The Old Dog Presents: My Latest Completed Steemgig as a Gift To Our Community. The Edited Dan Larimer Steemit Video

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A Community Driven, Edited Version Of Dan Larimer's Interview!

On May 4, 2017 Dan Larimer, the genius behind Steemit, was a guest on Bloctalk. Even though he had already left Steemit to pursue his next project he couldn't help but sing Steemit's praises. Keep in mind that Dan still uses Steemit to get his messages across and he LOVES both our platform and our community!

This video is an edit from the original 74 minute interview and contains only the parts that talk about Steemit! It's all been condensed down to 28 minutes and is a must see for Steemit enthusiasts new and old!

The Video Gives Proof Of A Robust And Growing Internal Steemit Economy!

50 SBD was payed to @peter-parker to edit the video after he responded to my steemgigs job post!

Here is the original job posting:

The Old Dog Announces: Another 50 SBD Steem Gig! Let's Keep Steemit's  Internal Economy Growing!

And Now The Edited Video: "Steemit Highlights From Dan Larimer's Blocktalk Interview"


Why Are Steemgigs So Great?

  • We can build an internal economy!
  • Keep the money in house!
  • Send payments for the gig free of charge!
  • No middle man to pay!
  • Raise money to pay for your gig by posting of it! Try and do that on Fiverr!
  • Make money and connections by doing steemgigs

Do Steemgigs Change Lives?

You bet they do! Check out the blog of @fisteganos and look what happened to him after he accepted a steemgig! The guy is on fire and now he's helping to promote Steemit in Nigeria!

The tag steemgigs is the brainchild of @surpassinggoogle and as things go along let's try and take this aspect of the community to greater heights!

Check This Post To Learn More About Steemgigs!

What Are #steemgigs and How You Can Post Your First #steemgig Or Set Of #steemgigs Today?

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • Would you like to post a steemgig?
  • Would you like to do a steemgig?
  • Do you see steemgigs as a big part of our future?

I hope that you enjoyed my latest gift to the community: "The Edited Dan Larimer Steemit Video",

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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Here's a load of appreciation for your unwavering dedication!

Thank you so very much. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Thanks Mr. Encouragement!

Hi steemians, if you have kept asking or pondering and wondering what #steemgigs are and how you can make your own #steemgigs today, this is it:

I've updated my post and put a direct link to the article that you are referring to! Let's go!

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Dan Larimer. Thank you and good luck again!

Lots of kudos and appreciation to you for giving us all these gifts!

I'll repeat what I have said many times before: Things like steemgigs are an essential part of creating a solid "economic reason" for Steem (the currency) to exist.

As more and more lookalike altcoins are launched, having (a) some kind of differentiation and (b) an economic reason for existing will become more and more important. Investors will look at the markets and try to choose... and there will be the thought "Well, I think I'll go with Steem, at least they have SOMETHING other than just theoretical promises and speed tests."

Which will support the price of Steem in the long run (5 years+) where other altcoins may discover they have little more than houses of cards.

You make some very good points. Thanks for taking the time to share these thoughts!

An encouraging comment! You need to see #steemgigs later. Wonder how will lead steemians to the new #steemgigs but that is how far we are going, "connect steemians in need to steemians indeed plus recommending steemian talents to companies etc on the outside world

The Old Dog Presents: My Latest Completed Steemgig as a Gift To Our Community. The Edited Dan Larimer Steemit Video

The Old Dog Presents: My Latest Completed Steemgig as a Gift To Our Community. The Edited Dan Larimer Steemit Video

really good information for someone like me new to the steemit community and really like the idea of the steemgigs. Thanks for posting!

The Old Dog Presents: My Latest Completed Steemgig as a Gift To Our Community. The Edited Dan Larimer Steemit Video

The video is really a must see and so encouraging and informative!

yes it helped me understand a few things but still pretty confused with the overall. Will hopefully learn more as I go but video was a really good start for me so thank you.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or in

Will do mate. Thanks a lot. Hope you're having a good day wherever you are.

Thanks man! You too. I'm based in Switzerland.

Your feedback is great!

Great to see the results from the steemgig and I hope this becomes a 'thing' because the idea is fantastic

Yes, I'm sure that at some point it will need to go to a new level of sophistication but we are developing proof that it works!

@kus-knee you predict exactly what will happen. @stellabelle will like this thread! The vision is really big and @kus-knee you showing with real life examples where this is headed. Soon the world will need steemian talent!

So what steps shall we take?

It is gradual! You are already doing a whole lot! With @stellabelle there will be further impact.

I have another idea for a very interesting project. I'm on my way to Ireland tomorrow morning but when I'm back next week maybe we can skype!

Yes! Hope you stay safe. Trust you when it comes to brainstorming ways to help people. Yes, we will skype!

Cool.. resteemed

Thanks so much for that!

Had to do are doing a great job for the community

Where do I sign up???

On the dotted line like always!

Then consider me signed!

signing up for Steemgigs!

You'll need to check them daily. I hope that there will be more and more postings in the future!

Alright,i'm on it!

Another check on the #steemgig list! If it keeps going like this, they'll definitely be part of the steemit future. Nice one guys!

How did yours end up?

No action yet. Maybe I'll have to modify the offer after the 7 days are up. I thought the request was fair, and that someone would take it up. What do you think?

This sounds like a fantastic way for Steemers to increase their personal visibility and followers. I have no doubt that this will result in strengthening their personal brand, here on Steemit and is one more tool, that will help people to stand out from the crowd.

Yes it is great opportunity for both parties in the gig!

Dan is always someone that is worth listening to! He is a smart cookie as we say lol.

Yes indeed a very bright man!

Thank you again @kus-knee. Will use twitter on this one and i am sure @stellabelle will too. Funny thing is, i try tweeting the comment threads too. Have tried tweeting comment threads?

You forgot that I'm the OLD Dog! What's twitter? :)

Hahaha, don't worry! Leave that to the young ones. is an old social network like Facebook with many users where people post in short format, like 140 characters max, something like what @zappl is about to build on the steem blockchain! Just an extra social network to share steemit urls on, just to hit more eyes!

I use it a bit at the suggestion of @hilarski! I agree that we should crush it with @zappl