Steem Fest Report | H u n g o v e r written

That's when I was real tipsy.. No, let's just go with freakin' drunk

I think people do it from the beginning to the end.. Let's do it backwards.

End of the night, I called Grab Bike (Motorbike taxi) sitting there waiting with my head spinning like, dude, it really wanted to just dump itself on the ground but I tried not to let it.. Then @celestal came down just right before I left, so here we go 3 people on the motorbike in the middle of the night in Bangkok. That's a Thai lifestyle you gotta experience.


Ok, from 3 truths 1 lie if you've ever read it ever, you know I have my Steem CRUSH(es)

Since @adetorrent really just ditch me this year, @kevinli's staying in the same bed with @buttcoin, @kevinwong not coming this year - Here's the new boy just got the spot @koolitime, son of @nateaguila. We're together most of the night.. Like, seriously. Then just right before the night ended, he said 'Just leave me alone already Padthai!' No, he didn't. He's cute and real quiet with that killin' smile you would actually melt if you stand close enough to him.

I will team him up with @lukestokes kid today. They could be the Young cool-kid Steemians gangster.



Here the Asian power puff girls

LOL, we didn't mean it really but I didn't see any other races in the pic so, start with my (not like mine-mine but you know what I mean) , little one!, @steem-queen probably the youngest Steemian alive. She let me hold her for the very first time ever!..

The rest : The Beauty of Asia :D @kobold-djawa, Jana's mommy. @joythewanderer SHE LOVES ME I swear to god lol @joannewong, @khimgoh @vaelriey, my wing girl of the night


No, there gotta be more her

The cutest of all Steemiverse and Milky Way

No, not really related but I had way too much alcohol and my brain still let my hands do whatever they want to.. This is a great hangover.. and I can't wait to play with her again today <3



This is not a vlog, it's a random video I sent @kevinli and asked if he wanted to come join

A group of Steemians went for some dinner.. It's a mess. The video I mean, messy video and no point of me putting this but it's pretty random and you'd be like 'wtf' and I like that.

See, @bitrocker2020's smile LOL

I sat by @jpphotography and @for91days.. Who knows with his epic travel content, @for91days would be that freakin' funny. He is. He so is.

Gifts! I got some gifts

Little candies from @kaerpediem (First time I spell her name right without taking another look at some other places, wait, was that right..)

Little bunny from @khimgoh did tell you she looks so Taiwanese. By the way @stoodkev lives there. Again, not too related but you know, it's fun to semi-free write

Little bag of Malaysian snack from @littlenewthings

I can't believe they're all older than me. We're like the same age!




Last night was smooth..

I have talked to so many more but where was the camera last night ??! Thought I was gonna be more nervous and not gonna be able to talk with a lot of them but hey, I think it's getting more fun.

It's already 8!!!

Let's just shower and meet you all so soon 🖤

Again, I wish you came! @adetorrent

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All copy and photos are original content by me.


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Hahaha, we had soooo much funnnnnn.. Wing girl, I like that.. @nateaguila kids is so cool! I like his hairs.

Like Ned's hair lol

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Damn this looks like a ton of fun !!! And I'm only 65 km away from it :( Wish you many more great days of this funfest!!!

Even not for the fest, just come join us afterwards for Koh Chang, Chiang Mai, travelfeed meetup or whatever.. Please come! Steem needs more great photos and of course, you!

Ha! I'm very tempted to join the Saturday event! This week was packed with meetings and so is the next, absolutely no chance to take any days off! But on the weekend I hopefully find a way to escape! :D

#beersaturday 18:00 Khaosan Road! We will also go for some food and all during the day hopefully so please come! :D

Alrighty! I also just talked to some of the Travelfeed guys. I like Beer, can't miss that ! :D

Yayay! Will finally meet you this evening!

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Haha, thanks for hangin’ out with the kid. I know he enjoyed it.

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I so hope so :)

This looks like so much fun already. I'm so sad I can't make this steemfest😭😭. Please continue to share more wonderful moments with us. Thank you

Thanks! and yes, that's too bad you couldn't make it! and again, thank YOU!

That was a very entertaining jumbled read. Sort of allowed me to experience the steem fest vibe.

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it !:D

looks like everyone there is having the best time ever

For me, it's been on and off but over all, I love it :)

Hahaha, thats fabulous! Looks like everyone your with is having an awesome time in Bangkok! Stay smashed and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity making some awesome memories! I hope to one day attend, its on my bucket list!! upped 💯 and resteemed 😍👍😜

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Hey thanks! I'm sure you will attend one day. It's one every year and maybe next year it will be in your hometown! O.o

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Happy I made you laugh but I was really not trying to ... hahahah!

Naturally funny..

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