Thank You Steemians, I Officially Crowdfunded The First Plane Ticket To STEEMFest2!

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Man oh man, these past few days have been super overwhelming. I've received whale/dolphin witness votes from @dan, @nextgencrypto, @honeybeee, @joseph, @neoxian, @matt-a, @robrigo, @kingscrown and more, which moved me up from 63rd in the witness ranking to 50th! I have set up my testnet PeerPlays witness and my real PeerPlays witness node & seed, I have received donations from @nextgencrypto, @aggroed, @thewineman, @kaylinart, @ikigai, and @dbzfan4awhile for my plane ticket, I have received whale upvotes from @nextgencrypto, @trafalgar, @canadian-coconut, @ausbitbank, @hr1, @lukestokes, @pharesim, @oldtimer and more, I have been super busy editing and writing blogs for SteemSports in between of all of this craze, I have also been giving my time to the help channels and helping users get their new accounts, and lastly, I have built many relationships over this short period of time. Phew!
Thanks to hefty donations from @aggroed, @nextgencrypto, and @thewineman, I was able to sucessfully crowdfund my WHOLE plane ticket in ONE WEEK! That is absolutely astonishing. P.S. - The funds I receive from this blog and this blog will go towards my hotel expenses, car expenses, a STEEMFest ticket and spending money while I am there. These donations really mean a lot to me, it's like a dream come true, going to STEEMFest! I will be able to meet all the faces that I have built relationships with on Steemit! And, P.S. - I think I am traveling the farthest, as of now, as I will be departing from Chicago (O'Hare)!

Proof Of Purchase

The $80 Whip!

As you can see above, the total was $1,780.35 for the flight and car! And, we will be pulling up to STEEMFest in a mini Volkswagen! And once again, I'd thank to say thank you to all the Steemians who donated and upvoted and supported my journey to get STEEMFest2... I don't ever think I will ever stop saying thank you, lol... But, it really does mean the world to me, I am glad to be a part of such a powerful and supportive community, also shown by the 15,000 @darthnava raised for his MRI blog!

How to Vote For @theprophet0 STEEM Witness

1. Click Here
2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the little upvote button next to my name, @theprophet0 - I am in 50th place.
3. You will be asked to authenticate with your active key, the main key may work also. Once you have done that, you just voted for theprophet0 witness! Wohoo, Thanks!

Please also consider voting @aggroed for witness!

Lastly, if you need help with anything with STEEM/Steemit or PeerPlays or have any questions, feel free to direct message me on Discord @theprophet0, @theprophet0 or in the #help channel, or for PeerPlays, stop by here: - I hope you guys feel I am deserving enough of a witness vote, thank you!

@aggroed has high praise for you. got my vote .
have fun at steemfest !
and keep up the good work(?) :-)

WOW, you had a great week! I'm happy for you! Maybe we see each other at SteemFest, not sure yet if I can come down to Lisboa, but I hope so.

That would be fantastic!!!

Hey there! We are trying crowdfunding as well.
Help us to save the Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon with Steemit!
Follow us, upvote, comment, resteem. Each and every single steem benefited here is going to be used to forest conservation. Thank you very much for joining us!

Well done! While I am sorry that I missed the whole story, I am glad that you managed it.

Enjoy SteemFest!

Thank you!

You got a pretty good price on that travel package! Way to shop for a good deal man. Now use this post payout for some fun money while you are out there! Be safe!

Will do! Thank you! :)

Crazy stuff! It is great to see you having so much success with the crowd funding!
The $80 Whip is going to be lit! You can haul a whole squad of Steemians in that!

HAHAHA Fosho man! Will you be attending?

I would like to say I was but to be honest right now I don't know how it would really be possible. If it was in the United States then I could almost say 100%, if it was in Canada or Mexico I could almost say 95% but Europe is another ball game at that time of the year. I"m not counting myself out but we will see.

Yeah, timing isn't the best, hope to see you there though!

Nothing is impossible. It could still happen for me!

wow, great strategy and post...lets rock the steem festival together

Awesome stuff, sounds like an amazing trip is in your future!

Many congratulations!

Great job!
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this is amazing man, you deserve it too. You work hard and have a great future ahead of you brotha..keep it up!

Thanks brother! :)

no doubt man

That is great. You are an inspiring young man.

Thank you so much for those very kind words, Canadian-coconut, means a lot coming from you...!


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Haha, thanks - that's my boy right there, Post Malone!

Congrats! Looks like an amazing trip

Congratulations! Ask and you shall receive.

Haha thanks brother!

I'm new to steemit and see your results inspire me !! GG !! :)

Congratulations man! Please consider supporting @steemfestdreams to make it happen for more steemians! Just put out the crowdfunded dreams report!

I'm going to look into this. Message me in discord tonight brother Crill!

Alright! Will do!

Will do brother, expect a post later this week or next week... can you pm me on Discord or to discuss what needs to happen?

got my witness vote! I love to see the hustle man, doing a great job! @aggroed has been one of the first people that caught my attention on steemit, so he already had my witness vote ;D

Thanks brother! Appreciate the support!

That's awesome. I'm so thrilled about SteemFest. I haven't been on the first one but I should definitely go the second. It will be fun.

You should! Hope to see you there!

If I'll manage to buy a ticket, I'll get there for sure :)

we have an amazing community.. congrats!! gonna be a great trip and your inspiring me to get a ticket and come film it! Expedia accepts BTC and with the prices these days I've got some bits burning a hole in my wallet ;)

Haha, that would be fantastic brother!

Oh, that's good times! Love it!

Can I start crowdfunding for my upcoming project here at steemit? I am an entrepreneur. I wanna start my designing studio. If anybody knows please guide me.

Of course, just make a blog knowing your intentions, message me your link on and I will resteem it to get traction!

I am a 3d artist , so can you tell me how to do it? I have many posts on my profile showcasing of my work. I am an artist by profession.

Please DM me on @theprophet0!

not able to search you

Awesome! It's great how the community can work like this.

You deserve a:

I hope you and your dad have a blast!! Congrats on reaching your goal, just one of many!!

Dreams really do come true on Steemit ... So happy for you @theprophet0

this is so awesome, just seeing this now, congrats on the success and can't wait to see the posts

Thank you and thanks for the donation! Will put it in my savings :P! Lots of posts to come while I am there!

:) see you soon

You will love it. Enjoy Portugal.

So cool. I also saw the 15,000 sent to @darthnava . About brought me to tears. That just sold me on what an awesome family there is here on Steemit. I have never seen such an awesome amount of caring and sharing. thanks for the inspirational post. I never liked social media until now.

Wow, that is just amazing! Have fun!

Can't wait to meet all the fellow Steemian's so excited !!

Good luck bro. Remember, keep building your empire :)

Right on man, thanks for the endless support!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Steemfest 2. Thanks and good luck again!

that's incredible. wow, i'd love to go to steemfest with my partner, she's based in new jersey and i'm here in the uk. we want to be together but we have problems with her visa in that she can only come six months at a time, we want to build a creative retreat in europe together and we are working hard each day on upwork to make that happen. i'm so glad your dreams are coming true. working hard pays off!

Congrats, I am happy that you are aware of crypto at such an early age.

Take good care.

nice post..
good luck!!

Great Article, Thank you .... Please check out my profile, Please upvote and follow if its interesting ! Thank you again

I am happy for you @theprophet0

But don't forget to send me some SBD.

I followed you
Please follow back.

My grandson you are the best. Have fun and keep dad safe.


and grandma

Good for you man.

Thanks to steemit as well.