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We are getting really close on our event and we want to thank everyone who supported us! Here's a little help for other projects to get noticed.

Promotion of anything is hard and usually takes a lot of effort and money and with all the noise created by huge companies with huge pockets this task proved to be a big challenge for anyone.

I will help promote your project on my event for free! 
  1. Live mention by the host on the event. 
  2. Mention on our livestream broadcast. 
  3. Mention on our "thank you video" after the event.

Why help other projects? 

  So far every project I've known here on steemit are geared towards helping others and if I can help them help more people then I succeeded in my mission as a Steemit Promoter.

Amazing Projects we're promoting:

Want your project to be promoted?  You can also suggest a project then we will take a look on them!

~ Comment below why and provide us with a link to your project/website.


Why are we promoting this way?

  1. We will livestream the whole event using @dlive  is one of the best platform here on steemit. The most viewed video  livestream online are "Events", and this will mean massive attention to  the event, steemit, @dlive and our sponsors.

  2. Contests are the best way to promote anything. This  will prove that steemit promotes and supports talented artists.  Contestants, judges and performers are encouraged to share the event  through their social media accounts.

  3. We will help talented artists! It's so hard for an  artist to promote his/her art especially if s/he is living in a third  world country. These contests will give them the chance to make a name  for themselves not just locally but also internationally.

  4. We will give to charity. Business sponsors love  these events especially when it is located in a busy mall and with that  we can acquire multiple sponsors for our event plus this is also the chance to make them interested about who we are and what we do and they might invest.

Read more about the project.
Previous event and promotion for Steemit.
(2 TV interviews - 1 museum event)Budget Proposal here. 

Livestream Date: April 19, 5pm-9pm (Philippine time)
10 Singer/Songwriters & 2 Spoken Word Poetry performances.
1 big event to entertain and educate people about Steemit.   

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