Yeah for real. And they are claiming it’s a big deal that they listed on a wallet when most ETH-compatible wallets can store any ERC20 token. So the big announcement is there is no announcement worth announcing. Any comment @steemhunt when you will list hunt token on an exchange that Americans can use? There is really no excuse for not being on Steem Engine already...

Hi, you are right. Most ETH compatible wallets are able to store ERC20 Tokens. But I disagree that it is not worth an announcement, especially for the Steem community.

The Steemhunt team was able to list Steem on two other exchanges on their own due to their activities as HUNT team, even as a ERC-20 Token. Additionally, there had been a lot of efforts in the background to bring also Steem onto Bitberry, as it is a sister company of Upbit, the third-largest exchange in the world based on BTI having at the moment more than 100K users using the product worldwide and being able to transfer cryptocurrency based on your mobile phone number. But it seems in the moment that the Steem community and economy is not that attractive to put resource into it from their perspective.

Hunt token would keep the door open for this kind of negotiations.

There is really no excuse for not being on Steem Engine already...

I have answered that below on the comment from rjoshicool.

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