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RE: STEEMFEST MINNOW: All expense paid trip to STEEMFEST

When you say minnow I think the rules should be expanded to consider older steemians who have kept on here even when the price of stem was cents. There are so many of them on here, they have only amassed followers because of how long they hav been here but when you check their accounts they are minnows and I exclude myself as I say this. There is a ton of older steemians who wished they could be in the first steemfest and mayb couldn't cos they were new at time and would wish they could take part in this as they actually minnows and really struggle too but can't take part because their followers count mag have exceed 500. They would so love to have a chance at this conspidering that they were here all along when it was all tougher and that they missed out on Steemfest one. Again I will exclude myself to speak for the others.


If there's a good case I guess I can make an exception.

Hi @aggroed, @abh12345 was able to make an entry, though he has more than 500 followers there was process to find him among others and he does have a good story, he was also here long before steemfest 1 and he is still a minnow.

I saw. I'll make a post announcing all the contestants. It's very likely he'll be included.

Really nice aggroed, thank you!

Did the "Hard Fork" help fix any of these issues? I mean, is time being on the platform of more value or the quality of the content posted? Anyway - I followed you for no other reason that you seem like you know STEEMIT inside and out and I've only been on a few days.

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