The Steemfest Adventures of a Drunken Social Butterfly

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Places, people, presentations... I'd like to share my personal experience in the huge number of fleeting and more in-depth interactions I had during Steemfest. An incredible time that I'm only just beginning to truly realise the value of.

A few people at the end of Steemfest were saying that the weekend was the best weekend of their lives, at the time I thought that was just a little bit over enthusiastic..... :O

Now that I have a little more perspective and the buzz of the few days I spent in Amsterdam is finally winding down I think I can relate, it truly was a unique experience. Steemfest at it's basic level was an incredibly diverse group of passionate people from all walks of life and all sorts of interests, building a new community. 

From that perspective it felt a lot like the first couple of weeks of university/college where you're exposed to a huge group of really social, diverse people.

However Steemfest was more than that, this wasn't just a socially charged atmosphere; it was the continuation of previous online interactions, a movement, matching names to faces. It had purpose, we're all here at the beginning of something that could potentially influence the world and that ripple of excitement and enthusiasm reverberated throughout the entire event. 

That's why Steemfest was incredible and why I'll happily fly anywhere in the world for the next one.

So I'd like to take you down a journey of the interactions and conversations I had during my time at Steemfest. These will be mainly shout outs to all the people that I met in my Steemfest adventure, through and through it's the people that made this event.

I was really terrible at taking pictures, so I went on a crazy spree toward the end of the last night with some of the most ridiculous selfie faces imaginable :P


Some great conversations and drunken adventures, awesome guy. I think our greatest moment was when we got back to our rooms on Sat night and we played some music for a while. However I'm afraid that last whiskey nightcap that @gargon provided pushed me over the edge and I forgot we even rode down in the lift together... #funtimes (btw, sorry for continuing the music right before you were about to sleep... oops :O)


Just the way we've been chatting on rocket chat dude, intense heated discussions about economics, value and crazy ideas. Amazing, passionate guy, very happy to have got to meet you in person and dance like a weirdo in the cluuuub. Hopefully those shots come out ok, your camera was next level :P


Continual smiles, a genuinely happy guy. I really enjoyed talking about your development as a DJ, pre curie talk nerves and your continual quest for perfection when posting. You were super chill the whole time, very cool guy.


Really great talking with you about your ideas to make Steemit appeal to the masses and the continued steps you're taking to spread your vision and help grow the platform through collaboration. Incredibly level headed and focused, I was really impressed with your approach.


What a happy, calming and enthusiastic vibe this wonderful woman has, thanks for all our discussions during Steemfest and your opinions. Was great meeting you!


Thanks for introducing me to that crazy French Restaurant with all the food inventions and going on a spontaneous pancake/chocolate/cheese adventure on Friday. Well done on your talk, I know you were nervous but you pushed into it and you were a natural by the end!


What can I say, some great conversations! I like how you've transitioned from starting an early bitcoin business into a trader and will continue to have an entrepreneurial hunger for bigger and better things. Really enjoyed the technical discussions... and our shared grief at getting smashed in gold :O


Man you were extraordinary! We began our discussions with an in depth look into motivations for posting on a macro scale on Steemit, then honed into our own experiences, I think we both learnt a lot about our unique perspectives. After that we talked about all kinds of random topics, some fantastic whiskey the last night man, thanks for that!


You were an enigma, an onion and as we had more conversations and shared experiences I got to know a little more about you. Travelling for the last 15 years, your purpose and commitment. You live a life very outside the box of my experience and you've certainly inspired me to view myself and my goals from alternate perspectives. Thanks :)

@shenanigator and @sharingeverybite

What an awesome couple, we first met on Thursday for a 4 course experimental meal at a funky French restaurant where we shared... among other courses a tomato salad with mustard ice cream. As I got to know you guys I learnt about @shenanigators obsession with crafting the perfect Steemit FAQ (which is now the official one) and @sharingeverybite s adventures as a vegan.


One of the most genuinely friendly and ambitious women I've ever met. Some in depth conversations about entrepreneurship and future goals and ambitions. You've got a sharp mind and you'll do well the next few years! Good luck munchkin! 

