TimTravels - SteemFest² Day #3

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“Everything comes to an end. A good bottle of wine, a summer’s day, a long-running sitcom, one’s life, and eventually our species. The question for many of us is not that everything will come to an end but when. And can we do anything vaguely useful until it does?”

Jasper Fforde

While on the plane towards Lisbon I had this quote in my mind. I knew that I am going to enjoy the next five days, the second SteemFest is waiting but I also knew how fastly five days can past. Was this a reason to worry? Not at all! Cause the last five days were amazing! I am writing this while flying back home, leaving Lisbon and the SteemFest² behind me.

Our little Steemian community is growing with every day and this was already apparent since we were over 300 people this time. I would love to tag every single person that I spent a good time with but the list would be too long. You know who you are!

In this post you will see what happened on the third day of the SteemFest², the grand finale is about to follow in the next days. In the meantime, I am also working on a SteemFest² recap video which should take more or less a week. Some spectacular drone shots are to be expected.

Let us go

@quinneaker you are killing it! Great style and much energy. Was great to finally meet you in person

On the third day we had many talks and performances at the Secret Spot which was located at Estrada Montes Claros. I had in mind to take a group picture of us. Since flying a drone is something responsible and not undangerous at all I wanted to be on the safe side and asked the AAN, Autoridade Aeronáutica for flight permission. Surprisingly they granted me permission within one day and I was officially allowed to fly and take pictures in Lisbon! Of course only within the allowed airspace.

Inside the conference room we heard a lot of interesting talks and presentations which you can find on Youtube. Out of all presentations, this was the funniest and most awkward moment to me.

@roelandp checking whether a picture is safe for work or not

Awkward or not, @roelandp man, you are not from this earth! I know no one who is capable of doing what you can do. Thank you so much for everything you did, do and will do for us. Can you please DM me and tell me where the hell you go and buy your clothes? You always find the perfect outfit. I already wonder what you will pick for SteemFest³.

Of course we also had some great food which still left me hungry. Guess that's part of being in Lisbon? Well I am more or less kidding. Just try to avoid Tapas only when you are hungry.

At night the Steemians met at Suspenso to celebrate the SteemFest and enjoy the night. We had a secret DJ, guess who it was?

Let me tell you one thing, @sneak knows what he is doing! Out of nowhere he appeared on the stage and rocked the show. He brought the Steemians in the right mood and his music sounds forth from the loudspeakers. If you guys plan to mary I suggest @roelandp for the organization and @sneak for the music! I am sorry guys, hope you don't get too many inquiries now.

Tomorrow I will show you what happened on the fourth day! I had a nice photo walk with many people disappearing and much more.

Little sneak peek

See you tomorrow and until then,
Steem on!


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amazing work you are doing very awesome work

My wife and I were there :D


Lol Hi Paolo


That's Pretty Cool!!

there are a lot of people, it should be really exciting!

This aerial group pic is awesome. Now to open it in another tab and try to find myself!

It was nice meeting you! :D


You must be the awesome Steemian standing next to the other awesome Steemian!


Yeah, thats me! :D


It looks like it was an absolutely amazing time! Wish I could have been there.

Wow. Everyone's talking about the amazing time they had at Steemfest! Great drone shots, man. Hey, is it a hassle to carry the drone around?

Hope to see you guys in person at some Steemfest in the future!


It's not a hassle. I carry a backpack where all my equipment fits in.

See you!


Gotcha. Thanks for the quick response!

You enjoy your time in Lisbon.
And we're enjoying your photos in Steemit.

To be honest with you: I envy you

Been seeing so many of the fun SteemFest photos, so jealous and still am. Can't wait to get to the third SteemFest and not miss out!

Man you take a lot of really wonderful photos.

I am so stoked about those drone shots. What an unexpected brilliant series. It really captured so much of the epic highlights of the entirety of SteemFest!

It worked out so perfectly and you really did a fantastic job. It was really great to meet you and though we didn't spend to much time together we worked together very nicely in those short epic moments.

I will defiantly enter one of your photo contests on Steemit one day!

If I don't see you before SteemFest3 keep up the great work and SteemOn!

Excellent pictures! I'm loving the drone shots and @quinneaker is looking like a BOSS! Great stuff

If we have SteemFest in the United States next year I seriously feel like there will be more than 1000 people at it!

I know a lot of us wish we could have been there!

It's good to hear that you spent amazing time in steemfest2.. and thanks for sharing your good experience.. i was searching to read some interesting experiences about steemfest2 from my steemian friends.. photography and interesting writing make me feel i was there.. Long live Steemian community!

Awesome job Tim, sounds like you had a blast.
Roeland's got a very unique dress code indeed.

And the drone shots... In my opinion you can't go wrong with a drone shot.

These photos are amazing!!
You know I did not see the Steemit logo (first picture) when we were there.. ;) I only spotted it now from this perspective!

You can Enjoy your life with lisbian and we ar enjoy your post keep it up.

I missed the photo tour but I had meant to say hi. Had a blast and I completely agree @roelandp is a legend.

Steemfest excellent work

Tim ! Nice to meeting you, it was a crazy week.... Great photos, looking forward to see video

Na endlich :) finally met you! 🐬💃

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Next time I must make this.

