TimTravels - SteemFest² Day #Last Day

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Welcome my Steemian friends to the last part of my SteemFest² Lisbon travel recap

It's been a little over a week now since the SteemFest² ended and yet I have so much to show you! In this post you will see some of my lasts shots I took in Lisbon and a little preview of what the SteemFest² video will look like. But more on that later.

Before heading to the finishing dinner I spend some time taking pictures of the sunset over the incredibly beautiful city of Lisbon. Once the sun goes down it turns the city into a golden picturesque scenery. A moment that seems to freeze and let you forget anything.

Lisbon has become one of my favorite city in the world.

No idea how @roelandp found this location but it was amazing! We had our finishing dinner inside a jungle within the city of Lisbon! We heard some motivational speeches, replaced the clapping with whispering "Steem, steem steem, steeeeem....", delicious food and more!

The day after SteemFest² I had some hours to spend until my flight goes back to Germany where I am currently before flying back home. At first I went to the Time Out Market which was recommended to me and I wasn't disappointed! It reminds me of the Timesquare but for food! Many people sitting together and enjoying their food and drinks. I just grabbed a drink and went next to the castle which is on the top of the city.

Castelo de S. Jorge, the name of the Castle where I went to. For 8 EUR you can access the castle and have enjoyed the stunning view over the city.

The SteemFest² video is still in the making, however, I wanted to show you at least the opening scene to get a sense of what awaits you. Fasten your seatbelts, we are taking off!

Steem on,

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Lisbon has also become one of my favorite cities in the world!

In fact I am still here touring portugal looking for land to start up a new project here!

Really nice work you did in a short amount of time here, you were focused and I like that! So great to meet you and hope to work with you again before SteemFest3!


That's so cool you're still there. I'm jealous.


Yea now I am in Spain!

Touring the land looking for abandoned villages and going to some amazing hot springs!

Heading back to the states soon, but not cause I have to, only cause I have The Garden of Eden and my life there is actually much better!

However I am touring land for Eden 2.0 which will be even more way better! ;-)>


Sounds awesome, bro! Peace. Pura Vida!


~~Pura Vida~~

I told you will love Lisbon, everyone get in love when they visit it.
Can you tell me the name of the restaurant with a jungle inside? Looks amazing, i would love to be there one day
Thanks for sharing the experience, i hope you visit north of portugal some day


Estufa frida is the name of the place. And yes you were totally right! It's an incredible city

Hey mate let me know if you'd like to collaborate in some way. Check out my YouTube if you're interested, I'm sure there's something we can do together!


Привет, я новичок в steemit. Поэтому мне нужна помощь от вас. Пожалуйста, следуйте за мной .... https: //steemit.com/@kravtsova

That shot of the garden/pond outside closing dinner is amazing! Nice chillin' with you btw


Was a pleasure to meet you! Looking forward to SteemFest³ or perhaps earlier. Steem on my friend!

Lisbon is really a wonderful place mate! Your photos are amazing as usual...looking at them still makes me feel sad that I could not make it to SF2!
The video intro looks amazing btw, the full one will be awesome for sure!


Hope you make it next time! I'm also sad I had to leave and now I won't be able to travel for quite a long time. But I will post pictures and videos of my hometown instead


I agree Tim! :) Kudos on the photos!

Is there an album (Maybe on Flickr?) where we can view all of them in one go?

Hey @timsaid thanks buddy for the update and your thoughts regarding Steemfest².
Thank you


That's why I am here, to Steem!


Yes my friend @timsaid if everything goes well I will try my best to meet you personally at Steemfest³.
Thanks buddy.

The sunsets in Lisbon are truly amazing and I guess if you catch them from the surrounding hills they are even more stunning. You said you are heading back to Germany, are you originally from there or just living there for a certain period?
I'm stocked for some more drone action :) Cheers !


I am sometimes in Germany but most of the time I'm in the plane or Switzerland

Excellent trip and a wonderful trip, now many participants of this meeting have made their reports and it is very interesting to see your story and photo about the significant event. Thanks Tim, great photos and story!


Thanks for being here! See you at SF3


Oh yeah, I also hope to see everyone together :)

A very voluminous and interesting article, your photos once again prove that Portugal is rich in beautiful places. Thanks to you we saw what you saw.


Thanks for the nice words

wow ! that's it awesome sun-set photo. i like your photo and steemfest intro video .have a nice day @timsaid

Awesome. Really awesome
Look at this beautiful places. The sun, trees and houses . I am not there but I love the view from here :)

Nice work


Thanks, I appreciate

Wow!! The colors in those sunset pics! Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the video!

Tim when are you coming to Ljubljana? :)


I guess soon?


That would be splendid! :) Let me know if you need any info or you want to meet up for a drink! :)

Anyway i would love to see our capital through your eyes and lenses.

The picture I like most is in the image with the sunlight, plus the city atmosphere is so beautiful and clean. You are very lucky.


I agree with you, it's also my favourite shot

Love the pictures! Would love to go there soon!


Pack your bag and move! Lisbon is waiting

I like the drone video the most. It's very short though. I want more.

Beautiful photo :)

Oo very cool post ;)

Absolutely stunning pics! Thanks!

Cool photography! I hope you had fun there ;)

So lovely to see everybody's photos and brimming over enthusiasm after Steemfest, and what a great part of the world to have it. Portugal has been near the top of my list of places to visit for years, great to see some photies.

wow beautiful

Amazing photos

Excellent work, I also invite you to read mine thanks!

You have an extremely healthy perspective.

Great post.

I simply like your post, great content and quality @timsaid

What a wonderful place lisbon
Thanks for sharing

It must have been an amazing experience. I can't wait to see the video.

