➥ Hold On Tight! ☞ Winner Announcement Coming Tonight...

For all of your anxious little Steemians... I just wanted to put out a tiny little update post that I do, in fact, have some STEEMFESTTicket Giveaway Winners, and you will all be pleasantly surprised 😉

This does mean however that the contest is now officially closed.

p.s. don't forget to vote me as witness ;)

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Can't wait to know who's gonna be the lucky guy tonight :-)


My name means lucky, or 'fortunate' in Hebrew 😊 🤞🏽

Aaaahhhhh..... the suspense is killing me!!!!

Haha best of luck to all those who entered!

Hit the drums!

Omg!!! So excited to find out! ❤

Good luck everyone.

The suspense is so thick.