Steemgg: The World's First Blockchain HTML5 gaming platform based on STEEM

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Today, we are pleased to announce that we are launching Steemgg, the first blockchain html5 gaming platform based on STEEM. We are at our last stages of testing, and will officially come online in a few day's time.


What is Steemgg

Steemgg is a game distribution platform based on the STEEM blockchain. Steemgg allows game developers to upload their games through our platform onto the steem blockchain, and in doing so, game developers get earnings for their creation through the means of upvotes, some of which is provided by our official account @steemgg.

At the same time, gamers can visit our site and directly play games uploaded by game developers, without needing to download or pay. They can then choose to support the games they like through upvotes. Similar to steemit posts, they are incentivised to upvote the games they like by getting a share of the voting reward.

Steemgg is for Game Developers


Get paid for your hardwork

Being indie developers ourselves, we understand that game development is hard and it can be demotivating to know that you may have to offer your game for free to increase your exposure. Steemgg is here to change that. By uploading your game onto our platform, you WILL be rewarded. Gamers who like your game would be able to reward you through upvotes. You will be earning STEEM, one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world, which can be converted to major currencies through many cryptocurrency exchanges. Because there is no out-of-pocket cost for the gamers, you are much more likely to receive rewards as oppose to asking them to buy your game. As a bonus, you will receive an upvote from our official @steemgg account even if no one else upvotes it, meaning you will be guaranteed a payout if you upload your game onto our site.

Unlimited Rewards


We understand that unlike posts, well-designed games have significant replay value and should not be restricted by steemit's seven days reward period. As such, at Steemgg, we have made it possible for your game to be available for gamers indefinitely. As long as you periodically make posts linked to your game on our platform, detailing things such as updates, changes, or just interacting with your fans, you will be able to gain rewards indefinitely. (Note: we will limit the number of posts per game that can be made within a week to avoid abuse.)

No more worrying about game economics

Game development is hard enough without thinking about the in-game economics required to maximise your profit. We want to take care of that for you, so you can concentrate on making a good game. Initially, your reward will be taken care of through upvotes. All you need to do is to upload your game, update your game post every so often, and reap in the rewards. No need to incorporate anything extra in the game. In the future, we will be implementing a SDK which will allow direct interaction with the STEEM blockchain, providing alternative ways for making profit with your game (more on that later).

Get your game noticed

If you are a game developer, Steemgg is the perfect platform to showcase your work. Your work will be exposed to the one million users using steemit and the STEEM blockchain, and STEEM's unique curation reward system means that more gamers will be motivated to play your game on our site vs other sites. Steemgg will also regularly promote good content on our official steemit blog @steemgg, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages, giving you extra exposure on and off the blockchain.

Steemgg is for Gamers


More free indie games - without downloads or ads

Sick of big corporations ripping you off? Or just want more variety? Steemgg will attract more indie developers to provide you with fresh and fun games, all for free. You play, we pay. You can even upvote the games yourself, directly benefiting the developers that you like. And all of these within the comfort of our site! No download required so you don't have to worry about accidentally downloading malware. Also, no Ads.

Earn Money while you play

Imagine earning money while playing games! Steemgg can give you exactly that. By using STEEM's curation reward system, you can simply upvote your favourite game on our platform to get a share of the curation rewards. Currently, manual upvoting is required, but we hope to implement automated voting in the future so that you just need to play the game.

Creating a Gamers' Community

We at Steemgg strive to provide a gaming community where gamers can socialise and have fun while playing their favourite games on our platform. We will be running competitions, tournaments, etc. to make the community more vibrant and fun, and we will create ways for you to socialise and talk directly with the game developers, so that they could bring you the games that you want.

Steemgg is for Steemians

Get Steem out into the Gaming world

This is, for the first time, a steem based front end that aims to reach out to the general gaming and game development community outside of steemit. This will be another oppurtunity to showcase what the steem blockchain is capable of, and potentially take steem to the forefront of the lucrative gaming industry utilising the independence and decentralised nature of the blockchain revolution.

Another Quality DApp

Needless to say, the more DApp there are on the steem blockchain, the higher utility of STEEM tokens, and the more likely that STEEM will be able to break free from speculator dominance and gain value through organic growth. Supporting DApps is equivalent to supporting the future of STEEM! Plus, we will be looking into integrating SMT with our platform once it is ready. Watch this space!