That beautiful photo over the bright sun in Portugal is something special indeed. Thank you for such a splendid treat!

Hi @timsaid, cause I'm new to steem I wasn't aware of the SteemFest in Lisbon otherwise I would for sure attended too, I'm portuguese living in the beautiful and historical city of Braga, don't know if you have ever been here and if you don't, my recommendation to you is that the next time you come to Portugal consider come here too.
This is a great post, you did an excelent photographic job, congratulations, and a safe return home.
Hope to see more from you
I usually end my comments or posts with "Keep on!" but in your post I will end it, if you allow me, like you do.
"Steem on,

Stunning Photography. Great Work.

Really enjoyed reading this post :)
Wish you all the best on this site and hope you check out a few of my posts and photographs too .
You have my follow ! :* kiss from Croatia

Thank you so much for the really wonderful pictures that are wonderful and charming city
I wish you the rest of a quiet day

hey mate . that post is superb
.. keep it up

The first picture is breathtaking🤓 Very good shot ‼️What camera are you using?

Wow you take great photos. Never been to Lisbon, but you've made me want to look into it as a destination.

Beautiful rooftops! such a picturesque place

Through your pictures we travel with you. It is a wonderful city with many tourist attractions

Good pictures, excellent, I invite you to visit my Blog, greetings

I'm sure there was a lot of fun!

Beautiful photos beautiful city everything is beautiful. I'm so that I coudn't make it to Steemfest.

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This is really amazing photos _

beautiful post.
i am a newcomer in steemit.
I do not know in life steemit.
i need support from you
thank you

Nice post and great images thank you for sharing.

Looks beautiful!! I'd love to go there some day. Thanks for sharing. This puts a smile on my face from a gray, dreary and cold Minneapolis day.

Hi @Timsaid . I am so excited looking at your pictures! They make me go back to 2013 when I had the chance to visit Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto. Lisbon is a charming and welcoming city. Visiting the city produces a sensation of being at home but discovering a new world. Thanks for taking me back there.

Thank you for sharing, I will be there in 1 month, can't wait untill then, your post gave me plenty of ideas !

Great pictures! I’m glad to be back on Steemit after a quiet period! Reading this i would really love to take part in the next Steemfest!

It is an absolutely inspiring post. I'm also trying to do same kind of things. I would be very happy If you checked out my blog :)

steemfest2 was amazing...
you guys did great with loads of photos...artwork...food...meeting folks from around the world...presentations,...etc...Lisboa is amazing and thanks for ensuring those of us that couldnt attend the steemfest2 are updated with wonderful images, stories and videos...

Nice pictures. When are you guys coming to Japan? You have a growing community here you know?

Amazing photos! I read few reports from Steemfest...all of them were great! What to say in the end than 'Steem Steem Steeeeeem.....' :D

Amazing shots! I hope you had a great time! :)

My friend told me that seafood there is bountiful and the sardines pate is extraordinary.

I just really love the atmosphere in this picture

steem on, until the next one.

Great Post from you..Thanks for sharing with us @timsaid

Amazing photos. This makes me want to visit Lisbon even more

This video looks really good, waiting for it.
In the meantime, keep up the good work you are doing there!

Awesome ! Really beautiful place ! Congratulation for this participation !!

Amazing sunset with good camera quality
I tried taking same this morning 🙌😆

Simple WOW , very nice composition photography, awsome keep it up ;)

epic finish to the epic day !!

giphy (1).gif
Wow! that's a wonderful post.

Wow....awesome post great photos t.
. Thanks a lot for sharing.
I upvoted and resteemed.

Wow! Lisbon is truly beautiful... I wish I could have gone to Steemfest, sadly not this year...

There were beautiful, new people, friendships and enthusiasm for further work.

Congratulations @timsaid!
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A TimeOut Market!? :)

wow nice photography @timsaid

This photos are amazing! Glad to follow you...

Find me in @maryresp

Entertaining post. Luv it..

wow very good post and nice pic

I love your pictures from the bird look. Doesn't look like a winter time there. Market looks fab !!! Great @dorotea

Great work UPVOTED, Help spread the steem take a look at my submission for todays challenge I thought you might enjoy!

DAMN @timsaid These shots really captured what it was like to be there. I totally agree, Lisbon really won me over as one of my favorite cities as well. I can't wait to go back. I could really see myself spending so much more time there.

Thank you for your creative deposit into my visual wanderlust fund via your photos!

Looking at the pictures I feel more and more this is an amazing city where it is good to live. Maybe I'll visit some time :)))
Are the trees on the 17th picture cork trees? They look fantastic with their bizarre shapes.

I love Lisbon,Lisbon is really a wonderful place mate!

Thanks buddy.

Thank you for the interesting video and very beautiful photos!
I also like the castle - the views from it are great!

Nice content! Keep it up!

I love the firsts pics, really amazing, and they looks so aesthetics. <3
Greath pictures my friend

Nice picture and story ..

Man Lisbon is a BEAUTIFUL place per your pics. I never would have thought of traveling there, but this just goes to show that 'we can't judge a book by its cover' lol. I hope to notch Lisbon off of my board of travels now lol. Thanks for sharing!!!

Wooooow ! that's awesome photos

The pictures actually capture a lot of the essense of Lisbon. I bet You are missing the good times You have spent there already ehehehe

Nice Post!! I like your Post :)

So beautiful ❤️

Liebe auf den ersten Blick

Beautiful natural light.

SteemFest² Day nice photo

everything on the picture were beautiful! I want to visit there in the future.

Nice my friend pliss vote and follow me