Announcing The Relaunch Of (Alpha Version) - A Revolutionary Freelance Services Marketplace & Dream-Building Ecosystem, Where Everyone Has Something To Offer.


This post will announce the relaunch of and explain some of the core elements of our ecosystem. It will touch on its history and discuss its current state. Then, it will highlight the role of teardrops tokens within the steemgigs ecosystem.

Brief History - A revolutionary steem-based freelance services marketplace & dream-building ecosystem, with its own knowledge-base, community and 'an untalented paradigm'

All aspects of the code is open-source:

If you want to read everything about and its grand picture, below is a post written some 8 months ago, containing some 10,000 words: 

"" is dedicated to my mum who passed away in Nov 2017. It is a gift to mama Earth and by its means we will build many noble dreams.

If you didn't know about steemgigs' history, here is a quick summary:

  • #steemgigs start more than 2 years ago.
  • The first #steemgigs task request was created by @kus-knee more than 2 years ago.
  • The first successful SteemGig happened more than 2 years ago.
  • The first SteemGigs testimonial post happened more than 2 years ago.
  • SteemGigs has a community on discord with more than 5000 steemians.
  • Alpha began some 9 months ago.
  • is a freelancing marketplace built around the steem protocol.
  • The slogan is "everyone has something to offer".
  • SteemGigs has a witness called "steemgigs" to support steem
  • Steemgigs witness used to provide a public RPC node (It stopped doing so months ago, when 256GB RAM requirements was becoming insufficient and it was becoming necessary to upgrade to 512GB RAM)
  • etc

Past/Recent Interest (By Steemians) In SteemGigs

Here is an old comment by @andrarchy (made some 2 years ago), where he reacted to the potential beauty of SteemGigs

Did  you notice that a successful steemGIG happened some 2 years ago? 

@kus-knee had created a custom request at the time, to which @fisteganos offered his service. @fisteganos got paid in SBD and then went on to earn an additional 394 $ from his eventual SteemGig Testimonial post.

If you would like to read some more about how grand can be, @stellabelle wrote this article about SteemGigs some two years ago: 5 Reasons Steemgigs Could Disrupt Fiverr

More recently, @acidyo brought a similar topic up in this post; Why VoiceOverPete should join Steem! Looking at the comment section of that post, you will notice that steemians still remembered SteemGigs. 

See these screenshots: 

Here is some passionate video(s) evidence of interest in steemgigs, from the past.

The Relaunch Of

Finally, we are announcing the relaunch of for use. Today, March 23, 2019.

We will still maintain 'alpha status' in this release, then continue further development on the go.

The current version has evolved tangibly from its former state. We admit that development has been slow but this move to relaunch it can be considered a milestone because it constitutes a spark. From henceforth, we will only move ahead. 

In this version, the main aim was to display the expanse of our vision to every visitor, this includes users, potential investors, advisors, venture capitalists, web developers etc. This means that even where some features or functionalities have not been entirely built, the framework for these features have been added to the website with a 'coming soon' status.

A key way of presenting our vision thus, was with our new landing page. It looks like this:

Each visitor to '' should be able to attain full insight into the expanse of our vision, right from our landing page.

Things You Can Do On STEEMGIGS 

Create A Gig 

Whether you an expert or non-expert, you can offer a service in exchange for STEEM, STEEM Dollars, Steem Power or 'for free'. SteemGigs has an un(dis)talented paradigm. This means that on SteemGigs, everyone has something to offer.  

Locate A Gig 

We maintain a repository of gigs (services) offered by 'a community of reputable great minds'. We have a vibrant community, heartily seeking to help you 'build your dream'. We don't only offer you talents; we offer you a like-mind, a SteemGigger, a dream-builder, a brother. Visit, to locate that special someone.  

Create A Custom Request Or Microtask


"Do the dreaming, leave 'the building' to us". Where you can't find the 'exact gig' that fits your need, you can create a 'custom request' or 'a microtask request' and we will actively seek out reputable great minds from our community who can help.  

Create Content

On STEEMGIGS, content is queen. A core aspect of SteemGigs is our knowledge-bank,  a repository of niche-based information borne out of experience. We  welcome content-contributions for our users. This content ranks in the  search engines and is published to the steem blockchain, before a large  community. Where your content attracts likes (upvotes), you earn in Steem or Steem Dollars and in the near future, the teardrops smart media tokens.  

