Steemgg Newsletter Issue #4 + Gamers Competition #4

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G'day Steemians, this is @stabilowl and Welcome to the fourth Issue of Steemgg Newsletter. Each week, I will be reporting New games on the Steemgg Platform, reviewing a featured game, and run a competition so that everyone can get involved!

Special News

Calling all Game Devs! If you don’t know already, we have expanded our game size limit to 20 MB, which means you can now upload games that are bigger and better!

We have also changed the way that game posts are updated. Now, the update will be posted as a comment in your original game post. That way, you can still receive upvotes on your game after your original post expired, but at the same time your steemit page won’t be cluttered with duplicated posts. This has been requested by many devs and we are happy to roll it out over a such a short time!

We hope to see more of your games onto our platform soon!

New Games this week

We are pleased to announce that now we have 23 games on our platform! We got a big boost from the Steemmonsters Game Jam, but there were other games as well! The following games have been uploaded onto our platform since the last newsletter:

Steem Hangman: This game by @felipejoys put a twist to the classic hangman game with steemit related words! See how many words can you guess correctly!
Number Work: This game by @vhhau is a game about numbers. See if you can use your number skills to remove all the blocks!
Blob Dungeon: Another game by @felipejoys! While still a work in progress, this platformer already have enough levels to keep you entertained for a while!

Featured Game: Number Work

This week’s feature game is Number Work by @vhhau


Number Work is a game that require the use of brainpower. Usually I am not a fan of using my brain when playing games, but this game got me hooked. The premise of this puzzle game is to use your number skills to try and get the same number on three consecutive blocks. At the start of the menu, you can choose the difficulty of your game.


Once you are in the game, you are presented with a row of blocks with numbers on them. At the bottom, you have a set of blocks also with numbers on them. On each turn, you place one of these numbers at the bottom onto the chain of blocks (a blockchain!) on top by drag and drop. Any blocks that is touched by the new block will have that number added onto them. For example, if you drag a block with “3” onto the chain, and it touches the blocks “6”, “0”, “4”, then once you dropped the block, the blocks on the chain becomes “9”, “3”, “7”. In addition, one extra block will be added to the chain from the right, pushing the blocks one space forward.



If three or more blocks in a row displays the same number, then it will explode and disappear, shortening the chain, as well as giving you points. The number of points you get depends on the number on the blocks that disappeared, as well as the number of blocks disappeared. For example, if three blocks of “11” exploded and disappeared, you get 3 x 11 x 10 = 330 points plus bonus points of 11 points. If four blocks of “7” exploded and disappear, you get 4 x 7 x 10 = 280 points plus bonus points of 7 + 7 = 14 points. So overall, you want to make sure the number gets as big as possible before exploding them. The maximum number of blocks that can disappear in a row is 4. Note that what this means is that firstly, if you destroy blocks with “0” on them, you get zero points. Also, if you destroy negative blocks, you will get the same points as the positive blocks (i.e. absolute value of the block), so destroying “-7” blocks will net you the same score as “7” blocks.



The key to this game is the fact that you will always be touching more than 2 blocks with the block that you place, so you have to consider the effect on the block you placed on adjacent blocks and do it in a way so that you get three numbers in a row that are the same. And once the blocks reach the second row, you can’t change them anymore, so it gets harder to reduce the number of blocks on a chain once blocks starts appearing in the second row. When the chain fills up all three rows in the screen, it’s game over!

Game over.jpg

But that is not all! Apart from this “normal mode”, you can also play the puzzle mode of the game, where the goal is to solve a block puzzle. There would be no blocks adding to the chain, and your goal instead is to eliminate all blocks in the chain with the number of moves used dependent on the puzzle. For example, you might be asked to eliminate all blocks within two moves.



There are a massive 80 puzzles to choose from. For those that enjoy puzzles this must be like heaven for you! There is also an ultimate “unlimited puzzle”, where the number of moves are unlimited, but the numbers are huge which means it will be hard to eliminate. I didn’t even try to attempt it but you could give it a go if you are up for the challenge!

unlimited puzzle.JPG

All-in-all Number Works is a great addictive game, especially suitable for those who enjoys a brain work out. A very well-made game with different game play modes to choose from. You can get the game from Google Play as well. A highly recommended game!

Gamer Competition #4

This week, we will be running a competition on our feature game this week, Number Work by @vhhau. The competition this week will be on the highscore you get on the easy level (you could do a harder level if you want ).


The winner will receive half of the STEEM/SBD Payout from this post. The winner will also receive a 100% upvote on their latest steemit post

The top 5 players will receive a 100% upvote on their entry

To Enter:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Upvote Number Work by @vhhau
  3. Screengrab your High score and post it in the comment section under this post
  4. Resteem this post(Optional)

The competition will finish after the close of this post in 6 days (This is to make sure your comments can in fact be judged and voted in time).
Happy Gaming! And may the odds be ever in your favour!

Thank you for reading this issue of Steemgg Newsletter. Don't forget to enter our comp! See you next week!

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Congratulations to @elemental010, the only entrance this week. He will be receiving 50% of the liquid payout (~2.25 SBD).

Because of the confusion of HF20 this week and the lack of new games on our platform we will be stopping our newsletter this week.

does that mean newsletter's are done ?

It will come back when we have got more games. Frankly, the competitions hasn't been very hot. So I think at this point it does not warrant weekly updates.

The text needs fixing. After they switch rows few times, they get displaced outside the box. Web Version.

Congratulations in winning this week's comp. The prize money will be sent tomorrow when the post pays out. If you please reply to this message than we can give you your extra prize in forms of an upvote.

Thanks. It is unique game and like it.

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when I tried to upload my game to steemgg I get this error:

{"resultCode":500,"err":"SDKError: call steemit api error"}

Hi, there is a problem with Steemconnect associated with HF20. We are waiting for that issue to resolve.

hey stabilowl got my game on steemgg do you have ideas on how to promote it on steemit?

You can write a post about it and post it on steemit. Or I could promote it in the next newsletter. You could join our discord and promote it there

yes please promote it on the new newsletter. which are the discord app?

You can join our server here:
The next newsletter will probably be next week. I will include your game there.

Hi, I notice you have uploaded your game. However, we need your user name (@bizsecuredeal) somewhere in your game plus you have to make a game post before I can approve your game. Thanks

hello, made the game post but how do I add my username to the game? does it have to be like on the levels? or the menu ? like, the players have to see it while playing?

No necessarily. I see there is a help menu in our game. You can put your username there as well, or just have it appear on the start of the game page

hi added uploaded a new build with my user name on the level editor.

Man, totally forgot to submit my highscore :P