Some of the accounts that have been downvoting me are blatant abuse accounts

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and some of those which do not seem like blatant abuse accounts function as Steem laundering accounts of accounts that are blatant abuse accounts.

take a look at its comments section.
Someone takes to the extreme here, and it reminds me that I read once that there is content on the Steem blockchain that is not accessible through and
Here it is: and there is plenty more here

In his case his negative reputation reflects well on the person behind the account.

A Steem thief,a liar, bid bot owner/votes seller (and upmyvote too) and a spam comment farmer and ipromote's comment section too (you can also check in themarkymark's comments section) on top of being a hypocrite, and a shitposter .

zaku :
A huge vote buyer that flagged me for reasons known only to him and the steemflagrewards crew that paid and will pay for their actions and for their lack of actions where they have been actually needed.

noblebot, admiralbot,kingsofa are obvious secondary accounts of who knows whom.
These are what I called steem laundering accounts.
Unlike the accounts elaborated above them, their owners took the time to create a buffer between their steemflagrewards supported comment spam farming, and their other operations.

steemflagrewards supports all of these.

fulltimegeek and yabapmatt are tagged because they are two of the four biggest delegators to steemflagrewards by the time that I am typing this post.
embedding a screenshot from steemworld does not work here.

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flagged for spam @steemflagrewards

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @themarkymark.

  • spam
    You are repetitively posting the same content or recyling contents after a period of time.

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Follow on flag for spam @steemflagrewards

Follow on flag for spam @steemflagrewards.

Thanks for featuring me.
Up-vote for all the good times together.

The funny thing is, those votes you get from @musing are about as organic as they can get.

This calls for a monster...



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It need to work now.

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Hypocritical? Oh yes