Steem Independence Day!

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Last year, the Steem rewards pool turned on on this same day and began affecting all of our lives. May we celebrate it eternally.


Ned, thank you for all you've done!

Rewards again declined :-(

Steem to independent knowledge and decentralized financial freedom!
All the best to everyone, everywhere!

ch @globocop

Thanks for reading. 😎

ch @globocop

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An Independence Day Gift

I posted my pictures from yesterday event at Washington DC.

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Thank you.

Happy independence 4th of July day to everyone.

Happy 5th. ;-)

happy 5th 1/2 :D

Interesting. But a Steemit Killer?

A different concept all together. With view of investment, advertising, reward distribution and content creation.

Instead of laboring every point, as some have been addressed in the original post, this comment is addressing content.

The principle of link sharing. Does Wild Park see itself as an aggregator or existing content on different platforms rather than a original content creator?

Is it not likely that this concept will attract all those people who are merely copy/pasting other people's content to make a quick buck?

Content Content Content

Steemit's emphasis is on original content creation in any genre imaginable.
Wild Park, with its link affiliation, invites to share Other People's content, rather than creating original work. How does this par with copyright laws?

I don't see Wild Park as a competitor but as a complimentary external platform. Why not promote one's own content elsewhere?

One last thought. I am reluctant to use or promote main stream platforms such as FB, YT, Twitter etc. These giants monopolies has become politicised beyond value-add.

Thanks for reading. 😎

ch @globocop

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i still see people getting rewarded on steemit for posting copyrighted material without any permission of copyrightholders , so not really any differences with wildspark on copyrights.

Yes, however, @cheetah and the tireless people at @steemcleaners are trying to educate the users, as many of the quality providers here are.

ch @globocop

i know but that still ain't bulletproof i report + / - 10 people a day @steemcleaners and only people that claim they make it are being punished.
people who link back without legal permission of the artist still get paid and not punished as should.

cool post viva la steem

Happy independence day for everyone.

I wish i joined steemit earlier. But still im grateful to get to know it now then later.

Thank you to bring steemit to our life. It really is a life changing.

it is SOOOOOO early!!! rewards only for a year!!? that is good news for you!!! I am @mrakun777

Thanks @Ned for creating this platform for the benefit of humanity! Let's celebrate Free-dom and Steem- on! Happy Independence Day!

Happy Steemit Anniversary .. When Steemit would be 5 years, it would have taken over Facebook. Great invention @ned

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Steemit is really a amazing platform that steemians could share their own views there.I hope that could early know this platform.After using steemit, I seldom use facebook and twitter. It is a really good social platform as there are many useful information related to new technology and cryptocurrency that I cannot see in other social platform.I hope that steemit could be more popular and let more people share their views.

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You have the best job in the world, Ned.

Happy 4th of July to all!

This community keeps amazing me; a 20-year blogging history across many venues has conditioned me to always "be waiting for the other shoe to drop," but so far that keeps not-happening here. Challenges come along that I have watched sink other rewards sites, but somehow Steemit seems almost... self-repairing.

Thanks @ned, @dan, @sneak and everyone else who helped-- and continue to help-- make this bold and brave social experiment go!

Thanks for everything @ned....Happy fourth of July STEEMIT Family.

That's a good one... ;)


It is very seldom to see a post from you. I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for bringing in this kind of community. Truly, this is a life changer platform that had given many people a chance to improve their lives.

I joined steemit last July 6, 2016 after it went viral in the net and I'm very thankful that fate had guided me then.

So here I am. I may not have given the chance to grow like many other steemians in the community but I'm very grateful for having this opportunity. Really appreciate your work. THANK YOU AND MORE POWER TO STEEMIT.

Im amazed at the peogress that the platform is making. And really it has changed my life honestly.
Living in a third currency coutry and having crypto is the most amazing thing a person can exlerience.
Happy steeming to everyone and much love to all steemians.

I just wanted to say thanks for Steemit.Steemit has introduced me to a new world, the world of crypto, a wonderful community, and given me hope of escaping the 9 to 5. I look forward to what the year ahead holds for our community

Steemit and thats why we love you. I look forward to my next article.

Happy Steem Independence Day everyone!

Oh nice, it is already one year! Hope it can be continue!

hi @ned

I'm really sorry I did not know about it a year ago. I really enjoy every minute here and I've been to all kinds of other sites but it's really interesting and fun to be here. Keep up with the nice and fun posts and keep up the good work you do. A lot of success

I only knew about it a week ago and i am failing to submit a story please he help me still very knew and still trying to find how to make money here.Thank you


Thats great that it has turned one year too. I really dont know about steemit more then 2 month. I tired before so much search for online earnings but never get this and one of my friend told me about it and I am really enjoying here lot. Its great to celebrate two big things together and wish its will continue forever

Only one year?? Imagine what's ahead of us!!!! This is just the early beginning

hi this is ONLY the BEGINNING !!!!

