DBacked - Encrypted Database Backups as a Service

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Encrypted Database Backups as a Service



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DBacked offers encrypted database backups as a service for MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB through their open-source CLI command.

With one command to start the backup process, your database will be backed up securely with encryption to your designated S3 buckets. Similarly, with one command, you can start the interactive restore process right away.

Moreover, DBacked will monitors your backups, and, if any errors or issues are detected, DBacked will send email or SMS notifications to you immediately.




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A great working product for the encryption of the databases, the best side of it is seeing this as an open source project

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All applications have a backend in which data is stored. Using DBacked services for encrypting the database makes the data more secure. I, also see they provide a free service option as well - which should suffice the startups or small scaled websites. Nice hunt and thanks for sharing.

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