Steam key Giveaway (Solar 2)

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Have you ever wanted to simulate an asteroid slamming into the Earth? A black hole ripping through the Sun? Bouncing planets off each other like billiard balls? Then this game is for you, Solar 2 is self described as a universe simulator and a sandbox in Space!

Build a unique solar system and then just play God!


  1. Prize is a Steam key via Humble Bundle gift link.
  2. Entry is by comment (upvote is not mandatory but helps me out, resteem is not necessary, but highly appreciated!)
  3. Winner is at my discretion (at post payout), generally the one that I think will like it best, and that has had the most pleasant and engaging interaction over the course of the competition.

All images are from the Steam Store page



Last week's winner!

Steam Store page

Oh, how could I turn down @t-miles who has been pining after this game for so long! He has a great eye for games, and I think this remastered gem will be right down his alley! Contact me via Discord and comment on this post!


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OMG Thank you so much @bengy!

I was really hyped with this game since a long time ago. And when you did the giveaway I had to try my luck eheh

Thank you one more time :D


No problem! I couldn't turn you down after such a comment in the last post!


Ahahaha yeah :D I will be present in future giveaways, but this solar 2 doesn't interest me. So I give a little help eheh :P Good luck to all :D

this isn't really steemstem content and as a curator I have to ask that you remove the tag. We like to keep the steemstem tag clean.


Okay, no problem. I thought the planetary simulation would be of interest. I am fixing it now.

Edit : Done!

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I love no better than to test out new space games. I have played a variety from Osiris: New Dawn (one of my favourites) due to its atmospheric, well done game-play and layout of the planets and more, to Out There: Omega Edition.

Lately I have been bored of the general online games like PUBG, Fortnite and a lot of games overall, so a new experience would be a welcome addition to me.

Good luck to all who have/will enter.


Osiris is a new one to me? What is that like?

Out there is one of my go to games on Android for some decent quality gaming on the go. Although, I haven't really cracked how to survive for long...

I got sick of the online gaming a while back, I was getting really into TF2. Having kids meant that I started craving something that had structure again. Recently I've been playing Pillars of Eternity on PC and Darkest Dungeon on Switch, and hanging out for 20th April when BattleTech comes out!

I've also been having a go at Dragon Age Inquisition, but it's not really grabbing me...


Osiris is on Steam, check it out. Real survival game that makes you feel like you're Matt Damon in The Martian haha.
I am the same with Out There, I eventually fail sometimes not long into it, such a challenge.

Darkest Dungeon is amazingly done, the narration, stress of dungeoning and everything is amazing.

I am keen for Anthem, check it out if you haven't yet.


Ah, yes. I saw that I had tagged it to follow as it was in early access. In off to look at Anthem now!


You are the winner of the Steam Key for Solar 2. Let me know how it is best to get hold of you (discord/steemchat) to send you the gift link at: