Steemfest4 Family Memories

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I put together a thirteen minute video of little clips with my family from the first two days of Steemfest. I hope you enjoy it!

We’ve had such a good time!

I’ll do a full write up later including conversations with the Steemit, inc team and the great work they’ve done releasing MIRA, the resource credits system, platform independent state files, and more including a demo of an SMT created on the testnet and a demo of a community created on the mainnet using the dev version of Steemit. There was a lot of excitement about showing progress and not just talking about potential.

I have more pictures to share, but for now, it here’s one of the whole family:


Tonight we’re off to the closing dinner (I misspoke in the video as that was just the close of the session part of the conference). Yesterday we walked through the clothing district in the Prince Palace hotel building, visited the National Museum, had lunch on the water, and went on a long boat tour. Today we did the full sixteen stop walking tour and visited the Art at Steemfest. Tomorrow we’re off to spend a few days in Ayutthaya, then back to Puerto Rico.

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@lukestokes glad you and your family had a great time. Many memories to be had.

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Lovely family! Ayutthaya should be great, that's where I have always wanted to go but can't find time yet...

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This Steem Fest has been so awesome. It was great to see you again this year.

very nice family it is pleasant to share with those we love the most