TimTravels - SteemFest² | Aftermovie!

in steemfest •  last year

The waiting has finally come to an end!

The SteemFest² aftermovie is finally out! I am proud to present you my version of the SteemFest². It took me longer than I expected since this is one of my very first videos I shot and I definitely lack practical experience. But in the end I think this has become a masterpiece and makes fun to watch.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and tissues cause you will cry, missing the good times! Are you ready? Play!

Did you enjoy the video? Leave a comment and tell us what you think! P.s.: In the meantime, I am uploading the raw video files so that you guys can make your own version!

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Thanks for sharing. Did you know, the more you clap your hands, you are increasing your health acc.to yoga.


Is this true? wow, love that!


Yes, that is why the two hands are joined for many actions including namaste and prayer


I didn't know that. I need to further investigate. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking information.


wow awesome moment friend.....


Lol nice


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@basilMarples, is that you in the bordo color shirt?

Holy Shit Tim! This is Incredible!

  • I love the pacing of the video, the drone shots were super awesome. You compiled it all really well and shudang, you made SteemFest look Badass!

  • I also laughed pretty hard when I heard the little snippets of The SteemBirds popping out from underneath the main soundtrack "trending, trending" 🎶


Hey Jay! Great to hear you enjoyed it. At first it was complicated but once you are in you got the flow. The SteemBirds are legendary!


Thanks Tim! I completely concur with Jay... this video is awesome and looks super professional. The flow is great and the colours are so vivid... total eye-candy! Love the song as well, it really sets the mood. I don't understand how people could watch this video and then not attend the next SteemFest. SteemFest3 FOMO begins now! 😎


SteemFest3 FOMO begins now! 😎

Haha, that's the spirit! Always ahead of the next Steemfest.


Agree! Certainly working towards that one myself


that was really nice


hi bro how are you


You guys look so fine in this vid. No wonder you got tackled by crypto babes on your stay.


You guys looked so cool in this video. @steembirds rock!


it is fantastic ...


Hey Dear Friends. I Did Up vote And i followed You Now Follow Me And Do This Same. Stay Active :)


🎶Trending trending 🎶 ... just like this post and this comment, haha ...


I love your writ

Awesome shots, great wrap up! I'm finding this kind of passion throughout the Steem community and its rubbing off on me as a newcomer. It's incredibly refreshing:)

Loved the video dude! It is AWESOME! All the work you put into getting the shots paid off! Great choice of the track as well. Way to go man!


Great close-up of yours dancing in the front-row :-) That was soooo much funnnn!


Staring FIREPOWER! dude you were rocking Steemfest! Miss you my Indian brother from another mother



EPIC! Beuautiful movie, great shots, such footage. nice ending :) thanks!!!


Your work there was EPIC roelandp! We all have to thank you. See you, not later than SteemFest³³


yeah that was great EPIC@timsaid


Can't wait until Steemfest 3!


steem price please go to 500$

Awesome video @timsaid !
I had to show it to some of my friends and colleagues who had been asking me wth this cryto-event I had been to really was. All the response I have received thus far goes along the lines of "wow that looks awesome!. :)

Great vid Tim! I remember you putting that tag on the LOVE sculpture. Actually, I have a behind the scenes pic of you putting it up.

Breathtaking! Amazing shots, editing, arrangement, everything lol. Did you plan for most of the footages?


Thanks bro! All shots were random lol


@timsaid Like seriously..but it looked professional...Thumbs Up


Ahaha! You just took about 128 hours of random footage is all... ;)


Glad to meet you at SteemFest, Tim. Although we didn't talk much because there was so much going on there. I wish I had more time to stay at the fest. Your video brought all the best memories! Cheers!

Looking forward to the next SteemFest.

Awesome Tim....really enjoyed the video.

Wow! This video is absolutely amazing! You really captured the spirit of Steemfest! 😎😎


@steembirds rock. You guys looked like rock start in this video.


You guys were the spirit!

Incredible video! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Tim. I'd love to collaborate with you to make a YouTube video about travelling through funds made from Steemit. It will be published to my audience of 73,000+ subscribers. Please let me know if you're interested!


Let’s do it! Any mail for me?


Can you send me an email on business@lifeofjord.com and we can sort out the details there :)

Amazing post and very nice song it's really good for our ears and our brain, I enjoyed the end.


Yes you are right,
good platform very interesting in every way, we just need to know how to take advantage of it and also to contribute to its success.

To say that it is delightful, there is nothing to say, I'm under the impression, I want to review more and more, great music is very suitable. All is well done professionally.


Awesome comments
Pls, Upvoted and followed!

