Getting Steem and Sbd Traded With Fiat Pairs.

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Zappl Inc and a few others in the community have been pushing hard. Trying to get the pairs we feel are needed for the currency to take a step further either before smts, or the new user signup is made. Down below we will fully go over the issues and questions were facing from exchanges about Steem and the upcoming Smt tokens.


Making contact

First order of business was to contact these exchanges with an email that would peak their interest. So we started off with a short explanation.


This peaked the interest of 2 U.S. exchanges, 1 Chinese exchange, 1 Japanese exchange, and 4 EU exchanges. Because we're still currently in talks with these exchanges Zappl and third parties involved will not be sharing their names publicly yet. The talks are early, and we don’t want people giving outside pressure to these exchanges.

Information that was submitted as per their request: For the main project page. Smt link we also provided the white paper. Video of Ned explaining why Smt’s.
Provided a list of the exchanges and who holds the most steem.
Provided a list of platforms that run on the Steem platform.
Provided translated version of all this in kr, cn, jp, which we got on fiverr.
Provided data on statistics of daily active users and average daily transfers.
Provided video explanations of the Steem blockchain and wallet features.

We provided much than this but for the sake of keeping it short this is it.

Question time

First question:
A question they all asked seriously was, who runs the witnesses and how does the witness system work. A short explanation as to what we answered was. Witnesses number one job is to produce blocks, their second big job is the price feed. Which are how Steem backed dollars are always close to at least a dollar or more. Zappl also explained how bad actors can quickly be voted out of their position as a top block producer if people feel they are a bad actor. Making the Steem blockchain less likely to be 51% attacked.

Second question:
Smt's (Smart media tokens) progress plus a more simple explanation of their uses and the estimated time frame. I told them what i know and provided them the details the would need to contact Steemit inc's team.

Third Question:
Currently how well maintained is the chain and how good is the community support, what libraries do we offer and support. I provided them with a list of contacts whom they can contact in the community if they have any issues setting up wallet systems. As well as providing them a list of current libraries that were aware of.

Fourth question:
The ability to gain liquidity on exchange or OTC (Off the chain) if they decided on adding the pair. I provided them with a list of exchanges and personal contact details of the third parties who are willing to OTC or on exchange transfer a significant amount of Steem and Sbd holdings.

There's more but these are the most important as of now.


What's the progress:
Currently we're still in talks and trying to get third party liquidity holders with large stake in touch with these exchanges. Zappl and third parties are explaining in detail how they could set up the wallet and deposit and withdraw systems using memo system and database.

Zappl and third parties are working hand and hand while continuing to contact more exchanges to increase the possibility to get Steem and Sbd listed.

Third parties:
Currently we don't have permissions of these third parties to put their names. But if they feel like being added we will update the post if they give us permission.

If you would like to help in the efforts please feel free to contact us.

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I'm for whatever makes Steem go up. I'm just like that.

Great initiative you have going here @zappl team! I have been thinking hard on a way to convert Steem to Fiat.

I would like to also add that now there is a way to create Steemit accounts using Fiat/Credit card thanks to @netuoso . He created the website and service avail. at

EDIT: self upvoted for exposure.. I usually don't self upvote ,but I wanted to make sure people see this. :)

It will definitely reduce the bitcoin dependency. Love the idea.

Good to hear more people are working on projects.

steemit me @alhmali and upvotes

@followbtcnews Thanks for your sharing want add here, go up

For sure we gonna see your efforts in the end.
All that everyone is doing to further the cause of Steemit and steem itself will be much appreciated by the community. Thanks for that effort.

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One important thing to point out to exchanges is that Steem is one of the more used blockchains (more than ETH and BTC).

Great stuff.

I would love help getting Steem added to General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs. They add currencies based on someone writing a tie in for exchange, price and wallet to their software. Fortunately they offer an open source platform to build off of but I have no eye for code. If anyone would like to take a look at their GitHub it can be found here -

That being said there are over 400 deployed ATM locations so enabling this would provide a great onramp for new users. This would allow them to onramp at most locations for a small enough amount that heavier registration required from traditional exchanges would not be required plus never having to link their banking account could be a big benefit.

hey, when exactly will zappl launch?

zappl launched in october.

I interest .

other than bittrex, which is experiencing tons of downtime, is there any other exchanges where you can trade SBD for fiat? or vice versa?

Amazing initiative and great that you guys are working on it. It's something the community really desires. Keep it up and keep us posted!

Lovely post well detailed write-up..... I have reshare this post

This is great

Future in the making. Once brought to execution I wouldn't be surprised to see a massive influx in volume. This is my first day using Steemit and I find the open resources very useful and unique. I Found out about Steemit chatting On Yobit.

Thanks for the information

Nice are the best

This is a great initiative so that there will be an option to buy SBD and STEEm with Fiat. It will also help raise the value of these currencies.

Nice post @zappl . this is look good going to resteem, upvote and follow

crazy success dude. I’m still waiting for the iOS sample app!!! :) we all wish you success because it’s ours as well!

Great piece

hey! what exactly does zappl do? (sorry layman/newbie question im sure)

Hi @thewitchdoctor here is a bit more about Zappl.

Were a short form micro blogging site that uses the steem blockchain.

I like your post.very nice..thanks

zappl is very nice, i like your post,
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That is really wonderful work. You are branching out into a lot more to try and help this community. It is wonderful to see.

Getting picked up on exchanges will obviously help with the publicity. Being seen by those on the outside never hurts.

I believe SMTs will really start the publicity train rolling. Once that is released, we will see a lot more activity taking place.

I look forward to more updates on your app also.

This issue is we need user signups and fiat to steem, sbd. Because we need it to be very easy for users to be to enter this token sales people will have. We want to make it so they can skip a step like they do when they use eth to get into eth coins.