@everlove and @saramiller

Two of the most vibrant and full of life women I've ever met. So happy to meet you and learn about @gardenofeden and all the crazy side projects you choose to spend your time on. Loads of hugs and fun stories shared :P


Initially I wondered what had inspired @ballinconscious to roam the world free of shoes. As I got to know him, his awesome hairstyle, his digeredoo and his passion to learn how to trade.... along with his ideas surrounding life and philosophy every funky quirk was another interesting aspect as I got to know an awesome dude. 


Great guy we had some pretty in depth discussions about developments and future projects.... and feasted next to eachother on the last night. Looking forward to see what you come out with next! 


A bundle of positive energy. One of the people I chatted to most on, Raz was running around helping out with steemfest for the first day but then we got into some great convos, continuing from where we left off online, almost seamlessly. Great guy! We'll be meeting up at some point in the future :)


Happy, full of energy and smiling about 80% of the time! Lovely to meet you @foxxycat :) You combined stern and focused with happy and unfiltered perfectly.


We only met towards the end of Saturday and only very briefly but nice to put a face to a name. I feel I could have gotten to know you much better if we'd met earlier on. But we had fun :P


In our brief discussion I got to learn about the origins of blocktrades from a bitshares gateway to an easy to use crypto transfer mechanism. Thanks for sharing a few horror stories where all your inventory was wiped out. I hope you enjoyed the funky pink drink Saturday morning. Great chat :)


A really nice, focused guy. We connected on our shared passion for IPA beers and the technicalities behind curation. Charming dude.

Gabriel you're an awesome guy to meet, quickly moving up in the startup world. Dedicated and passionate about making a success. Not to mention your sense of humour, certainly shared some mini adventures during Steemfest. <<this man is a fan of awesome man hugs.


We had our first interaction in the early days, where you were this incredibly enthusiastic guy who loved motorbikes! You're still incredibly enthusiastic, but now you're helping @riverhead to run and ushering in through new developments as I type this. Love meeting passionate people and we certainly had a good time.


Although we didn't talk too much 1-1 you were always there to chime in with your thoughts on specific subjects, notably when @firepower was talking me through the mechanics of Steemit.Chat. Charming dude with an epic beard!


What a happy guy :) I failed in pronouncing @svk's real name and instead proceeded to call him 'ser ver ka' for the entire weekend. Had some silly and some more in depth discussions about the implications of the proposed hardfork and whether the variables could be analysed with so many changes taking place. I then decided to run by my idea of burning steem and steem dollars at every opportunity and had a great discussion with @anyx also on the last bus back to the hotel on Saturday. 


Pharesim made this journey with his dog Juka. Possibiliy one of the most loving dog owners I've ever encountered. I got into a few conversations with Pharesim, notably about the SteemSTEM group and pevo. Pharesim is definitely one to watch, passionate and chilled. With a handful of projects on the side.


A great friendly guy with an epic beard (there were some amazing man beards at steemfest). We didn't go into too much depth but definitely riffed off the Steemfest vibe.


Maybe he should be called nanzo-smooth or nanzo-supafly. Was great learning about your past as an RnB DJ and throwing some shapes on the dance floor. We'll definitely have to catch up at a London meetup sometime!


Such a funky awesome woman. After Tatiana's incredible performance on Saturday and having seen a few of her YouTube videos, I had to talk to her. Fascinating learning about her background and motivations to start her show over some pizza that magically appeared in the lobby the last night of Steemfest. Make bitcoin great again!


What can I say? Thanks for the great artwork... and you're from the UK! I found one of your skull t-shirts online and I'm excited to receive it. I'll look amazing! haha


A very friendly, intelligent guy, we talked about developments in Peerhub, some developments in the upcoming Steemit hardfork and the funky french food we ate on the Thursday dinner. and @s0u1

A couple of fellow Brits who were genuinely open and lovely people. Talking about a range of topics including pets, writing and Steemit. I was also 'ahem' helped back to the hotel after I felt like falling asleep after half a joint, these two fine people helped me on the journey.