Curate And Interact

On SteemGigs, everyone has something to offer. You can also visit SteemGigs for the sole reason of interacting with its community. One way  of doing so is by curating content. This means that you can find posts to read, like (upvote), leave comments on etc right there on  

How We Stand Out? 

You have successfully reached STEEMGIGS, a revolutionary freelance services marketplace & social network connected to a decentralized steem blockchain, with the power of Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancer  combined. SteemGigs removes all barriers to entry in relation to 'building a dream', by implementing an 'untalented & community  paradigm', in association with a token economy. Whether it is an innovation, vision, enterprise or business and it is yours, we consider it 'a dream' and it is about 'your dream' for us. As  a result, we will go beyond just getting you the right freelance services. We want to play an active role in historical history as part  of your noble dream.  On STEEMGIGS, everyone has something to offer.  

How Else Do We Stand Out?

Besides the obvious advantages of as a freelancing service marketplace, derived from its using of the steem blockchain protocol, below are other salient elements that make us really stand out:

  • We have a token economy that allows users to earn for their content, in addition to 'services rendered'. (This applies to both  clients and freelancers). 
  • No third-parties merchants and its associated fees. 
  • No censorship. (meaning your gigs can't be deleted). 
  • We have an established and reputable community.
  • We know our community and it is an actual community. 
  • Steemgigs is content-driven. 
  • There is room for non-experts, who want to be freelancers
  • You can find free GIGS. 
  • You can earn from doing microtasks.
  • We are affiliated to a larger community of users. 
  • You can pay/earn for services for/with SBD, Steem, Steem Power or 'via a steem upvote'.
  • We have a knowledge-bank, that maintains a repository of expert-knowledge, borne out of real-life experiences.
  • Your STEEMGIGS content ranks in the search engine too
  • If you are a client, you get more than a freelancer. You get a like-mind, a reputable great mind, a dream-builder and brother.
  • You can have a stake in the company by virtue of the teardrops SMT.
  • Certified users can earn UI-perks and other exclusive benefits
  • etc 

'Surpassinggoogle' As A Core Paradigm Of SteemGigs

Every participant of our ecosystem will eventually become a  'dream-builder' (SteemGigger), building their dreams and those of others. 

To accomplish this, we have created a bank, for 'deposits & withdrawals' of all the bits & bytes that one will ever need to  build any noble dream (however limitless). We will vault all this knowledge in our bank, in the form of unadulterated excerpts from the brains, lives, experiences of 'reputable great minds', specific to every  niche, field, industry, expertise etc. By means of your incessant contributions, we will surpass Google (attain limitlessness), reshaping the worldwide web with the freshness of our awesomeness. @surpassinggoogle

'Un(Dis)Talented' As A Core Paradigm Of SteemGigs

On, everyone will have something to offer. Yes, even non-experts will be able to offer gigs, for free or at a lower cost, known to clients. This way they can offer gigs, hone their expertise in the process, gain confidence, all while attaining higher levels of expertise by availing of expert niche-based knowledge from our knowledge-bank and consultation from veteran members of SteemGigs BROPRO services.

The Role Of 'Certified Uloggers' In The SteemGigs Ecosystem

  • All exclusive UI-perks on SteemGigs will be available to only certified uloggers. However, every(any)one can become 'certified'.
  • Each certified ulogger will have a 'certified' status also, on
  • All video tutorials across SteemGigs will only be done by certified uloggers.
  • Most algorithms e.g related to profile-suggestions etc will be inclined towards 'the certified'.
  • SteemGigs will only feature and recommend 'the certified'.
  • 'The certified' will have access to exclusives chats etc and will play an active role in the development of our ecosystem including aspects of the teardrops tokens distribution
  • etc

Other Special Highlights From The Current Steemgigs Version.


We have started the framework for a core aspect of SteemGigs called 'BROPRO'. This page will display certified users who are willing to offer expert consultancy services in exchange for the teardrops tokens 

We hope to use this page to create some utility for the teardrops tokens even now, prior to the inception of the SMT protocol. At this stage, we will populate this page manually. In the future, it will become an exclusive UI perk available to 'certified users'. Read more...

A Microtasks Economy

We also began the framework that will integrate 'a microtasks economy' into SteemGigs, starting with a basic 'create a microtask' post-editor and a 'microtasks display column' on our homepage.

