Board Meeting Minutes: 2 October 2019

Meeting Minutes

2 October 2019 — 4pm EDT

Call to order and general welcome.

Present: @aggroed, @bluefinstudios, @eonwarped, @guiltyparties, @upheaver
Regrets: @alexvan, @shadowspub


  • 1 affrimative for marketing committee
  • 0 for development committee
  • Plan for initiating the Marketing Committee was adjusted to start simply by hosting a "ramble style" meeting on Oct 26/27, @aggroed will host, waiting to see if @shadowspub wants to co-host

General Business

  • Elections are coming up. Plan is to have them start near the end of Steemfest. Voting is scheduled for November.

  • Voting to happen by comments and then run through a script by @eonwarped to cap votes at 250k SP (like the previous election). Anyone can self nominate ahead of time. We'll have a channel/venue set up for posting candidate profiles. Details on voting, nomination details, screening and other related issues are forthcoming.

Adjourn. The next board meeting will take place on 7 October 2019 at 1PM EDT


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