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RE: Meet the Steemians Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

in #steemfest3 years ago

Nice Contest, but in my opinion the Gold/Silver/Bronze bonus points are overvalued, for instance I got kicked down from #12 to #23 due to the bonus points. I'm not complaining about my rank and I also don't care about the lower reward, but it feels weird when you fall behind someone where you have almost two and a half times as many scans (example: RemyHuxley #19 with 12 scans, myself #23 with 28 scans). In my opinion it would be better if for example Gold moves you up 5 positions, Silver 3 postitions and Bronze one position.


Yeah I also went from 10 to 14 and so out of the big rewards :(

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And I missed your 10 bonus points even I've scanned you :-)

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