#STEEMGIGS: (TIL(Today I Learned)) — to celebrate the mundane to fully enjoy this paradox called life

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Shot taken during my trip last weekend at a skate camp & resort in Cebu.

I've been trapped in life's paradoxical mystery for 5 months now; chained in its ironies. To think that I thought I've figured it out after achieving my professional license and then lose my way again. There were moments when I though I've figured it out again and have even written it on steemit. Lol. I realize now that it was just a glimpse because I've been looking at things narrowly. I spent a huge amount of time waiting for something that wasn't for me and I even passed up opportunities for it. I don't regret trying but I regret the wasted time not doing more. At first, I felt pathetic to have lost my way again and to start from scratch after all the sacrifices I've made and done; after all the achievements. But hey, that's that. I'm not going to sulk over it cause I've already decided to move forward.

Life's about new beginnings. This time, I'm swimming out to my boat 'coz its no good waiting. Time is not going pause just because I'm waiting for that single huge opportunity to turn my life around. So I'm using these little, ordinary blocks as steps to go out there and make my own opportunities. I guess life's paradox led me to forget that I've always been like that. I'm celebrating these mundane days being productive even just a little because I know bit by bit, I'm reaching those dreams.

I was reminded that I don't have to have it all together now to celebrate life. It's not meant to be figured out in one go after all. That's why it's a journey, right?

I've learned to celebrate the mundane so I can celebrate everything I have in life right now. So let me raise my cup then,

Cheers to nothing just because, and cheers to everything simply because.

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