This sucks | 5 days of Steemfest

It sucks. It does.

Not sure about what everyone think about it but after whole 4-5 days of high energy, all the fun, the talk, the hang out or the awkwardness.. Now that everyone started to part ways and go back to their own everyday life. Back to where they're from. Now It really feels too quiet.

It's not just me feeling that way. I talked to @arcange and @for91days, they would define it with one same word 'empty'

So glad we gotta meet quite a lot of people from all over the world and it's such a good thing to be able to connect either just to say hi, or become even closer than ever even after just these few days. Now it sucks to have to accept the fact that we might not meet for the next 12 months or even longer if we will not soon cross paths.

I get attached easily and to talk about it even further, I'm afraid this would be too dramatic of a post so.. Here's the conclusion.

I love all the fun, the funny, the awkward moments the past few days. I think it's quite addictive. (Scary, huh?) We had such limited time to experience all this together and it unfortunately doesn't happen so often.

I miss a lot of you already!

Stop talking about why this awesome fest sucks and let's go through all the memories since the first day. I'm gonna put this all in one and again, let's do it backwards.

It's time to say Goodbye!

Believe it or not, an hour spent just to give an many people a goodbye hug and a bit of small goodbye talk here and there

At this epic big hotel room. It feels like home but not the one you live in, normally. This one got such huge balcony, a few bedrooms and spacious enough to fit 100+ people in it easily.

I should have taken advantage of this opportunity to take photos as many as I can with as many people. It's the last chance! No, I didn't do so..

@roadscape was explaining more to us all about hivemind. Interesting concept and totally give me a feeling it would be like 'subreddit'. A few features people were like 'no, no' but I think it will come along great. So looking forward to it!


@louis88 kindly gave away this bowling winning prize as I'm the only one that didn't need to stuff it into a luggage and carry it overseas - Found out later at the end of the night, not, that's not a fact.. We got another Steemian who lives here in Bangkok and surprisingly, live close to me Whattttt?!

Epic photo I knowww! Find a better one with smile here


@varunpinto passed by and he was like, I got something for you.. This little keychain from Thailand where I'm from and asked 'When are you flying back?' I'm like, 'Dude, I thought we were friends'. Anyways, one of the funniest and most adorable ones I have met!



Here's another thing that sucks and I'm so sorry about it. I don't remember everyone's name so oopy, this cutie and @gandalf

We have seen so much of @cleanplanet video on and wondering what the project is all about and who actually runs it. Here come the man



Fancy closing dinner cruise on the Classic Chaophraya River

If you have followed my blog for quite sometimes, I write about Chaophraya every so often as that's one of the spots I love the most in Bangkok. The sun, the breeze, the water flow. It feels good to just be there.

This was my first time ever going on a cruise, having dinner and it's not a normal one. The one with the biggest crew I think I would ever be with and know almost all of them.

Food was ok but the vibes, you can't beat.





About the last night

Before the final night, it's Saturday! You know what that means #beersaturday you #beersaturday. Hosted by @detlev. Quite a good amount join. Again, at the hard to beat vibe kinda craft beer place by the Chaophraya River.

Street food for a bit before ended up in on the crazy Khaosan Road. I'm not a party animal or nothing but I stuck around. Love being there. Love seeing it. I think Gandalf is the same, he doesn't even drink. He just loves the vibe!

@arcange @andywon31 here come again Bart, Polish the Engrave guy but dunno the Steemit handle dang it! Rainy(?), Philippino, TravelFeed girl and.. dang it! @stoodkev and @gtg

@detlev leaving tomorrow and won't be able to join the closing dinner! That's sad! You see how awesome it was!!



About the last day

Dutch Pancakes and Art. The collaboration by @ocd and @creativecoin. A bit of pancake as I got a butterfly in my stomach. Too excited to be around Steemians lol A bit of the art and mostly, hung out with Viggo, the boy of the fest <3



Third night by the river

It gotta be the river!

This was quite a relaxing and fun night. So much good food, unlimited booze. I'm #dead after 2 beers but I love to say it anyways 'unlimited booze'. Not much of a breeze so it was dang hot but I guess, the music and the laughters got it all handled.

If you haven't watched this epicly funny vid, do so and feel the vibes!

The rest of the night really just mingled, tinkled..

@bitrocker2020 seems serious on the blockchain but seriously, one of the nicest, funniest ones. Then Joy @joythewanderer and I. I think we have a thing lol We say 'I love you' and we wear same stuffs on the same days (Not just a day, seriously), we have the same Steem Crush and I was like, how?? @lizanomadsoul and @livinguktaiwan I don't think we have a proper photo together ever but this counts I guess :D




@robinron taught me how to pose like Norwegian snob nowadays and we did it together. How adorable that pose is and I'm thinking of using it more often. @dimitrydao as known as the Dao guy lol actually it's his Steem proposal but still, the Dao guy. This one is another one that's way too funny :D He thought he's like Barney in How I met your mother : Always looks good in photos but hey, I actually got an epic one



See!! It's the Daoguy Stinson !!!!!