The microtasks economy especially helps non-experts to 'grow in their confidence and hone their skills or talents while transitioning into experts, all while being able to offer a service'. Hirers will also be able to 'pay with vote', which on its own is powerful. Read more...

A Linkedin-like Economy

We have also began the framework for a 'linkedin-like economy'. SteemGigs as an enterprise should be capable of involving 'everyone' organically. A core aspect of our model is 'removing all barriers to entry in relation to dream-building'. Thus, we have started enhancing the SteemGigs search-engine to be able to locate 'related user-profiles' to a user's search query, where a user can't find 'an exact gig'.

Besides, another core aspect of our model is 'steem growth'. To this effect, we must be able to unveil 'the wealth in our steem community of reputable great minds' and organically involve every steemian in the ecosystem, whether they are active on or not. Thus, we are building our search engine mechanism to be capable of scanning the entire steem blockchain for potential talents/un(dis)talents.

The Teardrops SMT

The teardrops tokens will power the ecosystem in conjunction with the 'steem currency'. The teardrops token will be an SMT in the future. This means, that among other utilities, it will form a 'token of influence' on

We have started integrating the teardrops token into the current version of SteemGigs. This means that even now, you will be able to offer or pay for gigs using the teardrops tokens

Since we are working on adding the keychain browser extension soon, you will be able to easily transfer the teardrops tokens, when you want to avail of gigs etc 

You can get some 50 teardrops tokens here if you haven't or get some on steem-engine here!


Unlike conventional freelancing service marketplaces, SteemGigs is very content-based. Recall, the 'surpassinggoogle paradigm' mentioned earlier? 'On Steemgigs, content is queen'

We would seek to serve the search engines incessantly with our testimonials too, in full-blown testimonial posts that will be displayed on a designated column on our homepage. 

See a recent example of a Steemgigs testimonial written by @kus-knee. He has availed of this gig by @airmatti. (In some cases, @kus-knee may even be able to raise the funds to pay for the gig from the testimonial article as every content created on appears also on the steem blockchain to a large community of curators)

Where @airmatti decides, he can decide to document his entire 'delivery process' using a series of testimonials, maintaining transparency, opening himself to more clients/opportunities and most of all, improving his overall 'real reputation'.

Upcoming In The Coming Weeks

In the near term, we will focus on making sure the current version of is bug free. Being that is very content-based, our first focus is to make sure that users can successfully use every post-editor on (We have some 18 post editors across

As we attain a certain 'stable' state, we will look to add some of the following features/functionalities/enhancement:

  • Enhance the 'search by profile' aspect of our search portal.
  • Add a basic BROPRO page.
  • Add the teardrops tokens wallet.
  • Add video tutorials across
  • Integrate keychain wallet.
  • Enhance URL-preview for social shares.
  • Add steemconnect and keychain 'wallet transfer' capabilities.
  • etc

Near Term Plans.

Still in the near term, we will work on a raising a budget to begin stage-2 of our development, during which we will begin to build core features and functionalities, to open up to the world as a whole. 

In a coming release, we will begin to add a 'sign-up with email' option, to seamlessly onboard a mainstream audience onto the SteemGigs ecosystem, until they get their steem account.

We will also look to add features like internal messaging, optional escrow, personalized feeds etc. Some of our core features will have to wait till the SMT protocols begins. However, we will continue to integrate the teardrops tokens into our ecosystem in the near term, so that it begins to be usable.  

As SMT approaches, we will begin to establish a solid team and a respective 'team announcement' will follow'.

Long Term Plans

One thing is for sure, on we will innovate dynamically and incessantly to make sure we become a 'theater for dream-building and a home for every(any)one'. We want to play an active role in historical history as part of every noble dream.

Note that is directly linked to two other steem-interfaces under the umbrella of the teardrops SMT ecosystem, namely '' and '@macrohard'. Being that the teardrops SMT will power all three interfaces, we will be able to relay a more established 'long term plans', when we have become abreast with the dynamics of the SMT protocol.

We will look to make an announcement related to our 'long term plans' in the coming months. In the meantime, please go through a series of articles here to gain insight into the concreteness and evolution of our 'grand picture'.

Support Us

Our witness name is 'steemgigs' to represent; "everyone has something to offer". You can vote for the 'steemgigs' witness to support us. Simply visit and upvote 'steemgigs' or click here to vote via steemconnect.

