Back to reality… But what a weekend it was!

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I got home from Steemfest last night around 11.15 PM only to realise that I’d somehow forgotten my keys at the Volkshotel, but it didn’t even upset me as I was still buzzing from an incredible weekend. Fortunately my parents were still awake and were able to come to my rescue with a spare key so my reunion with my bed was only delayed by 30 minutes!


I suppose people are getting tired of hearing about how great Steemfest was but I’m gonna have to join the chorus. It truly was an awesome event and massive props to @roelandp for organising it, his very patient wife (and cute baby) for letting him do it and of course his big crew of helpers who made sure everything went along smooth as could be, Freddy, @firepower, @sjennon and everyone else, great job.

The power of community

What this event really brought home for me was the diversity of people that Steem has brought together, and the incredible feeling of community it has fostered. Here were people from 30 different countries, most of whom had never met before in real life, of wildly differing ages and walks of life getting along famously thanks to a platform that only 6 months ago had barely gotten off the ground. What we all experienced this weekend can only be described as special, and I’m very grateful to @ned and @dantheman for having brought Steem into the world, as well as the dev team slaving away behind the scenes.



Shoutouts to the always smiling @liondani and his wife Maria and all the rest of the Greek crew you guys are awesome, @skapaneos, @steemychicken1, @mariandavp and @andrianakout, @pkattera and @dbrock for some intense web dev discussions, @riverhead, @blocktrades and @xeroc I wish I’d gotten to talk to you more, @cass and @roy of course for their amazing designs and burritos, @knozaki2015 the drink master, @wingz and his kingly beard, @jonnybitcoin the Dutch like tiny beers eh, @saramiller and @everlove with their amazing energy, @andrarchy and @fabio who man-hugged to clear up a discussion gone wrong, the French crew @fabien and @ekitcho and @picokernel, @arcange and his wife.

@tatianamoroz who held a great concert, @kevinwong a man of many talents, @steemrollin who will be hosting the next Steemfest in California (right?), @mrs.steemit and @lisadang always looking fab and being on top of things (except for travelling that is!), @anyx, @onceuponatime and all the other Canadians, @nanzo-scoop the best-looking football bookie you’ll ever see, @sneak the most extrovert introvert I’ve ever met, @furion who never ceases to amaze me, @pharesim and his awesome dog, oh and @blueorgy of course and so many more I can’t think of off the top of my head. You were all awesome, thanks for being part of this weekend and making Steemfest what it was!

Despite having met a ton of awesome people there were still many I never even got a chance to talk to, so I hope I’ll see you all again next time around, wherever it may take place. I’ll be there that’s for sure!



Thanks SVK for the write up. Did you contact the Volks already or should I have it arranged? let me know.

Thanks also for the generous support from you which enabled SteemFest for such an (incredible) low price towards many users.

I'm just proud to have been able to contribute, you did all the hard work! I did contact them but they hadn't found any keys that could be mine so I guess I might have misplaced them elsewhere.. Oh well, I have spares anyway so it's not a big deal.

I enjoyed it so much to met people I respect after so much time!
And honestly my expectations was exceeded by far! It was nice to met you Sigvik!

PS How can I not smile with svk in front off me ? :)

My expectations were blown out of the water too, it really was a great weekend :)

Looking forward to seeing you again in the future, if you ever want to come to Norway just give me a shout!

same goes for you when you want to come to Greece ;)

Great impressions, thanks for sharing your thoughts @svk!

glad you made it home alright. the consensus is in for everyone: it was a weekend to remember

Yes, and sorry I totally forgot to mention you! Your name's too hard I guess, can I just call you Raz? :)

haha. no worries, man. Raz is perfect. We share the burden of an unpronounceable name, only you were more inspired in your Steemit handle!

I'm glad to hear your voice in the Steemfest song! I look forward to ever deepening conversations with you at the next events. Thank you for all you do for our beloved Steemit!

I hope you get the key back safely. Didnt had a chance to speak with you at the Steemfest but there will be always the next one!!

Thanks, I'll be ok with my spares though :) You're right you're one of the people I didn't get a chance to talk to, but next time for sure!

Ser voo ka!! Haha, great meeting you. Really enjoyed our mix of technical and ridiculous conversations. Truly was a great weekend :)

Haha that was definitely one of the many highlights of the weekend: you shouting "ser voo kaa" every time you saw me :D

Ey man, we had some laughts talking about curation rewards right? lol (Mataaaaaaaa)=idol
It was lovely to meet you btw I just voted you for witness, also riverhead, blocktrades, delegate.lafona, rolandp, smooth and anyx. I didnt vote before before since I didnt know anyone, only chitty because we interacted some in the steemchat. You all seemed very trustfull guys and in regards to smooth i trust all people's criteria since I dont know him

Yes, I was actually trying to find you on here but kept typing gorgon, gergen, gorgen etc! I loved that talk about mata and don't forget pumpkin!

oh yes, that was a fascinating story as well!

You are the reason I and several others could make it! Thank you for going out of your way to support the conference @svk! I'm glad you made it back home and I hope you get some rest too!

Pleasure meeting you too man! It was an awesome weekend indeed :)

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@svk Very good post! Thank you for sharing this. Followed and voted! You follow me @Sandra16 Regards!

Another great summary... why are there no pictures of @pharesim dog?

Now that's a good question, maybe because everyone was too busy petting it? :)

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