Everything is Open Source

Our platform is open source. Our repositories can be found on Github (We will be making a separate post). Feel free to use what we have developed for your own DApp development. We also welcome contributors who are keen to add new functionalities to our platform to make it better.

Timelines and Roadmaps

Steemgg will be officially launching in a few days' time! Follow us to get notified when we come online!

In the next couple of months, we will be looking at enhancing functionalities such as supporting of other game formats, mobile support, auto-voting etc., as well as bug fixes and taking in suggestions to make sure Steemgg provides a pleasant user experience for the whole community. We are planning to run competitions such as game tournaments, game review competitions, lucky draws etc. to engage the wider communities.

We will also be running game jams to attract more game developers outside of the steemit community to join our platform.

Looking further ahead, we aim to provide a complete solution for Game Developers, where they can make their game based on the steem blockchain and get earnings in multiple ways. Developers would be able to develop, distribute and earn through our site, without needing to leave our framework, so that they have more time to perfect their game.

Finally, when SMT is ready, we will also be looking into the possibiliy of launching a SMT with our platform.

Our Team

Project Leader: @bobdos (Vote Witness)

Technical Development: @bizheng, @bonjovis

Technical Operation: @kanny10

Social and Marketing: @stabilowl

How to Get Involved?

If you are a steemian that supports our idea, there are many ways you could help!

  • Upvote, Resteem and Follow! Follow @steemgg to get up to date information of our project, awesome game reviews, as well as various competitions that we will be running in the near future.
  • Delegate to us! We will be upvoting games posted on our platform to encourage indie game developers to use Steemgg and the steem blockchain. Delegating SP will allow us to reward developers and gamers better and attract them not only to our platform but also to the STEEM ecosystem as a whole. We will only use @steemgg to upvote approved games on our platform, as well as promotional posts on @steemgg and nothing else.

  • You can also help us reward and recognise good games on our site by following our curation trail. Even if the monetary value is limited, your upvote will still be a big encouragement for a independent game developer just starting out, and motivate them to make better games in the future. Our curation trial was set up using @steemgg.curation on Steemauto. You can follow our curation trail here.

  • Talk to us - Come find us at our discord channel if you have anything you want to chat with us about.

Get Ready for a New Era of Independent Gaming!


This is a fantastic idea to diversify the ways we have to eran our loved Steems.

thanks a lot for your support! ◟(◡ູ̈)◞

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

This is something I dreamed of for a while, as I knew it was possible. HTML5 gaming is gaining popularity already and since STEEM have things like dLive/dTube it's not a stretch to also have platform.

So, I love how this project is organised... But I have a different idea for rewards than requiring the developer to make periodic posts about the game (because, what if they can't make them good posts to stand on their own?)

How about encouraging players to upvote a weekly/daily post by the dApp. The system records the play time of each game and divides the earnings on them daily. That way, the devs still get rewarded, players still get curation rewards, and STEEM blockchain gets less spammed by hundreds of daily/weekly posts that add nothing.

Now I think about it, this system can be easily abused, but I think it's a good direction to think of for now. What do you think?

Upvoting my comment for my suggestions to appear on top.

Thanks for your suggestion! We will definitely consider it!

When is it launching ??

Tomorrow morning! Stay tuned!




谢谢菊老板支持!Dapp.Wang 也是好项目!大家一起加油!

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Chic article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Steemgg....Steemit is MAD (Motivated Activated and Determined) to release wealth across the Earth.
Earning while playing game...Awesome!

Cheers! We will be online in a few days! The next post will provide more information

I love your MAD comment!!

Good idea! I will follow steemgg!


Thanks @travelgirl! Look forward to seeing you play games on our platform :)

Good post

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what a brilliant platform!!!
I can't wait for it!!! :)

Cheers! Stay tuned!

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Super interesting project. Games based on Steem will help us frow not only community wise, but also will add a lot of value to Steem overall. Thanks @steemgg

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Thanks! We hope to bring more of the gaming community here! Stay tuned!

Looks great! Thanks!

Wow..this is great.

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bro any related to game i am little slow in understanding , however i will put my efforts to understand this, because you have put your efforts to explain , thank you for this update bro , lets work together and make this successful

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a game addict, I enjoy even the text base game like steemnova. I can wait to see it live.