Wow Tim, this is the best view I've seen here and the very idea of making a widescreen video is simply flawless! You captured, my friend, all aspects of your meeting, especially it was nice to look at musical party and visit architectural monuments. Thank you for the quality and interesting video :)

actually...though it was lacking of experienced...but everything has happened properly ..and i think everybody enjoyed.with colourfull combination..
thank you..



The more we practice the better we become right? I want to do more videos

what a music i went somewhere else .. beautiful video and the most beautiful thing was the Hand band and clapping .. you did a great work .. following you dear . i wish i could have popcorn so i could more enjoy

OMG! I absolutely love this.

SteemFest2 was crazy good!

That is awesome, very nicely done. I love how you edited the clips to match the slow and fast parts of the song.


I gave my best! Enjoy the show

Amazing work @timsaid, i enjoyed watching every second of this.


I really appreciate your words. Was great meeting you and see you next year

steemfest2....photography ..performance...enjoy.
in this video..
tshirt ,batch, wristband..everything is so nice.
here meet with new people that is amazing with lot of experience

thank's for sharing


wow!!!hot moment. carry on your activity.


I will never stop! Thanks steemit

good to see your post.
It's Amazing, Is this song is sung by you?

1:24- Great drone footage!

Loved the ending too. Couldn't agree more with the previous post of yours when you stated that @quinneakerwas killing it! You can see his creative leadership skills :) Thanks for sharing.


Quinn is the boss!

crazy <3

Simply amazing video mate! Great quality! I was already sad that i could not make SF2, now after watching your video...
But thanks so much to make us enjoy those beautiful moments you all Steemians had together!


After watching the video you cried? I would totally do it lol. See you next year!

Boom, love it! The whole video turned out amazing! You always get the best footage and video skills are definitely given... was a great even though

lovely moments, great memories. thanks


I thank you :)

Amazing video! Well mixed :)
Thank you!


Was pretty hard but worth it


Totally. You're doing as you should.;)


The video is so great, I'm wondering if you were just trying to be humble when you said you didn't have practical knowledge regarding video editing. Watching this makes me realise what I missed, I would not want to miss so much fun again. Nice one Tim, your twitter link brought me here :)


Not humble at all, I have no experience but start practicing to make future travel videos


Wow! Practice makes perfect indeed. That is nice man, keep doing what you're doing. You got a fan 😆


at all....multitasking. double fisted

Chapeau, Tim! That's your master piece 👌
Love every second if it. The @steembirds show looks as if we were all part of a huge concert. Massive!


These guys are amazing! Indeed it was a concert :) thanks and steem on!

Really amazing music and nice video and nice consult and it's amazing you do enjoy it and here you meet with many people .it's awesome video.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Great job there. Beautiful video. Wow you are so skilled, you really have good shots. The ending was so nice.
You mixed well. I think the long wait was worth it. Would definitely watch the video over.
This is the first SteemFest movie i have seen and i cant wait for the next one. More grease to your elbow.


Thanks for the kind words! I also do love the ending, it’s so peacefully! I want to make more videos

nice tunes!

The video is amazing I really enjoy it


Thanks! Great to hear that

I love it 😍!!!! Still waiting for the video from Mallorca 😅


Working on it. It’s the next video

Excellent post!!

Thais is good. Love the video. Stuffs like this give me an emotional connection to steemit. Thanks alot @timsaid

Hayy sir I must say the song were very good and everyone enjoy it and I am really impressed with that you really had put good effort to make this a grate video and there a lot of people and you enjoy it most as I can seee .

You captured the vibe and energy of steemfest 2 the drone footage was just right. Well done. Look forward to seeing the raw footage uploaded.

Woaw what a fest. I wish there is a meeting like that in my country. But Turkey Steemit Community is growind day by day. I hope one day we can arrange a meeting! Maybe a festival :P

Awesome clip :0

wao very joyful movement.


That is awesome.. I hope I will join the next one..

Great article



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Felicidades. Las obras de artes llevan tiempo y el tiempo da la práctica, así que disfruta de tu logro. Gracias por mostrarnos un buen trabajo y siéntete orgullo de lo que has logrado. Felicito a aquellos que no aparecieron en tu video , esos que te apoyaron en silencio y te dijeron que si podías. Éxitos futuros.

I liked his last part, his people seem very happy

Loved!!!!! please, more of this!!!!

Steemit the best place to stay

Dear Tim thanks for sharing an awesome video I cried for two times why I missed that.
Thanks bro.

Steemfest looks awesome!

Just amazing! :D

I hope I can go next year :D

Photos and videos will remind you of steemfest!

"It took me longer than I expected since this is one of my very first videos I shot and I definitely lack practical experience. "

Yeah, bullshit - It came out like you're a pro - seriously well done!
A great Big Picture video showing the whole atmosphere, wish I was there!!


awesome nice post!like it!