Congratulations to "Independence Day Steem!" Thank you for created a platform!!!

nice art)

Nice art work

This reward pool helped me accepting a job (initial costs) and now, it helps me at my new home when I would be lost otherwise. Renting a flat and starting a new life is not that easy. You made it easier. Thanks for that!

Thankful for this awesome platform, and this great country.

Happy Independence Day guys!
Love from the UK.

hi never too late to wish you all at steemit a happy independence day. Hope all Americans had a blast !!

Decentralisation is the need of the hour and Steemit is making it happen for social media and at the same time putting a smile on many poor faces. Long Live Steemit

Here here @ned. While I am struggling to find my way on here, it is still addictive and I love the potential. I have the mentality, "if someone else can be successful, why can't I?" One day I will be successful on here and I am looking to guys like yourself for my roadmap! Keep up the good work! Many eyes are on you! 👍

A good one indeed @ned steem is on the right path and steemit will be a top social media firm by end of next year. I am bullish about steem and fired up. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for creating this platform and presenting with us an opportunity to break the shackles to maintain herarchie, and to me that is freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom to get an opportunity, and to top it all financial freedom to those who have the vigor and intent to the extra mile and fetch what they want from the world. Happy 4th of July to all. 🎆🎇🎉🎊


Murica! i mean... Steem!

Nice to hear from you. Could you post more personal stuff sometimes at least so that we can know you better? Otherwise it's like on Facebook where the guy never says anything.

a very happy steem Independence Day to all my fellow steemers :)

I am glad to be here now.

Happy Steemit Independence Day Everyone!!! I want to see Steemit celebrating for many more years to come 😊❤🎆🎉🎊🎈



Cool Steemdomday!



Happy Independence Day to all steemians

Happy Steem Birthday and congratulations to all! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about July 4th. Thanks and good luck again!

Freedom is a right not a privilege. Happy Independence Day. 🙃

This takes me back! I remember the period before the reward pool opened. There were just a few of us here and we were pretty uncertain how it would work, but continued writing just for the fun of it. It was nice in that it was a small community that everyone knew.

I can't believe it's a year already, and the platform is still going strong!

Thank you ned for making this wonderfull platform, greetings from The Netherlands!!

I am very happy with the steemit not only can get the money but here we can share knowledge and share experiences, a lot of interesting things that we can find here such as new attractions, stunning photography and others .. really this something very Fun.

#steemfreedomday #steemit

i am so happy and content that i found you steemit and i can post articles which are useful for one . i

Thank you and I am also glad that you want to reply to my comments

Hence, Im newly here. Good news to hear that.

Hi Ned I my wife is trying to open a steemit account and has not received an email of acceptance. I have send emails to steem support and have not received a reply can you please see what the problem is.

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Happy Independence Day To Steemit Family

Happy independence day for everyone.

All hail the blessed Steem blockchain!

Happy Independence Day to all steemians

Happy Independence Day to all. Today watching The first Independence Day movie with Will Smith. Its almost a tradition in USA.

hi, STEEMIT .. happy independence day . Forgot about the movie. It was ages ago. I know old is gold

Although I am a fresher in steemit, I feel it has real potential to be bigger than any social networking (SN) sites because what people were/are doing in other SN sites for free not being given a single penny by that SN sites, here they get a platform which in turn will help themselves and others financially.... So in the long run people will use steemit very much...
Finally happy STEEMFREEDOMDAY to all & each one of #STEEMIT User...

Am here for almost a week and I already appreciate whoever came with steemit idea .
Happy steem independence day :)

Happy Steemdependenceday!


Поздравляю всех юзеров #Steem с Днем Рождения!
Кстати, мой аккаунт был также рождён вчера. Я получил приветственное письмо от [email protected] с отличной новостью, что одобрил мою учетную запись. И тперь у меня есть эксклюзивный контроль над моей учетной записью Steem, а также бесплатный Steemit, который поможет начать работу.
Оказалось, что на Steemit я буду получать вознаграждения за свое соответствие и содержание в соответствии с волей толпы. Чтобы полноценно входить в систему, мне оствалось нажать на специальную ссылу. Теперь я здесь, с вами! :)
По поводу вопроса, который поднял @ned в этом своём фиде, хочется отметить, что вечного ничего быть не может, однако всегда есть возможность переродиться в нечто более совершенное.

