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Have You Heard Of Steemfuse?

Steemfuse is a peer to peer market built on the steem blockchain. Steemfuse enables you to sell or buy SBD or steem for your local currency (dollar,naira, cedis, etc). Steemfuse market is global and not limited to any country.
The service is automated so funds are safe and is held by a trusted and guaranteed escrow. Transaction fee for trading in steemfuse market is cheap compared to other markets. Steemfuse rewards it's users a passive income, you get paid 50% of the transaction fee of users you invited i.e users that sign up with your referral I.D. Steemfuse site is in beta stage and still has lot of features that will be added in the near future.


Steemfuse doesn't require you to create an account with new username and password, it is connected to steemconnect API so all you have to do is login with your steemit username and password.

Guide On How To Use

  • login to with this link using your steemit username and password.

  • scroll down and update your profile by filling your details

  • Activate your account by clicking on the Orange box at the top of the page. A mail will be sent to the email you provided, click on the link provided and activate your account.

  • Now you have become a bona-fide user.

  • To buy or sell, click the menu button at the top right side of the page.

  • Click on fuse market.

  • Choose the request you want to make, buy/sell.

  • Fill the form accurately and send.

  • Your request will be confirmed and processed.

N.B: When buying ensure you make payment in not more than 30 minutes from the time you sent the request, failure to do so will lead to your order getting closed and a temporary suspension for your account. As a seller, confirm payment immediately you receive alert.

My Review For

  • The site is user friendly.
  • Steemfuse team are trusted people.
  • The support response is active.
  • I will give more review as time goes on

Steemfuse is owned by @tojukaka @samstikkz @emmexdee and supported by @stach
Thanks for reading

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Steemfuse, here you made me to learn about it. Thanks dear for sharing


You are welcome bro

First time that I hear about this option to change SBD to fiat, but it looks interesting.


You read through in one minuite?


Is just one paragraph and the rest screenshots xD


Ok. I hope you found it useful, thanks for stoping by


Its on it

Really great initiative. I think I'll give it a try


Do lets get to know your review

So good to see what @tojukaka, @samstickkz and @emmexdee are doing on the blockchain. I heard about steemfuse last week


Its really cool

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Thanks for enlightening such a new idea.


My pleasure

Its really interesting to see how to guide to sign in account.its very helpful to new one like me..thanks for your share......


My pleasure,you are welcome

Wow... This is really good to hear



Checked into this a bit and my god this is looking very very dodgy!!
1st thing that immediately pops into my head is it's looking extremely similar to the infamous '419' scams.

Alarm bells, hell massive klaxons should be ring loudly at this when to REGISTER you need to fill in your phone number and all your bank details!!!! WTF!?!

A Walk through video on dtube showed nothing, actually useful. No example of a transaction actually being completed while recording, to be honest just no evidence of anything.

@Steemfuse Steemit account is also very odd, not to mention if you start looking at the SBD transactions in, out, amounts and names. Tons of equal amounts of SBD going back and forth to same people quickly and it's all in SBD. 1 or 2 STEEM trades back and forth, no one bought STEEM to power up??? A little odd with STEEM and SBD pretty much the same price for a while now.

The Discord channel is new and dead in all channels about 5 chats in total.
The has supposedly been in development for 4-5 months, but @steemfuse has 1 post and 19 followers and an account made in December 2017.

Also be very careful steemfuse requires your active or master password to connect to it. If you have doubt revoke it's access immediately - logout, confirm and then check that it's access was revoked.

Blocktrades functions perfectly well and safely here. If you don't like that or don't what to use it then use one of the many decentralised exchanges, buy STEEM or SBD transfer fees are FREE to send to Steemit, all trades on the DEX have a buy/sell fee of 0.005BTS = $0.00067 USD, that doesn't break the bank. It's cheaper, fast and more secure than any other options.

Also trading of STEEM and SBD on centralised exchanges is being worked on and there is interest.

Then I guess this will be good and rock the boat :)