And seriously, wouldn't you be a bit scared to see this many people walking, talking somewhere in the middle of Bangkok and they're not even a Chinese tour group. #wow, I said it.

@gamer00 and the son from Finland. Sure a pleasure to meet. They're such a passionate Steemians and the boy even said so, he wanted to attend the next Steemfest! I'm like, 'Whoa!' Easy boy.. :D



Conference Day to at Grand Postal building

Surprise, surprise! Life is full with surprises and whoa, I didn't actually think @ace108 is @happydolphin who I have been talking to quite a lot through the comments this last year. We finally met and that was a great surprise!!

I was like, 'Take one photo with my tatt, it's a dolphin!'

Then @travelgirl this lady with her baby skin. Like, really, how can people have that nice and smooth skin?! Came along with that sexy Australian accent :D I'm jelly!

@derangedvisions and his wife @faitherz33 We hadn't really talked much at all but still, I'm glad we met finally!




Did I tell you it's that easy to catch their attention

But no, it's not easy to really get them on board and keep them here with us. This one guy whom I assume he's a staff.. Since he knew I'm Thai, he's asked so much about the fest and the blockchain itself. He looked quite confused but still seemed interested so..


Conference Day 1

That one day of load tons of fun.. Maybe I was so nervous or too excited of meeting. I didn't even snap anything both from the conference and the bowling night but hey..

I think I won some prize that night lol

Not really but still, I'm proud to have it :D


Opening drink

The most nervous of all the nights but turned out, I liked it tons. Met so many faces I hadn't met and a lot that we had actually been talking for quite sometimes so.. It's fun to finally met all in one spot for the very first time..

To experience the night at its best, follow this link to read the full version of DAY1 Steem Fest Report | H u n g o v e r written




There, the end to the beginning where it all started

Back to the normal life and it really feels empty and weird. I don't know how you all do it but I'm still adjusting slowly. Luckily, there are these small meet-ups here and there after the actual fest. The @travelfeed meet-up last night helped quite a lot.

I am still thinking of either going up north to Chiang Mai or down south to Koh Chang to join a few of them Steemians but you know, still thinking.. One of the most decisive you would ever met in life.

Private sexy little asian meet-up

How brave I said that, like, really. Anyways, this afternoon gonna be a soft meet-up just @joythewanderer and I. Still in the process of healing and that's why it sucks.

Catch you all soon!

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All copy and photos are original content by me.


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What a great review! To bad we've only met like 5 minutes, but at least enough time to say "Hi" in real life :D

Oh my, you gotta come back again soon. Didn't know you guys were leaving that soon, I would have snuck myself into the conver before it happened!

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We didn't know either :D We were just crazy hungry and thought we have to find some food outside. Unfortunately we never returned, ha :D I'll let you know when I'm the next time in Bangkok - To finally try your tea! :))

Yup yup. Let's see how much boba you could handle 💪

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Teammalaysia Big brother is like that, looks serious but alway a fuzzy warm big brother.

So sorry didn't managed to have enough chatting time with you and thank you so much for for being there to guide us all the way. ♥️

Your STEEM tea was magnificent!

Need to gather myself to write all the wrap ups. 😘

Hey once again, no worries at all. I had fun and met so my others. I guess, that's a purpose of it? :-D I will see you all soon anyways so.. 🖤

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Amazing pictures!! Thanks for the picture too :P

Hahaha sorry for not remembering you name. We haven't talked so much that's why but nice to meet you :)

Omg the videos are just so funny !! Love you guys... Hope to see u soon !

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Hahaha they so were 🖤💙🖤

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beautiful impressions!

Thanks!!! 🙃

Posted using Partiko Android

excellent photos with lots of smiling faces. I went on one of those river cruises about a year ago and really enjoyed it but yeah, the food is just average on those things. :)

There's this idea that next Steem fest should be on those Titanic kinda cruise. Imagine all day all night moving on the ocean and no commuting. That would be so dope.

Are you attending the Travelfeed meet-up? Please do, Jurgen is the coolest and it will be fun if you gotta meet IRL. Would love to meet you this time but too bad didn't happen! :-)

Posted using Partiko Android

yes, i am attending both of them. I have been speaking to him on discord and actually did some promotional work for him in Chiang Mai. Hopefully some people turn up!

I'm gonna have to come down to meet you and get some boba tea, i am moving away from Thailand in Feb of next year :(

Oh no!!! Even less of us here in Thailand! I might go up there before you leythe country or something. The boba shop has been being closed and probably till new year 🦍🦍

We will soon cross paths !

