The Day-to-Days - Bangkok flights are BOOKED!

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I got to prepared my ass for 10 hours of sitting because my BKK flights are booked!

I am more than excited to be a part of Steemfest once again. Spot me at the check-in for I shall receive you with swagger.

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My dates

I will arrive a bit before SF for preparation and will arrive a bit after SF for some spontaneous plans. What are you up to?

"Hey, welcome, here's a map, don't lose your wristband"

If you don't recognize me already, you certainly will this year.

Sjennon Merch

What merchandise shall I get this year? Last year I bro-ed out in my sweater and even gave one away! But I am pretty sure Bangkok doesn't let me hang out too much in my sweater. Any ideas? Would love to have your input! And hey, maybe also this time I will be walking around with your name on my chest wink wink.


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer. Born and raised in Amsterdam, living in Berlin.
I write about travel, Steemit, design, food, life and any thoughts I have!


Ooo was thinking about a hat/cap too!

I used to have a cap but I lost it during my last trip :'(

I am trying to get there as well but not sure yet

Please come! It won't be the same without you!

That’s so sweet but it’s not so easy financially under circumstances. It also depends if I need surgery before or after the fest. I will know by sept.18. It’s great to know you can go 🌺😘

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Hey, you're back! Been a while since you posted in Steemit haha 😂. Merch, how about a cap, or umbrella if that's even possible I guess 🤔

Well, I drop in every now and then, but yeah - definitely not often.. Life has been quite busy recently, so also not much time to post. How have you been? Will I see you at SF? :D

Been great I guess, got a new job and learn some new soft skills 😅. If I win a ticket for SF, then yes haha; else nope... but hey no worries, there will always be the next SteemFest. Few #teammalaysia members will be heading over SF4 and I believe you already knew some faces haha

What do you do now? It sounds nice.

Oooh well, you better win a ticket then! Would love to see you there :)

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Sales job 🙂... haha finger crossed 🤞 on winning the ticket.

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It's all heating up. It's only a couple of months away now.

Yaasssss, you coming? <3

Not yet decided. It's looking like no though :(

Why not :'(

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ooooh that is one painful flight, its like 15 hours for me, I did it last year and my ass was wrecked lol

Damn, where are you flying in from?

Cape Town, South Africa! So either has to go via Dubai or Doha

Oh wow, yes that's pretty far.. did you book yet though? ;D

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I have not booked yet, but your post is making me anxious now, I need to sort it out soon! :P

Yes! Prices are also increasing. I paid way more for my flights than I wished I did..

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Ah that’s also something to think about! I normally use google flights to check the price ranges and then go directly to the airlines sites to try and get the best price!

I trick I learned while working for a travel agency

I was in Vietnam. I've not been to Thailand. Hope you have or had fun.

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