Snap Fever - The World’s First Smart Wearable Thermometer

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Snap Fever

The World’s First Smart Wearable Thermometer



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Worn on a hat or clothing to automatically measure the body temperature every 30 minutes. Accumulates data on a Bluetooth pairing app.


It is a compact thermometer which comes in the form of a clip which is easily detachable in addition it comes with its native app that help users to measure their body temperature in real time. It sent data and digitizes it. Overall this product should help users to safely protect their body from viruses.

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It is portable and only weighs 50 grams & with this device users can even determine the location with the help of GPS functions.

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This is a good app for measuring our body temperature.
Keep hunting!

With this, one could measure their temperature at anytime and know if there is changes
Thanks for sharing this hunt


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