I agree 1000%. @jerrybanfield wrote a post about it yesterday. There does need to be a USD to STEEM conversion directly.

This is shaping up to be one of the most powerful blockchains and the fact someone needs to go into BTC or ETH before getting STEEM sucks.

That said, if my timeline is correct, we are going to see a convergence of all this at once....that will lead to an explosion and the exchanges will be calling you instead of the other way around.

By the way, I am very excited about the messaging part of your app...that will be sensational.

The feature is for chat is done we are just working on the ui.

Great post. I'm waiting sir.

glad to hear it

Adding STEEM to top exchanges and trading pair against fiats can happen best things to STEEM block chain besides upcoming SMT. STEEM blockchain is the most active one in the planet with number of creative activities and developments. I personally contacted Binance, they want someone from core developers to contact them. Good to see @zappl taking the initiative.

Well getting a fiat pair is more important than smt's, we need to make it as easy as possible for people to enter steem for the ico's smt's will bring.

Thanks again for initiative. I think a team dedicated within Steemit Inc. is required for market adoption. LTC rose 10 times in 6 months and 6.25 times in just one month. It has more than 400 market pairs in more than 100s of exchanges. It is traders favorite currency due to volumes, it frequently matches BTC's volume and mostly ranked two (by volumes). We can take lesson from LTC's meteoric rise due to market adoption (e.g. trades).

thank you for these first steps.. looking good for the future


When Zappl finally come to me. I cann't wait.

Oh its not available for you?

Most importent thinking Zappl support crypto and fiat both.

Nice to see your post its really very informative @zappl

sbd vs 6steem is very good trade today

That it is!

Zappl is douing ok i guess, realy amazing!

Good work done by zappl like your post .
Its very supportive and easly to use .

Its a gateway to step aside from fiat money which Criminal Central Banks own
very greatly written!

With all these new things that are going to happen and the current Steem Dollar Pice hike, I think that Steem will be doing really great things in the next year.

Thanx a lot for the update, new features have to be added here and benefit to all of us.

Great work thanks for sharing.
Resteem service

Wow amazing . quite information here

That's great information you shared @zappl.

It's powerful task you doing @zappl.Nice exchangeable process.

Great initiative!

That would be awesome! Looking forward for that option. It will surely bring more money to our platform as people will be able to get in much easyer.

Changing steem for bitcoin then to fiat is a very big roadblock for steem especially with tge craziness of bitcoin at the moment. Whichever exchange gives a direct exchange will have instant success. Good on you for trying to push for this.
Btw. Loving Zappl except for the missing tagging function.

it has a tag function we just detect them in the post. so you set tags by putting #tag in your posts

Thanks for that. I'll give it a try.

who is watching sbd. man it took off; it was at $8.17 last i checked. what ever is pushing the price i like it....

its $11 now check its updates the fastest that we have found.

zappl is doing great work! love to see where all this is going :)

Now these guy's are really working for a well established future!

Great work and nice exchange update.
Lets go with Zappl.

Wow..such a great and useful idea by @zappl
Wel dine and perfect work sir...
I'm realy like your ideas...

Great invitation and knoldge I like it and resteem

I wish for the success of the future exchanges!
This means we can cash out and in directly in fiat without using btc that diminish lot of $$$ in withdrawal!

This will make the whole ecosystem of steem blockchain grow than what I will expected!

The ability to cash in and out with fiat will make steem and sbd more flexible. Also it will have a huge benefit for smt's.

And it has the ability also to compete with bitcoin! I always wanted to cash in or out using steem/sbd not in btc because of its high fees

And if this happen, steem blockchain platform will more known and more people joining in!

That's very nice. Thanks for sharing.

very Infomative post @zappl ! Thanks for sharing. Can you check my blog posts thanks for your interactions
the king

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This is great news! If one or more of these exchanges decide to pair Steem or SBD with their local currency, then it would bring in a whole lot of fresh money to the system, and be great for everyone who is using the Steem blockchain.

It would help a lot yep.

Man you all have been really busy with creative ideas. Can't wait to see all these wonderful ideas implemented. 👍🔥

Its all about the planning, then site points of production then execute.

hello! what precisely does zappl do? (sorry layman/amateur inquiry im beyond any doubt) @zappl

Short form micro blogging for the steem blockchain we have things like video uploading and more.

thanks for the this

ZPPL is going far for sure great work so far :D

awesome work guys, things would work out, am sure you'd keep updating us on the progress.

you are doing all the hard work thanks for that :)

Great work! Steem is the best gateway to crypto but we need fiat/steem pairs for that to truly happen. You're doing very important job here!

Wasnt @jerrybanfield trying to get something going that was similar?

Hi @Zappl, greetings from Singapore!

This is a good development. I believe it will sail through quickly

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Your efforts and study on the subject are apreciable.

post a very good @zappl, I really liked posts you share, it makes me to be more experience, you exceptional in issuing idea creative ,, I wait your post the next. MAS "Clay once - once in my account @ nanda05 ,,

Zappl is progressing lots of work ahead :)

Awesome job, this could have a great impact on steem's price and make it more easily purchasable and it could even start to be used as actual currency in real life scenarios.
I just found your blog, it's pretty cool :)

There is a clear correlation to coins that have fiat pairs raise in value very quickly.

Yeah, you mention as a major criteria for our steemians, really appreciate your post, carry on dear @zappl

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Keep it up!
All the best!

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this is very amazing works and hard works too.. thanks for sharing this information

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really hard work...

hey! what exactly does zappl do? (sorry layman/newbie question im sure)

Short form microblogging for the steem blockchain we have things like video uploading and more.