❤️ Hanging out with @exyle @roelandp & @teamsteem in Amsterdam! ❤️

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While on our Europe tour, @teamsteem and I stopped by Amsterdam. This beautiful city totally captured our hearts. Not only is Amsterdam a lively and fun city, but the people here are wonderful! We got to hang out with @roelandp and @exyle.


I've been on Steemit since May 2017, and Steemit has profoundly changed my life. If you asked me where I would be a year later, I would have never imagined that I would be traveling around the world meeting awesome human beings from Steemit in real life! This meet up was just another magical experience that the Steemit community has brought me.


Here we are with @exyle. Did you know that @exyle is a witness? They have produced a cool Steem application called steemify, it can notify you on many actions that occur on Steemit. If you would like to support his witness, you can vote for him here or search for the witness @blockbrothers.


For those of you who would also like the opportunity to meet a real Steemanian in real life, you should totally attend Steemfest 3 in Poland. This event would not be possible without @roelandp! @roelandp has dedicated a lot of time to make Steemfest 3 a memorable experience. Trust me, it's worth it! I had the opportunity of attending Steemfest 2 last year, and I had a blast meeting Steemanians from all over the world! To learn more about Steemfest 3, click here. Oh, and did you know that Roland is also a witness, feel free to support his witness here or search @roelandp.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 12.37.24 AM.png

Last but not least, I wanted to give a shoutout to my travel buddy @teamsteem. He has been a wonderful friend, and I'm so happy we met from Steemit! YAY to real life Steemit buddies! If you would like to support his witness, click here or search @teamsteem.

roland karensuestudios exyle teamsteem.jpg

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Greetings, Karen

Pretty cool that meeting of yours saw!!! The accent of you talking must be quite different hehehe. This place you visited is very beautiful. It seems to be simple and legal. When you're on a date next year, call me. Depending on the price of Steem, I can sell some and go on the trip, okay??

It's going to be my first international trip!!!

I hope you have fun there and have a good date!

Good afternoon!!!

Thanks guys for an awesome day!

Awww I had so much fun! ❤️

Missed it! wanted to ask when you would be in Amsterdam. Still here?
Hope you had a great day in the city I love so much

Aww we just left. It was a brief trip. Next time though!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Really a great tour you done.
You stay togethere a long time.
Thanks for sharing sir @karensuestudios.
And god bless @teamsteem.

wow nice to see 4 amazing and well known steemians at @exyle place. Today I first time realized that @exyle is really a tall guy. Hopefully you and @teamsteam spent a wonderful time with @roelandp and @exyle It's fun to meet your social networking friend. Have a nice trip @karensuestudios

hahaha! He sure is. We didn't help though as I'm only 5ft 1inch!

Wow!! A bunch of legend together!

hehe :) YES! I wish you were there to join us. Would have been so awesome!

You're beautifully taking us with you on your journey. I don't need to say: looks like you're having fun! I know it's like that when you meet Steemians in real life :D

What's your next destination?

Italy! I really wanted to make it to Croatia, but I'm not sure we can fit it in this round. But next time!

Don't worry and have fun! Just try to visit Europe next time without visiting Croatia and I will unfollow you :O :O :O hahaha you know I'm kidding ;)

I was few times in Italy, but only in cities. I didn't see the nature :(

Anyway, have fun and I hope you're gonna visit a few more museums because I really enjoyed posts about that!


Ahaha that totally made me laugh 😂😂😂😂

PS If you need help with live streaming on DLive, hit me up... I had problems at the beginning also but they were solved in a minute :D ;)

Omg!! Teach us, we are so bad... although I think we know what to do.. if there is another fail... well then we really do need help 😜

I wish one day I'll be able to travel the world and meet all the awesome steemians, like you are doing.
This is so cool especially doing it with the awesome @teamsteem

Aww yes! That would be so much fun :)

Great post! Hope steemit helps me too.

Great meetup you guys had! If this wasn’t my last day with packing stuff for holiday, I would have joined you guys. Mark mentioned to me yesterday he would meet you today. Safe travels!

aww bummer! Next time! Will you be at Steemfest? :)


I met Mark and Bianca again only last week, good people!

Will you be at the Festival in Poland, and how about TS? :D

I totally want to attend Steemfest 3. Need to start saving up for it, as this current EU trip is costly! :P What is TS? :)

TeamSteem! :D

Yes me too, could do with a price rise really!

Ohhh! Duh! Lol I think soo! 😆

Jeez, @exyle is as huge as his .posts.

Wow. I love this photo if you guys.

Steemit is simply wonderful. Linking us to awesome people from around our global village.

Thanks for sharing this.

BTW, I'm going to save that last pic. Don't ask me why 😂

Hahahah. We are just short. 😜😂 okay okay.. he is 6 ft 6 inches though... so he is also tall!

Ah! You guys look like one big Steemit family!!

Hehe ❤️❤️