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RE: SteemFest๔ Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - Let's go Bangkok!

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I think it's a good time to make this suggestion concerning #Steemfest 4.
We're sure that 90% of steemians won't come.

I plead that plans be made for #SteemfestProceedings to contain text format of lectures that will be delivered. The proceeding should be such as could be published in pdf format and may be purchased by those who may not join. It could serve as a more formal documentation of the conference which could be cited in Academic papers and ors.

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Hi Uyobong, thats a great idea!

Just like the previous 3 steemfests however, we have planned livestreaming all talks. And just like the previous 3, all those talks will be cut into dedicated videos and posted on our !

thank you for your suggestion.

Tank you for your response @Roleandp.
We know how videos could consume data. It could be quite very costly for some persons in countries like Nigeria and ors to watch the livestreams. But am sure that we can easily download KBs or MBs of pdf documents even if it means paying a few Steem for it. I think it would make more sense and could be a way to raise STeem to support #Steemfest. I am on the readiness to take Steem to academic institutions around me, Proceedings of such Conference will make much sense and it will make STeem blockchain an area of research interest for academics.

I'm sure if such notification is given to the speakers, they could start making up the text format of their presentations which will be presented at the conference.

Besides, I woudn't mind volunteering in the Editorial Team for the #SteemfestProceedings

Thank you.

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