Its existence is very influential for our life in Aceh. thanks @ned

Really like the basics of the system you helped build here, however....

If We Could Just Do Something About It's Configurations Which Favour the "Royal" and Bury the "Plebs"....

Not to say there are not thousands and thousands of decent, ethical, moral folks doing good things within the system.
Yet IS to say there are many who are taking advantage of it's flaws (and the flaws seem not to be addressed; not only not addressed, encouraged and strengthened with the recent Hardfork/unrestricted self-upvoting/abuse of flagging/lack of any fail-safes to prevent bots from abusing ALL of us for the advantage of one [it's owner/etc.]).
Here's my example/explanation - and remember, these tactics will only work if the Accounts are Whales (seemingly the only REAL reason to invest any money in the steemit system as it stands, as the underlying goal of these tactics is to stock and then drain the rewards pool filled by those investing/not using these tactics).
Modelled after following and observing the Whale @craig-grant for less than a week (the Network is strong in this one.....).


"So come pull the sheet over my eyes
So I can sleep tonight
Despite what I've seen today.
I found you guilty of a crime, of sleeping at a time
When you should have been wide awake."
LYRICS courtesy Chris Cornell, "Wide Awake" Unplugged in Sweden @ Google Play Music

I enjoy being here, but I would not classify it as being happy just yet. How long until I can pay my rent with Steem dollars. The wallet balances seem to drop more and more each day.

Yeaaa! My first year with steemit ! I was not really active, but this year must be mine !
Happy Steem Independence Day everyone!

Yea bro. Let's get this kicking

Long live the Steem!!

What a coincidence. My first post on steemit is on independence day that is today.Looks great .Thank you @ned for such awesome community .Happy independence day all.

I hoping you and your family have a great 4th of July

Happy 4th steemit Family :-)

I am brand new to this Cryptocurrency space and just joined STEEM recently. I am excited and grateful for you and your team in creating such an opportunity.

Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of the STEEM adventure.
Please help a fellow STEEMer out as I get started on this journey.

Thank you

Happy Independence Day

Happy steem day @ned

I'm happy I found this platform. It's awesome how steemit can change so many lives !

Today is the day when the hero was independent. steemfreedomday

Thanks, @dan, @ned, and all the @steemit/@steem devs for helping to create this awesome platform that we're all benefiting from!!!

You have started a movement that will last forever. Steem on

Happy #steemdependence day! Thanks for a rollercoaster ride of a year here on steemit @ned ! Many happy returns!

I am definitely celebrating Steemit today!


Just a reminder that fireworks look even more amazing when you're not constantly checking your android/iPhone.

Amazing guy with great instinct. Your life has affected many in positive ways and this is exactly how we should live our lives.

Happy independence to all steemeans who earn money through this platform but most especially, a 21 gun salute to a visionary man @ned, who saw this things before it happened.

May your days be long!!!

It does sound like a good motive for celebration! :D

This is success for all, there are and remains! Celebrate together!!!

Congratulations by the way on being ranked #6 on steemwhales. I won't tell no one else. Happy 4th!

Oh yes that's right! I forgot all about that.. That was the day this whole thing became 'real'! It was most exciting.

HOORAH!!!! Can't even being to say how thankful I am for Steem and the doors it has opened for me. Here's to many many many more Steemdependence Days!

Happy steemdependenceday everyone :)

Game changer! Happy 4th.

I am glad that I heard and started using steemit a litttle more than a week. Congratulations for all of you who have been active members since the begining. Missed all the fun but I am here now to celebrate the next milestone.

Great post thanks for sharing.

Thanks @Ned for creating this platform ! Let's celebrate Independence Day!Happy Everyone!

Happy Independence Day! Ned :)

Happy 4th America. Only another 3 years of Trump to go!

Need Bitcoins ?

Congratulations on taking this fantastic idea to fruition. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

This is the coolest platform. Thank you so much. So simple - yet so revolutionary!

yay... that sort of mean it's our other birthday which reminds me my birthday on steemit was also last July.

Enjoy the ride, everyone.😎

Happy fourth of july everyone!

Happy Steem independence day!


Pexels Edit with Lunapic

Happy July 4th Birthday Steemit and thank you @ned .. :)

Happy July 4th!

Salute to steems future

This is such a monumental day! Thanks for sharing :) Happy 4th of July and Happy Steemit Day!

@Ned... Thank You 4 the Heads-Up...

Here's wishing You & Everyone only the Very Best on this 4th of July AND...

...the coming Year on STEEMiT !!