Steem Gnome Is On The Map Again - This Time In New York

in steemgnome •  2 years ago  (edited)

Great news. Steem gnome is in Manhattan, New York. His third host is @prufarchy.

Read more on Steem Gnome Has Arrived At Freedom Tower - Manhattan, NY.

Have fun, guys :)

Follow Steem Gnome's adventures on Steemit and on the Steem Gnome Map.

Spread the news, share the gifs, too.

Better and better!
Orange Swan By Lemark

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If I may comment: I think that you should add numbers on the map for ordering the different steps. Now it is easy to follow as we only have three cities, but in a few months it may become harder.


Yes, you may comment :)

I was already thinking of two options:

  1. adding numbers to icons - an easier solution
  2. drawing arced arrows between cities to show how Steem Gnome was travelling - a bit of javascript and Google Maps API programming

I might do both :)

Thanks for input!!!


I think both should be fine. When the gnome will have traveled more, it will still be the time to think further, of necessary ;)