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RE: ❤️ Hanging out with @exyle @roelandp & @teamsteem in Amsterdam! ❤️

in #steemfest3 years ago

You're beautifully taking us with you on your journey. I don't need to say: looks like you're having fun! I know it's like that when you meet Steemians in real life :D

What's your next destination?


Italy! I really wanted to make it to Croatia, but I'm not sure we can fit it in this round. But next time!

Don't worry and have fun! Just try to visit Europe next time without visiting Croatia and I will unfollow you :O :O :O hahaha you know I'm kidding ;)

I was few times in Italy, but only in cities. I didn't see the nature :(

Anyway, have fun and I hope you're gonna visit a few more museums because I really enjoyed posts about that!


Ahaha that totally made me laugh 😂😂😂😂

PS If you need help with live streaming on DLive, hit me up... I had problems at the beginning also but they were solved in a minute :D ;)

Omg!! Teach us, we are so bad... although I think we know what to do.. if there is another fail... well then we really do need help 😜

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