Gearing up for Lisbon [@sndbox Presentation at STEEMFEST 2]

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STEEM Fest Bound...

I'll see you in Lisbon! @hansikhouse and I are flying out from New York City to Lisbon this week to present at STEEM FEST 2. A yearly conference and mega-meetup for the STEEM Blockchain community (and other cryptocurrency / blockchain experts as well). It is sure to be an exciting week filled with presentations, hackathons and IRL hello's! I'm really looking forward to meeting you all in person.

Presenting Sndbox + STEEM Park

I'm super excited to have the opportunity to present! During co-presentation, Michael and I will be showcasing the work of our Sndbox. We'll describe what this "Community Incubator" is all about and some of the projects that have come out of it so far. There's a lot to discuss within a 20 minute timeframe so we'll do our best to cover the essentials... STEEM Park, NYC Meetup activities, Sndbox programming and member projects, Steemit-wide engagement and empowerment, and some very exciting future Sndbox initiatives that have yet to be revealed. 2018 is going to be a big one.

@hansikhouse and I will also be talking about essential strategies and lessons that have emerged in the journey to establish Sndbox as a core part of the Steemit ecosystem. We want to encourage the adoption of our resources and tactics for anyone to leverage blockchain technology for real-world impact. Here are a few snapshots of what we'll be talking about...

Steemit Resources


Steem-Powered Community Impact

Sndbox Looking Forward

See you in Portugal. For those unable to attend this year there will be a live-streaming option so you can tune in! Check @roelandp's page for any and all updates as we barrel towards Day 1! STEEM on!

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That's a great news @voronoi. Hope you and @hansikhouse enjoy yourselves in the STEEMFEST 2 and also meet other great steemians.

Looking forward for your updates. ;)

hi @voronoi, thank you for share, I like your post, hope you are also willing to see my blog, I really appreciate it🤗, @myaceh

really looking forward to tuning in via livestream. safe travels and have a fantastic fest! I can't wait for some conversations post-steemfest in NY.

good good

steem park looks cool :D

Have a safe and wonderful trip!
I'll be waiting for your updates from Lisbon! :)

i underpin you and @hansikhouse.

Awesome to meet you in person @voronoi cant wait to see you speak