If you would like to delegate some steem power to '@steemgigs', that will be valued too. You can delegate a custom amount of steem power to @steemgigs using this tool. 

Too, if you are a developer or anyone who passionately loves the project you can take on unassigned tasks on our GitHub account.

Where you are interested in contributing code to other project under the teardrops SMT ecosystem e.g '' and '@macrohard', you can take on unassigned tasks on the Ulogs GitHub account and send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in @macrohard

Finally, if you are a potential advisor and one who can help with directions, suggestions and connections, please join in too by sending an email to [email protected] 

To conclude, an inevitable way of supporting the SteemGigs project is by using ''. It is for everyone, so kindly visit it today. 

You can get some 50 teardrops tokens here if you haven't or get some on steem-engine here!

Join The Community

See what our beautiful community is saying:

Then, here is a short talk that discussed 'the SteemGigs project' recently, which took place on Utopian's Idea Hub:

We have more than 5,500 steemians in our community. You can join us too by visiting these links:






The teardrops token will also form a token of influence on each of these three steem-based websites; '', '' and '@macrohard' etc

Besides, staking the teardrops token for influence on these interfaces, these tokens will have many other uses. We will incessantly and dynamically innovate ways for this to be the case. This will be discussed in details when the teardrops SMT colorlesspaper is published.

In the coming days, we will publish a mini 'colorless paper' for the teardrops SMT, covering 'the now'.

The teardrops token is also currently on steem-engine but only a small portion of it was issued and on the steem-engine market, to help us gain insight into the 'dynamics of the tokens on an exchange'. (Currently priced at 0.1 steem each)

Get some teardrops tokens here today. Funds raised will go towards the development of

Visit SteemGigs Today

Your boy Terry



Thank you for this detailed post. It contains the history down to the current state of the Steemgigs project. The project excites me, and it’s great to see the relaunch of the Steemgigs project. I have known Steemgigs since its inception on the Blockchain. Although I have never made any gig post; I used to read a few of the post submitted via the platform, and It was cool.

The update is huge. You must have put a lot of effort, resources and time to achieve this big. The idea for expansion is excellent and looks like the project is about to surpass Google. I hope more people use the opportunities attached to the project.

Thank you for sharing this great information with the Steem community. I wish you success as you continue with the implementation of your plans.

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To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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Thank you alot bro for all the consistent love.

Please permit a footnote.
I sent you some 50 teardrops tokens. You can find these tokens on or on the keychain browser extension. The teardrops token will be used across, and @macrohard stake-able as 'influence' and other utilities.

Kindly consider submitting your best email in this google form ( as we will need it, to pass across information related to the teardrops smt ecosystem and 'getting certified'. 'The certified' users have a large role to play in the teardrops smt ecosystem.

Thank you!

Hi, how are you? I would love to implore you to take some time out to create an in-depth steem profile on

You can login in with your steem account. I uses steemconnect. It is valuable that we can uncover the beauty and wealth in our steem community and potentially offer something towards building every dream via freelancing, consultancy etc

I am good, thank you! Thanks for the information. I will create as soon as I can.

Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

Please make Steemgigs work already!

Yes. Non-stop development from here on

wb dude!

Seems like a really fancy interface that doesn't do a whole lot. Can't I just hire and be hired by posting on Why does it need to be a "revolution" to have a gig marketplace?

I've hired several people, some many times, just by using my own blog. I don't get the point of all this.

I'd rather see something like Craigslist: Simple and to the point.

it will do a lot. this will show over time. it is just starting. stay tuned. yes I remember you doing gigs and your videos in the past. it is revolutionary cos it involves dream-building moreso than freelancing. brother talent as opposed to just talent, for talent is generic

Awesome! Very detailed post my friend. I appreciate you @surpassinggoogle for providing such great content to the steemit community. Can't wait to join! I love this part of the post, "everyone has something to offer"....that really encompasses the steemit community as a whole :)

Very special.

Please permit a footnote.
I sent you some 50 teardrops tokens. You can find these tokens on or on the keychain browser extension. The teardrops token will be used across, and @macrohard stake-able as 'influence' and other utilities.

Kindly consider submitting your best email in this google form ( as we will need it, to pass across information related to the teardrops smt ecosystem and 'getting certified'. 'The certified' users have a large role to play in the teardrops smt ecosystem.

Which will be the total total supply of Tearsdrops?

