STEEMFEST Unity: The Real Reason We All Came Together

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Never before had anything come together like this:

7 weeks in planning
from idea to flawless execution
31 countries represented by 185 users
65% male, 35% female
young and old alike,
the experienced alongside the brand new

@everlove and I traveled 42 hours and 4911 miles
to get to Amsterdam
by plane, train, tram, car, boat, bicycle, and on foot
to be part of something special, historic, amazing, and powerful.
Y’all know what I’m talking about;
everybody felt the magic! 

Brilliant minds from the crypto and tech worlds,
talented artists,
marketing geniuses,
and beautiful babes with big brains
gathered in one place
for one reason.

Drawn together from separate corners of the globe
ignited and inspired by
the word on everyone's tongue,
the thought in everyone's mind,
the call in everyone's heart:


@roelandp did an amazing job of bringing us all together to eat pancakes on a glorious Sunday in Amsterdam, 

We marched through the streets to the beat of our chant: Pancakes!

@cryptos, @onceuponatime, @opheliafu, @burnin, @roadscape, @me, @xeroc, @blocktrades, @timsaid, @originate

We scoured the blocks and found our Dutch pancakes

prepared in a courtyard by @roelandp’s father and brother from a family recipe for pancakes.

So we celebrated pancakes


and we rejoiced in pancakes

and we came together for pancakes

@robrigo and @roadscape

Just a bunch of crazy dreamers and visionaries hungry for change crepes ( @firepower ate 3! ),


we all left a little richer than when we came.


Some people even stayed to talk about Steemit.

Here are the talks live streamed (live steemed?) from Steemfest Saturday:


LOL @xeroc pic is epic!!

Yes it is!! Says everything!

I think this would make an excellent Christmas card to send out to loved ones

Hahah perfect. Where can we order this postcard?

I'll print and ship for Steem or SBD donations!

I know, I giggled and giggled over this one

This is the exact face I imagine my self having at the name of pancakes.

LOL yes this is THE pancakes face!

from right @kooshikoo @roelandp @burnin (help me with the others)



Great photos, I would double upvote if I could!
I think that's @meister on the far left, and @daniel.errey in the back...and I cannot tell who the gentlemen turned to the side are...

This is exactly the post I've been looking for! Thx so much Sara!

You're welcome! It's time we addressed our real mission.

First, because BellaStella and me where also crazy about these pancakes

And second, because it is a great idea to put all the livestreams in one post, I had missed some of those... THX

Hi Sara. This is so random, I know, but I've just noticed that airbnb offers 'experiences' now, and I thought of you, and how cool would it be if you offered a yoga course/tour/experience. I'd sign up for that :)

Hi @furion, how lovely of you to stop by! Thanks for letting me know about these experiences. We have a cob cottage on our property (it is a sweet little house we built by hand out of dirt) that is listed on airbnb, and I will update it with some services we can offer! I'm also thinking to add it to SteemStays, which I understand is like airbnb for Steemians. We have another space (I call it the Penthouse) that we are currently preparing to list on these sites; my dream is that a Steemian will like to move in and use it as an office and living space. I would love for new friends like you to come visit and better yet to stay for awhile!

I second all of that!!!!!

Ahhhh, I can taste them right now, the most wonderful pancakes ever. I NEED pancakes! Is it too far to fly back to get more?

Heading there now without luggage this time, just extra room in my belly for PANCAKES!! Thank you @roelandp and family!

No, we'll meet you there!

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Cool post Sara! Thank you! It was cool to see all those photo and to read about all those fun facts. PANCAKES!

My goodness, the deliciousness here is off the charts!

yoga all the way for this pancakes? :-)

Absolutely! I'm told that @roelandp's family owns a windmill where they grind the flour themselves

:-) fresh as it can get. nice.

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