Great shots as always, @timsaid and I enjoyed being both one of the people you spent time with and, haha, one of the photo-walkers that got lost. I'll be looking forward to tomorrow's photos and the video also! (Oh, and I love how the balloon photo turned out.)

@timsaid Great collection of pics. will join this fest one day. Keep rocking

Great posts! wish I could have been there!

I wanted to go:)

Wow amazing, The pictures you attached in your steemfest post that was out of this world. I must say you are one of luckiest person who attend the steemfest. keep informing us about the enjoyment that you lived in steemfest

what an excellent publication. I felt your nostalgia as if it were me ... moreover, I even felt that I was also in that SteemFest2 ... Thank you for allowing us to live those moments through your experience. Congratulations for those excellent photographs, especially the aerial view of the group.

it's awesome photography :)

What an amazing event mate! Time really flies and the 5 days went so quickly...looking forward to discover more on SF2 via your awesome post!
Bring on SF3!!!

Were you on stage behind @roelandp? :) You manage to capture the atmosphere from the even in your post, I think it was the best out of the three

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Thank ýou
It was an excellent review

Help me please upvote my post


Wrong way Sir

awwww! Love this post. Miss you guys already. It was so fun spending time with you! :)

Oh I love these drone shots! Great concept, Tim.
It was a pleasure meeting you in person, also I appreciated your tips regarding the drone. I really have that feeling Santa Claus will bring one to me on Christmas :-))
See you around!

Great Series @timsaid, hope to meet you at Steemfest3 :-)

Great post......this post is witnessed that you had a great time in steemfest.

Thanks for sharing steemfest journey with us👍

wonderful work bro.

Awesome job Tim! So cool seeing familiar places from totally different perspectives now that folks are unloading their camera rolls.

I live the fly it is a pieces of art. follow resteemit upvote @dorotea

Your pictures are awesome Tim! looking forward for the video :D

Tim, nice to meet you :)

Wow !
Amazing !!

Sounds and looks like a great time expect for the part about the food leaving you wanting more. Maybe next year they host it in a country that over feeds us, like Brazil. Would you go again?

😍😍😍😍 I liked the photos. very professional.😍😍😍😍


They say " Steemfest Was the first that was amazing festival Event in their whole life ! "

Rockon Babes ! :) Keep partying :D

beautiful aerial shots. It is a nice location. and I'm seeing them for you tobe.

haha this is really awesome loved it :D

I giv u vote u cn giv me vote n lik my videos n i follow u n follow me plz plz plz

Very cool shots Tim!! I love the drone shots!
It was awesome meeting you out there!

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Something new, something special to see it from above. Great shots, well done !!

Thanks for sharing @timsaid. Upvoted.

This steemfest stuff is fantastic. When can we expect new accounts to be approved though? I started right before this steemfest stuff. took less then a day. I know people that have been waiting the past two weeks and nothing?


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Excellent work!

damn, really wanted to see those in super high res :D

Congratulations ! You have produced 1 kWh of solar energy.

Very good post, a very memorable trip with the team. I keep on following every trip and your post, hopefully the next trip will be fun and your days are full of inspiration.

I admire your photography skill a lot, simplicity it all matters. I always wanted to join a steemfest after looking on so much of the photos on steemit. Hopefully one day I'll be there :D

Check me out? @explorernations where I blog about travels and food. Also sometimes about my life ;) Cheers

wonderful written bro

@roelandp quite did a good job on steemfest of course @timsaid what do you expect? @roelandp is a man of panache, im actually suprised he could rock the dance floor too.

Nice update on the concluded steemfest

When is the next one? This is freakin' awesome.

This is sooo dope ..just live the angles from which the shots were taken.
Wonderful...you sure are a talented photographer!!

Really nice vibes there! Being a part of Steemit is exciting, but it seems that when steemanians gather in real life, the excitement takes a whole new level. Thank you for sharing <3

back upvote my post and follow me

Awesum Pics, clearly seems that people had Great time!!!

thanks man. Frickin busy now with marriage requests :P hey.... i got it here: https://www.newdstudios.com - but rest assured I never wear good outfits but these just looked fricking epic so I ordered the 3 pack.

Nice pics and content

I absolutely love this shot!

Your really hit the lines on this one. My photo of the day! upvoted !

@timsaid that is awesome. I wish to attend the next steemfest. Please do take your time and check on @travelguide post https://steemit.com/review/@travelguide/best-camera-drone-best-for-photography-and-video-review

nice post on steemit dear weldone

Good Work You success in life i know that because you are honest @timsaid

In the 3rd photo, I thought the shadows spelled Steemit- spent ages wondering!

this work so nice one

Hey tim, was good hanging with you at steemfest2. I enjoyed watching and learning how your drone works when we went to the castle. Hope your doing well!

That was quite a trip through the eyes of your droan. Wonder how these wonderfully remote venues are found? Thanks for your take on the steemfest. Looks like it was a lot of fun. 🐓🐓

Great pics! It's nice to have been in some of them and to have stood in all the places they were shot from. Thanks

The one with @quinneaker is too cool.

Really love the ideas and post i am now following 100% for sure loving Steemit now following