I would love to see steemgigs live as fast as possible. We can do a lot of things there!

Yes bro. Alot of things. Teardrops is on steem-engine for now and will find utility before it becomes fully live on smt. It will use a pool and will be used across all three interfaces,, and macrohard also as stake or influence.

My plan is to go to next phase of development really fast on, so my short term plan for the end of March is to, publish a paper for each of the other two platforms and a mini paper for the teardrops smt landing page. Thereafter, see if i can raise some money via the token for stage two of development, else i will keep on going with my usually task requests and bounty. But it will be all work in the coming days. The plans are really beautiful. Besides gigs, there will be, a bropro page which will allow users who want to offer consultancy e.g video calls, audio calls etc to accept the teardrops tokens and there is also to explore 'pay with vote' and one special part is the 'search' engine. We want to be able to scan the steem blockchain as a whole. so where you can't find a gig and can't do a custom request, you can find potential freelancers by 'searching by user'. We are adding new tabs to our 'profile edits' so users can at least create an indepth profile on steemgigs like on linkedin, so users can still search potential freelancers whether they have gigs or not.

I am currently writing the paper for, then one for macrohard and the landing page for teardrops token, with a mini colorless paper is being drafted. I hoping these things are complete by March 31 st, then it will be non-stop work going forward.

I had a slow journey cos i started out on steem as non-tech savvy and had to learn a lot. i also had many falls. I am looking for devs as well. i usually have many open utopian-based tasks and they normally have a steem bounty. in the long run, the teardrops token will be used to incentivize code contribution as well. Thank you for so much inspiration.

The plans for the token is great really. Not like i am experienced but i have learned alot and plan is one token across three steem-based interfaces, all interfaces playing out a 'mining the human' model (proof of tears), a slight shift away from 'proof of brain'. Also the tokens, you influence on one platform with say teardrops power will not have effect on the other two platforms. You will need additional teardrops power on the other platforms. Alot of work really. Stay awesome.

Please permit a footnote.
I sent you some 50 teardrops tokens. You can find these tokens on or on the keychain browser extension. The teardrops token will be used across, and @macrohard stake-able as 'influence' and other utilities.

Kindly consider submitting your best email in this google form ( as we will need it, to pass across information related to the teardrops smt ecosystem and 'getting certified'. 'The certified' users have a large role to play in the teardrops smt ecosystem.

es muy interesante y detallada informaion, estoy aprendiendo poco a poco a como gustarle a los ususarios de steemit. pero bueno alli voy

Great to hear this! It's such an interesting project, one of my all time favorites. Can't wait to order some freelancers through your revamped platform :)

Same here. Sometimes that is the missing piece enroute dream-building and not 'talent', "brother talent". Hoping to unveil the beauty of steem in this regard.

Thank you alot for being here.

Please permit a footnote.
I sent you some 50 teardrops tokens. You can find these tokens on or on the keychain browser extension. The teardrops token will be used across, and @macrohard stake-able as 'influence' and other utilities.

Kindly consider submitting your best email in this google form ( as we will need it, to pass across information related to the teardrops smt ecosystem and 'getting certified'. 'The certified' users have a large role to play in the teardrops smt ecosystem.

Dear @surpassinggoigle i have a big idea! how can i share with you . Plz give your mail.

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PHEW, that was a long post.. good stuff tho.
My I ask why the use of a new token and not just use Steem as the token on the platform?

Thank you for reading through. Teardrops is an additional token and it is a steem-based token but conventional steem, sbd is main by default. One can use any of all these.

Your steem wallet can hold many other tokens which are steem-based. steem-based tokens are quite new but steemit inc has its own plans called SMT. teardrops is an eventual SMT but built on for now till smt arrives.

Thanks for the explanation!~
I am going to take a look at this platform.

Please permit a footnote.
I sent you some 50 teardrops tokens. You can find these tokens on or on the keychain browser extension. The teardrops token will be used across, and @macrohard stake-able as 'influence' and other utilities.

Kindly consider submitting your best email in this google form ( as we will need it, to pass across information related to the teardrops smt ecosystem and 'getting certified'. 'The certified' users have a large role to play in the teardrops smt ecosystem.

Hey I got your email!
12 of April I’m finishing my coding bootcamp so I will
Be able to participate in open source projects 😁

Thank you alot bro. I will contact you then as well. Stay awesome. Enjoy the bootcamp

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