Post SteemFest Report and some news about team RuDEX.

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It still takes some effort to get into writing regularly again, I have a ton of material around even from the last year, that I want to write my #travelogue entries about, but other than that, there are some things that I have to start writing about the nature of value, and some other philosophical things.

It has to do with the fact that we (team RuDEX) started actively campaigning to get closer to the top of witness list with our @blockchained witness, and while we're doing a lot of stuff in the background, it is a bit weird to write those weekly witness reports. We do post updates every time we have something cool to announce, but that is probably not regular enough to have an awareness of what we're doing.

As I mentioned during the talk all of the English language announcements are being resteemed to @rudex, so if you want a one stop place to keep up to date do follow it. You'll also get my posts that related to RuDEX. More technical posts would be from @blockchained.

If you weren't there you can watch it here:

So, instead of doing technical reports some of my relevant posts would end up there, because part of the project is the outreach, the underpinnings and this whole lead by example thing (which is working)!

And now back to travelogue thing

On of the first things I have to say about SteemFest and Lisbon, is that it was masterfully organized. It is the small touches, that make the experience, and one of the most subtle of touches was this:

Lamborgini for everyone!

Lamborgini has this mystical connection to the cryptocurrencies, and this place is just around the corner from Marquis de Pombal, maybe 5 minutes walk from HF where most of the Steemians stayed at.

Up next is are some pictures from the SnookerClub, because I wasn't much taking pictures on the first day, to busy doing a talk and hanging out, and there was a ton of fun at Snooker Club, one of the cooler things was this photo loop thing with Bernie Sanders, but I don't have any. There are some photos of Steemians (please leave a name in the comments if you're in those pictures!)

Bottoms up!

A group photo!

And the highlight of the evening, when most of the people already went home to get their beauty sleep was this impromptu jam, that happened around this piano. I know for a fact that there are several videos of that jam, so please share them!

I have trouble remembering names, but thats @wacou on the piano!

I'll post some pictures from the second and consequent days later, right now I should wrap up my computer and start heading towards the airport.

Next stop is Tenerife through Madrid, and then I'll be on a crypto island of La Gomera!

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It was awesome meeting you and having some beers @xanoxt. Have fun at La Gomera!


Thanks, Im waiting for the ferry on Tenerife now, will be there in the evening.


Share some pictures with us, I bet it's a beautiful island


Sure thing. :-)

AH! finally found you. great to talk buddy. let's keep talking! :)


Once I am settled down after the travels, I'll do that. Also planning to start a group chat about a project.

I see you caught yourself a Gandalf there, hehe. :)

The loop thing was fun!


Yeah, that evening was super cool.

Post SteemFest Report and some news about team RuDEX.what is the content of the report


hello, regards to know me from indonesia

Раздолбай широко профиля, тут помощь твоя нужна не большому сообществу русскоязычных авторов, переводчиков, фотографов ... ты как ?

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