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It's no secret that I've had some concerns with Steemit and the Steem ecosystem as a whole in recent months, and that is in part why I've taken a short break from this ambitious experiment over the past few weeks. The progress being made with Steemit is just insufficient in my opinion, and it risks upcoming competitors being able to surpass Steemit within 18 months. There's no denying that the cryptocurrency markets this year have played a large part in the noticeable decline in content being produced, but I think growing frustrations with how Steemit works plays an even bigger role in this stagnant period.

Before taking some time off, I made sure that SteemAuto was setup to upvote content from my favourite creators while I was away. I've mentioned this great service for Steem previously in my How to get the most out of the Steem Blockchain post, but before my reappearance on Steem I wanted to look into a better way of interacting with the blockchain. I'd seen a post that I can't find anymore that mentioned a new UI called SteemPeak, and it is everything you could want from a Steem interface. There's also SteemWorld which is the perfect replacement for Steemd, and with these three strong cornerstones, I think they make the perfect trilogy to hopefully spark a renewed interest in Steem. This post will go over the amazing features these three sites have to offer, so let's get into it.


@SteemPeak was created just a few months ago, so it's still very much in its infancy, however in such a short time they have achieved so much it puts Steem Inc to shame. As well as being absolutely jam-packed full of useful features, some you've already been wanting and some you won't even realise you wanted, but it's aesthetically pleasing too. It's also very customisable, especially when compared to Steemit, and boasts an awful lot more under the hood than any other Steem-based site.

It's so pretty!

As well as the standard features you're used to with Steemit, it comes complete with a WYSIWYG Editor, bookmarks, vote sliders, lots and lots of lovely charts plus just so much more. It also has most of the features of Steemd baked right into it, so you can keep track of your activities on the Steem blockchain without ever having to leave the site. Nice.

There's so much room for activities!

Two of my absolute favourite features has to be drafts and bookmarks, which can give you a real advantage over those still using Steemit as their main Steem UI. Remember I said I couldn't remember the post that lead me to this awesome discovery? Well, that won't be a problem any longer. I do tend to bookmark interesting posts, but my Chrome bookmarks is a god awful mess.

On top of this, you can schedule articles to post at a later date, and there's no delays when commenting or voting (using a buffer, to allow you to get things done much quicker). You can now work on more than one article at a time, again without ever leaving the site. I feel like I'm turning into an infomercial here, but if you thought all that was impressive, there's more!. You can setup templates, so you don't need to go through the arduous process of setting out the layout for each post by hand. I've had a few templates stored as notepad files, but this is one of those features I didn't even think about.

To get going and to find out just how productive you can be working on the Steem blockchain, head on over to the website or follow any of the links to posts in this article. The team behind this amazing project have big plans for the future, and it seems like they're only just getting started. You can read more about what they have to offer on their introduction post, as well as get to know the team behind it. I really think this project has the potential to shake things up again on Steem, and I strongly encourage you all to check it out and think about making the switch over.


@SteemWorld was created by the great user @steemchiller, and it replaced Steemd for me about two months ago. It's the perfect companion web app for SteemPeak, as it gives you all the information about your account and presents it in an easy to digest way. You have access to charts, graphs and reports about almost anything you could want to know about. Curious where most of your votes go? SteemWorld's got your back. Want to see your coming curation rewards? Ya boy SteemWorld will sort that for you.

You'll be able to keep up with everything with these first two corners of the Steem Pyramid (if I wasn't so lazy, I'd make a snazzy graphic for this). To get started reviewing your account, just go to https://steemworld.org/@YOUR_NAME with your Steem account name. @steemchiller has managed to pack so much into a tiny neat package, although don't be put off if it all seems a bit daunting. Have a look around, play with some of the options and don't worry, because you can't break anything or do something you don't want as the app is self-contained and doesn't require or allow you to log in. It's a great way to keep track of mentions, your voting power and your coming rewards.


Last but by no means least, we have @SteemAuto which was built by veteran Steemian @mahdiyari and it really does complete the little Steem Pyramid that you're just going to have to imagine because I'm still refusing to make the graphic, sorry. SteemAuto will automate a lot of the daily tasks that the average user does. You can join curation trails, create scheduled posts, setup auto upvoting for your favourite accounts, auto claim rewards and quite a bit more to boot. It's really easy to get signed up and ready to automate the tedious tasks so that you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

You have full control over everything, so with the fanbase feature you can set the vote weight, frequency and the minimum Voting Power you need to have in order to cast your autovotes. So if you dip below, let's say 75%, it won't auto upvote anything until your VP has recovered enough. It may seem like all three of these apps is a lot to take in, but take it all one step at a time and let's be honest you're going to be used to this level of control very soon.