Awesome mix of editing and music, and of course the drone shots brings it all together. I loved the face pace of the video and the music, I think if you did similar videos of your travels they would rock. Fantastic work !

Wow Tim! This video is absolutely amazing! All is well done there is nothing to say!

Wooooot ! Way to go , TIm! I'm sure it was a lot of work to put this together.
I loved all the drone short clips, the walks through the city and the end which was EPIC hahah
Well done, sir!

SteemFest² such a brilliant video!

Loved the video dude! It is AWESOME!
great wrap up!..It's incredibly refreshing....

The older man behind the counter is really gettin down!! Haha, awesome. Great video, @timsaid!!

Not gonna lie the man in the white suit looked like Jonny Depp for a second. I was like what? Nooooo~

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

Ay que fiestazon!!! @timsaid
HOW can anyone not want to be part of the next SteemFest?
It feels just like a new area of Fests has begun with this amazing platform!
Let’s all steem-on and be part of this new movement!

Really impressed with all the shots and editing you put into this project! Looking forward to see more from you!

Looks so awesome..... 👍👍👍

Hi.friends. i like it's nice video. Thank you all love you

Wow! awesome video tim...You are quite the chip off the old block
it made me laugh hard...looking forward to more

You did it Tim!

What an amazing video! Love the shots, very clean and fascinating, capturing the essence of steemfest

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

The waiting has finally come to an end!
The SteemFest² aftermovie is finally out! I am proud to present you my version of the SteemFest². It takes me longer than I expected I shot and I definitely lack practical experience. But in the end I think this has become a masterpiece and makes it fun to watch.

Congrats on the first video created at theSteemFest² event. We from Indonesia also enjoy and enjoy it very much. May the future of SteemFest ² be more useful for all, for the world.


Congratulations. Arts works take time and time gives practice, so enjoy your achievement. Thank you for showing us a good job and feel proud of what you have achieved. I congratulate those who did not appear in your video, those who supported you in silence and told you that you could. Future successes

Awesome Video. I like It. ThankS Bro...

excellent video. you have good photography art. felt as if we are there. as you said we missed the fest. thank you.

WOW - Impressive. No Doubt is was an EPIC EVENT - perfectly organised by @roelandp and made a huge success by all valuable contributors.


Isn't it time look forward into the future of the community versus showing again a review of the elite group festivities? Again, again and again!?? I think I saw now at least 500 posts after Steemfest how cool it was, how delighted everyone is, why Steemit is Mooning and more.....

The production is nicely made, no doubt - you have talent @timsaid, no one doubts that as well - but honestly - there are serious things to discuss, at least for the majority of users here which are NOT WHALES like you and your buddies.

Think it is a serious issue that we have a class system, celebrating an event many people were not even close to be able to join. This might not always be the best sign to show community vibes - I am sure it was great and i am also sure a lot good things have been discussed and are planned and might even be implemented. But please consider what some people think outside that fight for their 30 Cents of rewards to pay life bills.

Just my #2cents

Whaaat? We have a fest in steem?
I wish I cloud be steem resident DJ

Great post, keep up the good work and let us see more like this!

Steem fest sounds great! I love that video and song its amazing ✌🏿☺️☺️

Hey congratulations
Your hard work is giving you opportunity
I wish u luck.

yes i want more

Where do I sign up for the next on?

Awesome edit! Your transitions were on point and the video flowed perfect with the music. Nice work!

Me and the wife just got done listening. She said "that guy sure has an amazing voice" We really appreciated his emotion. Have a great evening!

Hi Tim! I wasn't aware you were such a passionate filmmaker. All these talents!

It really seems like you guys had a blast. Is there already a new steemfest planned?

I just published a little trailer about the doc series we are editing for steemit. I'm curious to hear what you think about it!

All the best from New York!

I hope i will also become the parr of this amazing steem fest😊

What an extraordinary post @timsaid
Your shots with drone are amazing.its seems steemfest² was very awesome.
This the result of your hardwork and hardwork pays off .
Again saying ,Your drone shots are such great,totally worth.
Have a good day.

Superb steemfest and great video. Extraordinary work. Well done.

Nice images

very very amazingg ...... wow ... i'm sad and just can see from afar. Hello Lisbon, hello beautiful old town hello people lisbon ... and you are all there really fun are amongst you ...

excellent and quite memorable event for the attendees and for us following up also amazing in Lisboa. Steemfest2 made me know that steemit has a lot of good community real live relationship. I can see our star guy @quinneacker doing his thing...
thanks for sharing this video and like also the background music