That's perfect! Hope you see you playing on our platform soon!



Will def be following.This sounds great for what I like to do!

Sound good! Are you be a dev or are you a gamer?

Good article about steemit gaming site @steemgg

I found the game to be highly addictive lol, I've bookmarked it!


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This going to be so great...I am so glad I finally joined steemit in June! I hope there will be some awesome racing games!

@tipu upvote this post for 5 sbd ;)

Thanks for the support!

It's cool! Great project!
What's link of your site?

We will be revealing that tomorrow. Final stages of testing right now

This is an awesome idea. Excellent job. I'd love to see more gamers in Steem community as it improves the distribution and makes it as wider as possible.

Thanks for your support! That is why we created the platform, to bring game devs and gamers to Steem

By the way will you be interested in turning your populat Super 8 Ball Club into a html5 version ? :)

Will probably consider in the future ;)

Congrats! Resteemed. It's awesome to see you guys turning the brilliant idea into this platform!

thanks a lot for your support!

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I actually heard about this a few days back. I can't wait to hear more!

We are going online tomorrow morning! Stay tuned for more info!

Let go to the Moon !!!



It's good to see the diversity of different activities taking shape on the STEEM platform. A way to play games and earn STEEM as well as develop them and do likewise is a great idea. I'll be looking forward to seeing what games are available. How many games will you have up and running when the site launches?

Right now there is only two lined up. We hope to get game devs in to upload games they have made earlier or freshly made ones as soon as possible

Hey, @stabilowl. Thanks for the response. Two is better than none, obviously, and it sounds like you're going to have more soon, so that's good, too. I'm excited to see how this all goes.

So, you've got some retro-game looking graphics on your post. Is that what the games are going to be looking like, or will they potentially be in much higher res? Not that it matters much to me. High res doesn't necessarily equate to fun or better gaming experience. I was just curious because that was the vibe I got from the graphics as I was reading the post.

Thank you for your interest. Html5 games are usually retro style, because it's main advantage is the short loading time and being able to run straight from browser, so the obvious trade off is the graphics quality. The current status of html5 games seems to be more favoured to a large quantity of quick, short casual games. However, there are H5 games with beautiful graphics out there, and we hope to bring more of that out as game devs can focus more on game design by using our platform. We are also planning to make our own game design SDK, so that developers can develop higher quality games, tied to the blockchain, using our platform.

Very nice. Well, thank you for answering all my questions. I wish you luck and I will be checking things out as they become available.

when i want to be a game player, where do i get a link? and will I get paid if I become a game player?

We will be coming online tomorrow. You will find the link to our site tomorrow. Currently, the main ways for gamers to get rewards is from Curation rewards, as well as manually ran competitions and activities with cash prizes. We are exploring ways to bring more back to the gamers and hopefully will be implementing those in the near future

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Wow, lets see how it will look like once its fully built. Once upon a time I too have created a game in HTML5

Please upload it onto our platform! I am sure people will enjoy playing it here!

Great innovation, thumps up

Cheers! Launching in a few hours, stay tuned!

I love this idea!! :D

Thanks! We will be going online in a few days! Watch this space!

I will watch and certanly post to steemgg ;)

gamer's paradise :o

That's right! We are launching in a few hours! Stay tuned!

Wow this is a very nice idea and wonderful for both users and game developers!

Mother Liberty.

That's correct! Are you a gamer or a developer?

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This is really great. you guys are making something like and right? Best of luck! try contacting some of the creators of popular games on those websites. It won't be too hard to port the games and they won't mind some extra bucks.

No platform is going to take off without good games. So good luck convincing some existing browser game devs.

Thanks for the encouragement, that is exactly we are going to do! It will take sometime, but we hope to become one of the most used platforms out there! We will be launching in a couple of hours, so stay tuned!

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Amazing :)...upvoted & resteemed.
Keep it up.

Wow this is a fantastic idea!

Another innovative idea on steem. Great Job!

From day to day, I love steem more and more.

This looks like a really cool project.

Wow! Looking forward for the SDK to be released. Sounds interesting to create web-portable games that interact with steem.

I try to upload my game but not work. Upload progress is 100% . File size is 9.6 MB. Error Every time

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this is great

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