Steem Flag Rewards Report - 8 Flagger Post - 2019-09-26 22:19

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This post triggers once we have approved flags from 8 distinct flaggers via the SteemFlagRewards Abuse Fighting Community on our Discord

Flaggers have been designated as post beneficiaries. Our goal is to empower abuse fighting Steemians and promote a Steem that is less-friendly to abuse. It is simple. Building abuse fighters equals less abuse.

Would you like to delegate to the Steem Flag Rewards project and promote decentralized moderation? Here are some handy delegation links!

50 SP 100 SP 500 SP 1000 SP

The following witnesses are providing significant delegations to support the SFR mission. Please consider giving them your vote for witness. Steemconnect links included for convenience.

The following witnesses have shown considerable support and dedication against abuse. Please consider giving them your vote for witness. Steemconnect links included for convenience.

The following have shown considerable support and / or dedication to the cause and deserve a mention. Check out their blogs if you have the opportunity!
@imacryptorick, @mids106, @crokkon, @freebornangel, @slobberchops, @steevc, @underground

Flaggable Posts

LinkRewards RemainingCategory
Comment0.02 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment7.986 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment2.142 SBDplagiarism
Comment11.012 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment6.654 SBDbid bot abuse
Comment0.006 SBDspam
Comment0.007 SBDspam

Comment@minnowbuilder10bid bot abuse
Comment@gabbynhicebid bot abuse

Mission Failed!

Reward removal at: 50.98 %

SFR Leaderboard

FlaggerSBD AmountRankImage
imacryptorick874.785 SBDF10 1 Quad
themarkymark481.291 SBDF10 1 Quad
gtg176.903 SBDF9 100 Tril
slobberchops140.367 SBDF9 100 Tril
gamblingman133.347 SBDF9 100 Tril
mids106130.201 SBDF9 100 Tril
ipromote60.726 SBDF9 100 Tril
jacobtothe55.394 SBDF9 100 Tril
mrkebab54.171 SBDF9 100 Tril
eonwarped52.915 SBDF9 100 Tril
pjau44.606 SBDF9 100 Tril
anthonyadavisii34.085 SBDF8 10 Tril
kalif33.019 SBDF8 10 Tril
joshman31.65 SBDF8 10 Tril
steevc29.779 SBDF8 10 Tril
rollingbones29.549 SBDF8 10 Tril
enforcer4829.319 SBDF8 10 Tril
tushy22.953 SBDF8 10 Tril
fredrikaa21.731 SBDF8 10 Tril
kabir8821.147 SBDF8 10 Tril

If you feel you've been wrongly flagged, check out @freezepeach, the flag abuse neutralizer. See the intro post for more details, or join the discord server.
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amazing work for the community. keep it up👊 ✊

Some people don't think so.

Some people you are referring are the one who always wants to exploit the platform and are too mean to earn some by shabby behaviour. Lets ignore them 🙂 . The job done by you guys are great.