@rea and @ezzy

We first met at the London meetup, a crazy wild conversation there, we finally settled down during Steemfest and just chilled, had relaxed convos about how to trade Steem, what we had for lunch. Haha, fun stuff, really like you guys :)


We had a few conversations over the weekend. A great artist that expressed his passion to me at having an outlet for his creative expressions on Steemit. Incredibly humble and happy at the crazy Steemfest adventure.


So much fun to hang with you, in our adventures to the clluuuuubbb and discussions on motivations behind posts and posting. Great meeting you!


I was so happy and impressed at the speed that @anca3drandom found me (#laserfocus) and offered up my glorious Pyrography art prize... and was incredibly gracious and lovely to meet. I wore the 'wingz robot' keychain on my neck tag for the rest of the steemfest. An amazing gift, thank you very much :)

So that's it I guess, my own personal interactions and adventures down the Steemfest rabbit hole. Thanks @roelandp , @ned , all the speakers, everyone who helped run and organise the event and those that dug into their pockets to support the event. I'm very grateful :D

Sorry for missing anyone off this list!

A really great experience with in depth technical discussions and crazy drunken antics, one of the most surreal and fulfilling weekends I've experienced.

Wingz :P


Love this post! So well written. It's hard to really capture the magic behind this weekend, but I think you did a damn good job. I'm glad we got the chance to meet and run around Amsterdam a little on Thursday night. Then, to close it all out, some slightly more intoxicated conversations on Sunday night. Such the best!

I know it's been said already dozens of times, but I CAN'T WAIT for SteemFest 2017 so we can all reunite again! :)

Haha! Thanks, was lovely meeting you and getting to know you :P That last night was pretty amazing, with the dinner and everyone together. I think it was the first time I'd sat down to eat since Thursday :O

Can't wait for the next one!

Great article. It's really interesting to read your reflections on all the people you've met. Happy to be one of them, I really enjoyed our conversation.
Also resteemed and hoping we keep in contact.

Thanks @shortcut ! I wasn't planning on writing anything, but after reading most of the other posts on Steemfest the last few days it felt like a good way to remember, relive and solidify the experience. We certainly had a few great convos, I wish you the best of luck. :)

Thanks man, all the best for you, too!

I forgive you for not including me in the list! :D

lol to be corrected!

hahahah Thanks for the words man, it was really fun hanging out with you. You are awesome and don´t worry I fall ashlee​p quickly even with your music on next room :-)

i had only just discovered the new Eminem song.. hahah, had to be played :o

What a fantastic post, well written! I love the way you described everyone you met, very thoughtful!!

Thanks :) It was a great exercise to remember everything :)

@wingz, way awesome dude. An amazing opportunity and it looks like you had the time of your life. Hopefully, I make it to a steemfest and party likes it's 1999

Yeah I might have partied a little too hard some nights :p It was a crazy combo of in depth intellectual discussions and serious goofing around. Loads of fun.

@wingz, awesome my friend.

@wingz, thank you for writing about the nice experience you had with everyone and what they are like.

Glad you enjoyed it :) Always nice reliving fun memories

Good to know you @wingz. Loved sharing perspectives and hugs with you. Sunday evening made for a long goodbye. Thanks for hanging with us til the bitter end.

One of the highlights of the whole experience. Once my brain clicked that it was almost over I tried to make the most of it. Was lovely getting to know you at that point :)

Yeah--we kind of waited til the last moment to really connect. So many powerful moments and grateful for every one of them.

You're a top bloke and very knowledgable guy. Very liked by many and it's easy to see why. Thanks for spending the time you did catching up with me at the fest. Look forward to hooking up again soon, pal!

For sure mate, congratulations on your Golden Steem Award! Loved your face of shock afterwards. Priceless :P

Lol!! And here I was thinking nobody would notice!! :)

HA! Just another pic of BellaStella spotted... THX!
I remember sharing some steam on Steemfest!

Haha I remember seeing that earlier today in your post... then getting a flashback to Sunday night! Good times.

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