SteemFest Interview Series: @Chhaylin

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@Chhaylin shares insights in Daoism, libertarian anarchism, seasteading and

Recorded at SteemFest 2016
Saturday 12 November, Amsterdam (Tobacco Theatre)

Interview / footage by @futurefood
Animation intro / outro by @juanmiguelsalas


Good interview!
I enjoyed @Chhaylin talk at SteemFest on seasteading. It was one of those talks where I continued to think about the concepts discussed days later.

That's very kind of you @opheliafu! We haven't talked to each other at SteemFest, but I would like to let you know that I and my brother (@chhayll) admire your artistic skills. I also remember at Xeroc's talk on blockchain that we were sitting next to you, and we thought that your notes taking technique was extremely cool.

That's awesome! Thank you for sharing. :D

I purely HATE videos (can't hear) but I'll watch this one cause of the subject matter. Perhaps if i turn the speakers up REALLLY loud? (it's one is asleep nearby...not the normal occurrence since I'm a night owl)

huh? what'd he say?
Distributed Autonomous Organisations?
sounds GOOD.

did he say steemstead?
damn...I wish there were either subtitles or transcripts for these things.

I'm sorry for not speaking too clear (and maybe too fast). I said "Seastead". With Daoism, I meant that Chinese philosophy founded by Laozi and most famous for its Yin and Yang symbol. ;)

In case you would like to know more about Seasteading, you can find my previous post about it here

I also wrote a piece about Daoism and its association with Libertarianism here

NOT our fault.
It's all on me.
Old age....hard of hearing...and stuff.

check my latest post too! hOh people - unite!

that being said, it has subtitles now!

@everittdmickey I'm really sorry... I hope someone finds time tonight to write down the script...

edit... I just typed along this video so you now have english Closed Captions... Just hit settings on this video at the CC button bottom right.

Thanks @chhaylin for the talk, really nice!

roeland you know how much this means for me too. thanks a lot.

@everittdmickey I will see if i can have the other ones CC'd in english as well.

Excellent! Thank you @roelandp for the subtitles. :)

We need a @transcriptscontent account! :D

how could i miss you and your talk at steemfest !
i have some nice ideas to share.. been thinking about that for so many years ;)

hope we'll be able to talk in the next event @chhaylin !

Yeah, I'm always interested in discussing ideas! Hope we can meet each other then @ekitcho. There have been so many people at SteemFest with so many great ideas I haven't talked to.

Hi @Chhaylin - you seem like my type of person. I have an interest in Seasteading. Are you able to share a link to your Steemfest talk?

You can view my SteemFest talk here. I edited it - cut out some "ahhs" and "uhms" so it becomes easier to follow. I've also added subtitles. ;)

Be sure to start at 3h 14m 50seconds.

You're right @chhaylin, the much better solution is to write / design / show the tech that will enable a different (or better) kind of lifestyle :)

love your non stop optimism man!!

Good to know that you agree with me on that. :)

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Great interview @chhaylin and it was cool to meet you in Amsterdam!

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