To get set up with SteemAuto, just head on over to their website and login with SteemConnect. You can read more about what features this amazing service has to offer over on their post. By using SteemAuto, you can really streamline your interactions with the Steem blockchain, and ensure that you can reward your favourite content creators even if you're inactive for a bit. There's no point in letting good upvotes go to waste!

This Holy Trinity are shining examples of what can be built on the Steem blockchain, and I'm expecting great things from all of them in the future. Whether you're a content creator, or you're an avid reader, I really think you'll all be able to up your Steem game with these beefy weapons in your arsenal. By automating certain parts that you would otherwise do manually, you free up time for other activities as well as potentially increasing your rewards. Let me know what you think about the Steem Pyramid, the one that I've managed to paint a beautiful mental image for you all. As always ladies and gentlemen, make sure to follow me for the latest Technology, Internet and Pop Culture updates as well as helpful little bits like this. I hope this helps you increase your efficiency and profitability with Steem, and if you did enjoy or found this article helpful I'd really appreciate you telling your friends and followers about it. Until next time peeps, take it easy!

P.S. If you're new here, you might want to check out my Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Steemit, which covers everything you need to know to get started making money and meeting new people on Steemit.

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Thanks for the steempeak site. It looks like something I might get used to using. I like the look and feel to it thus far.

The other two sites are great also. I've been using them four almost five months.


Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you like the look and feel of SteemPeak! It's definitely the best Steem UI I've come across so far. No doubt in my mind it's only going to get better and better, especially considering what they've achieved in such a short amount of time.

Once @steempeak implements the downvote feature, it will be the main browsing UI I use instead of Steemit. As of now, downvoting is only possible if you set your default voting weight as negative.

@busy.org will still have its place due to the upvote incentives for using it. As for beneficiary information, I could get that off of Steem World and Steemd just as easily without Busy.

I'll refrain from commenting about @SteemAuto since I don't use it.


I think I got so carried away with all the extra features I didn't even notice the downvote/flag feature was missing, that definitely needs to be added and no doubt it will in time. I'll probably still use the Steemit wallet for the time being as it's just a bit quicker than having to use SteemConnect for transactions.

I was using @busy.org for a time, as it is still far more advanced and feature rich than Steemit, but there were a few things I felt could do with changing or adding.

Have you looked into @steemauto? It's been great for while I've been away, and it's also increased my curation rewards thanks to the autovote and curation trails.


Yes, flags will be there.

I have looked into @steemauto before, but I have never set it up. After reading @crokkon's recent report, it made me feel a bit sad that almost half, or even majority, of the Steemians have gone AWOL.

Don't get me wrong, I did appreciate the votes from you. :)

On the topic of wallets, you are absolutely correct about the default wallet interface on Steemit being much faster and better than others. I totally forgot about that point.


I know what you mean, I was looking over the recent stats put out by @arcange and they aren't great. I'll take a look at @crokkon's report now.

There's something about an autovote, it's just not the same as a manual upvote. Still, I think it made it easier knowing that I wasn't totally out of contact with everyone when I decided to jump back in. Also, it's just a shame to waste perfectly good votes.

There's definitely room in the market for a new wallet app!

I've just started using Steempeak... on the computer so far (I haven't tried from the phone yet). It is light years ahead of Steemit! The best feature by far for me is the queuing of actions like votes and comments. Nothing is more annoying in Steemit than the wait 3 seconds for votes and wait 20 seconds for comments!

If they can just get the dark theme just tweaked a little bit...


I haven't used it on my phone either, I'll give that a go today. Personally, I'm really excited about both bookmarks and templates, as I think they're gonna really speed things up for me. What the guys have achieved in such a short amount of time is very admirable.

Totally agree with you about the dark theme, I've been using it myself and it isn't perfect but it'll get there I'm sure.

Thanks for stopping by mate, really appreciate you sharing your thoughts!


I have been saving templates on Dropbox for a while, but it is a bit unwieldy... And open Chrome tabs for bookmarks is just getting out of hand! Mobile version of Steem peak is not quite a good experience, not as enjoyable as the desktop version.

Dark theme on the phone is worse! But it will get there!

I've used Steemauto a bit, but not Steemworld or Steempeak. Might give em a try today. The features sound great, and the screenshots make them look more informative than standard Steemit.


I can't praise SteemPeak and World enough, they're both great examples of what can be built upon the steem blockchain. Let me know what you think of them, curious to hear what people make of SteemPeak in particular.

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