologies. It could really make events and play areas more fun and interactive. Great find!


sorry for the late reply, thanks for your comment @cryptocopy


  • Unique and great

  • make the display more interactive

  • very useful


  • none

that's really nice review about pros and cons @elmauza
but it's better to leave your opinion about this product too :)

Lumo Play is a good software that is really meant to increase kids intelligence.
I love the interface.


me too @jephtha
thanks for dropping by :)

When i saw the video of Lumo play,i thought i am in the future.Another great hunt again


WOW, thank you so much @anik007


you are so welcome.keep hunting

Now it will add extra fire to my cute videos


hehe try that software @jibupune


Actually not, am just using this new Hunt platform. How it works, but the product looks cool.


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calpy is now into the children bots


LOL @camzy
anyway, thanks for your 30%