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Hey, how can I get a hold of you ? LINE?

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm not gonna post my Line information here, but i think we spoke on discord and partiko already once. lemme have a look. gooddream#8875

discord Added :)

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It has been amazing to see your smiling face in so many pictures @waybeyondpadthai! So sad we couldn't meet and hug, but I do hope we'll have another chance at some point in the future.

I wish you strength for the coming days, I remember how burned out I felt after SteemFest, you really live on a high for these few days and then suddenly fall in a deep deep well - crashhhh.

Digital hug!

I don't dare posting my crying photo that why LOL #joke

Yeah, that down time. I talked to a few people and luckily, not just me.

We met for long enough to find out we live, like, 5 minutes from each other!
Hopefully, see you soon - you could teach my daughter to blog ;-)

Hahaha I would so love to!!! I love kids!!!

Nice to hear about a successful Steemfest. I will try to attend next year.

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SF seems so fun...
So jealous for not being there.

Btw, can you recommend me some places in Bangkok to have this one. I really want to tryyy.

There are all over and I think there's not such one that's sooooo better than the other.

Lemme know where you will be and I will find the closer ones to you.

Are you guys already here? Did oppa come too??

Posted using Partiko Android

haha. oppa wont come. I'll go with my colleagues next week. supposed to stay in 80 Surawongse Road, Bang Rak.

Ask local foodie like you will be much better than searching on the internet. lol.

Lol I just know where I eat, not the whole Bangkok really. I will look it up for you and oh noooooo , no oppa!

Posted using Partiko Android

Just tell me where you eat then. haha. Thanks a lot in advance. :D
Oppa now is super busy with his business. Hard to see him :)))

Hang!!! What day are you coming again? I think I'm gonna miss you! I suddenly just booked a ticket to the US! I couldn't control myself but here's the one quite close to you :

Awn. thank you a lot for recommendation. we will have a lot of chances to meet later. enjoy your trip, Mo.

Thanks Hang! You do the same! <3

Hey @waybeyondpadthai, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Hi.. Thank you for sharing our picture.. Was nice meeting you and yes I'm sorry I didn't know ur from Thailand.. But we are still friends right?? :P

And the cutie between you and gandalf is @aishwarya :P

I was just mocking you lol

Did you watch the video. Do so, you're one big part in it 🥬🥦🌽🍅🥑🥒🥔🥕

Posted using Partiko Android

will be checking now.. was held up with travel..

Haha.. glad we finally met and i am also @brewery now.

New project. :-)

Looks like it was a good time. I really like the bridge in image #10! 😮 🌉

Thanks! The cruise dinner was nice :)

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What a awesome and funny review you made me feel like i was there and i wish i had of been but unfortunately work called me well it was still fun and interesting to see some faces to the names. Thank you so much for showing us a interesting few days with everyone and looks like you really enjoyed yourself 🙂

Too bad you could not make it ! It's just right here where we live 🙃🙃 anyways, there's always next time and glad you enjoyed the post!

Posted using Partiko Android

I know people traveled from far to be here but my work just had to spoil it for me nothing i could do to get out of next time my friend 🙂

Empty yes and it was sad to say goodbye to everyone but there will be always another Steemfest! But we're filling the void, we're meeting the two French Steemians from the meetup tonight in Chiang Mai. Bubble Girl - you're a blast!

Ohhhhh that's dope! They even followed you there. There's gotta be something so special about this travelfeed thing I'm sure lol

Well you did too to some extend, heheh!!! See you later!!!

Thank you for your Boba Tea
And the recommendation for our stay
And just hanging out with us
You are awesome <33

Heyyy you're welcome and hope to see you again so soon <3

Here's to another meetup soonish <33

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Just finally catching up all posts since Bangkok and came across this one. Love all the pics and HahAhaha you still mentioned my skin 😂😂😂. It was great to meet you and I hope to see you again soon - hubby is way jealous of the stuff I ate this time in Thailand so he is hinting of another Asia trip next year 😬😬

Once settle in the US , I think it's time to do some catch up too and f yeah, Thailand, Thailand, Thailand 🙃🙃💛

Hiho @waybeyondpadthai,

what a great write and what a great person.

As I love travel Asia, I read a few of your posts before and as we met at SteemFest, I saw what a nice and powerful person you are. Now even this post with so much emotion and so many great pics.

Thanks again for the support to find the right spot for the #BeerSaturday by confirming my draft idea of location and here a bit of !BEER where you might even „drink“ more than two.

Hope to see you soon again

What a compliment hahaha thanks to you and yes, we will see each other someday :)

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If someone did a good job - I like always acknowledge this.

Many people talk to much about the things which didn’t work, but I like to focus on the positive!